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Protect Me Cones
Trucks & Road Pics
BumbleBee is home.
As you can see neither truck was anywhere near a support, and neither was tall enough to cause the collapse. the England truck was in the right lane as he was supposed to be...
Found some wine on sale at Albertson's today--couldn't resist!
I also make Barbie dresses...
If this works, I will be an absolute genius...
My Beautiful Girls; as I will always remember them before they were lost to me
A long-forgotten project. I was making a birth sampler quilt when I ditched #2, and I found it last night. I went & bought backing & binding material for it today. Hopefully I'll have it done for her B-day...
Was trying to tell Horace how to use the camera on my phone... :)
When Werner drivers get bored we play in the snow...
35E southbound
635 eastbound
Rolling out
Looking into the wind
Before takeoff...
At the DC
You know those beaded massaging seat cushion thingies? I just took one apart. Yep, I'm bored....
The sign said watch for ice. They're only about 100 miles late...
Free to good home: all pages present and in good condition. I'm sure this item would make for a wonderful doorstop.
Found in the pod...
My Aunt shared this on FB. <3
Part of my milk glass collection!!
Speed Racer hard cover box set - manga. Was in the pod...
I rescued 3 cases of Mangas today from my pod. :D
I love this couch!
Thank God for good brakes!
Conversation with my BIL....
I <3 technology!!!
So sorry, no room for a cat... XD
I refuse to be like everyone else: I hung the stars around the tree...
.....but it's actually....
.....might seem like it would be easy.....
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