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Another quick doodle. Rina and Varsith.
I look completely different! Being a hair model for a hairdressing student at my friend's course. First cut and bleach
Another HARKON concept. Added a visor that would come down during combat.
HARKON. One of the High Intelligences of the Unity of Action. Concept for his head.
An owl I drew for a friend for Valentines, she was going through a rough patch
Experimenting with different "domestic" dragon colours. From Left: Azure Sun, Welsh Rose, Royal Ivy, White Satin, Royal Gold, Royal Velvet, Fleabitten Quilt, Fleabitten, Prophet's Sky
The file has been severely shrunk so I could upload it. But here is Varsith <3
I was going to do some writing today, instead I did this.
One of my first real concepts. I actually gave in and used the Wacom for this.
15 minute free-hand no reference digital sketch of a horse eye.
Aviator Ashe at the funeral of her eagle, Flutter. She wears his feathers in her hair.
Quick doodle. Rina and Varsith.
Photo edit of me and Oscar.
Varsith. Mature male dragon.
Young female dragon.
Sombra Cheetah! Isn't he adorable?
For Cote117.
Quick sketch of Smudge, my beautiful cat
More Aviator heraldries. On the right are some concepts for how I'd incorporate the eagle's name into the design. Flutter is Rina's eagle.
Some ideas for the Aviator logo. Ideas? Comments?
Quick sketch I did of me when I was 9 with Oscar
Atia Vespasian, nose still looks slightly off, but I rescanned it and managed to keep the colour and strokes. Not so bland anymore.
Me ready for my Ball last year, probably the only good picture of me of the night, not sure if I'll go to this year's one, getting a bit late to decide anyway.
Thought I should really get sorted and get the pics of my two tee-shirts and the Garrus one as well as my new book xD
Alexandria and Cimmerian the stallion. xD
This is of me and Oscar, taken when I was about 7, been with him along time! Just went up to see him the other day, all the feels!
I am no longer riding Oscar this year, he has fallen lame consistently for five years and so I have decided to let it go. Still the cutest guy I know: stealing a kiss <3
Exam board 3 and final for 'Articulated Forms'
Board 2 from Examwork 'Articulated Forms'
Board 1 from examwork 'Articulated Forms'
Board 4 and final from coursework
Board 2 from my coursework
Board 3 from my coursework
Board 1 from my coursework
FINALLY finished this sword that I started with the help of my cousin and brother at the START of the year. Mum thinks that it would look good with some kind of large crystal bead in the pommel. I agree.
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