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haha haha hahahahahahaha!
sorry for it being like naked, but this is like SO fenrir
its Z!!! this time with color in his skin
duuuuude art by kaijusamurai on devientart
this is a thing a canon thing and it will be done i have willed it let it be
so, i dunno, but apparently someone makes the colossi into anime girls in stone armor.....there are others like this.....
awesome art!!! yeah posting allot of syndra.... tryndamere might be next since hes my favorite
wow this look awesome
he made it better!
Syndra yo
my cousin made me a custom wallpaper using photoshop
omg this thing is friggen awesome
BEST ARMOR EVER cant wait till im G-rank and strong enough to farm for this
Lionheart commission, thanks to speedypuppy for the awesome art!
feng shen ji cover with (not insane) Shi Xing, this is my favorite character in the manga, he reminds me of Asura from "Asura's Wrath"..
this is awesome
Alatreon fanart, not sure who from
black mage fanart by Marcks on deviantart
metal gear RAY fan art by BongzBerry on deviantart
feng shen ji again, this is zi yu
Tian, from a graphic novel i love..."Feng Shen Ji"...just being a badass as usual
my favorite skin, as well as my new skin, as well as my new main! Goth Annie
time to post magic the gathering!
Kalameet the black dragon....
dragon from the graphic novel "Feng Shen Ji"
love this book, movie was really good too
after the most recent episode of Blazblue Alter memory, she is now FIRGGEN adorable to me
new favorite second favorite pokemon now, i mean, my favorite animal is a trex
favorite thing ever created on the internet, Sheldon the tiny dinosaur that thinks he's a turtle....
now THIS is an Asura if i've ever seen one
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