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Just got back from the Meadow Highland Games and Celtic Festival.
SailorGirl81 drew me in the 'ITT we draw RT users' thread.
My friend, Asilynne, from another forum I frequent drew this for me.
Here's an Achievement Hunter avatar of GIR sans dog suit, happy to carry out (read: foil) Zim's plans for world domination!
I may be a Washington Capitals fan, but I do respect Sydney Crosby, so I had no problem making this Achievement Hunter avatar of the Pittsburgh Penguins logo.
Sick day and can't sleep due to a splitting headache. Time to catch up on Achievement Hunter avatar requests, I guess. Here's Zero from the Mega Man Zero series.
Discord is the Spirit of Disharmony and Chaos. He's also Lord of the Cotton Candy Clouds and the Chocolate Milk Rain, but apparently that's too long to say all the time. Enjoy the Achievement Hunter avatar!
Here's an Achievement Hunter avatar of everyone's favorite malfunctioning Standard-issue Information Retrieval Unit in a green dog suit, GIR!
I'm wasting the night instead of light to bring you this Achievement Hunter avatar request of the Foo Fighters logo. I went for simplicity this time. Enjoy!
Achievement Hunter avatar request of a musically inclined Rainbow Dash. I think she's 20% cooler!
It took forever, but I finally finished a Predator Achievement Hunter avatar request that has been sitting for a couple of weeks. Sorry for the delay!
Wosky finally delivered on her end of the art trade. Voila! It's a pony inspired by yours truly. Thank you!
Zecora's not going to make you into a stew, Pinkie, but don't stare deeply into her eyes just in case! This Achievement Hunter avatar of Pinkamina Diane Pie needed a little evil enchantress to spice it up. Enjoy!
Fuck yeah, Sea King! Enjoy this requested Achievement Hunter avatar of the H-3.
Achievement Hunter avatar of the quietest pony, Fluttershy. You WILL love her if you know what's good for you!
Little Big Me from ladydonut as part of an art trade. Thank you!
Ziltoid the Omniscient avatar, Achievement Hunter style, by request (on threat of invasion).
Here's an Achievement Hunter avatar of "Lyra" who is never without her faithful friend, Bon Bon. Since the requester is a musically inclined Brony, I included DJ Pon3 and "Octavia" for good measure (pardon the pun)!
I recived this Purple Heart for Joel War II: Electric Boogaloo. It was a long fought battle and I made it to the end, though I ended up losing by a small margin. Still fun!
Time to brush up on oral hygiene with this Achievement Hunter avatar of "Colgate". Brushing your teeth twice a day helps keep them healthy and sparkling! BRUSHIE BRUSHIE BRUSHIE
I hope you enjoy this Achievement Hunter avatar of Gummy. Don't worry, he can't bite!
Another "Derpy Hooves" Achievement Hunter avatar. She'll capture your heart (and ship it in all directions).
I forgot to upload this earlier, but here is the award I received for winning (Naked) Gus War!
Achievement Hunter avatar request of LittleBigPlanet. This is an art trade, so I can't wait to see what ladydonut has created!
All Hail Princess Celestia! Don't like this Achievement Hunter avatar? I'll send you to the moon!
I figured I should post an updated picture. Bronies be jealous!
Enjoy this Achievement Hunter avatar of "Derpy Hooves". I hope you love my new updated design as much as she loves muffins!
I realized that the Gus War was actually the (Naked) Gus War, so I remade the mural. I included all photos of Gus aside from the repeated images and added the overlay of the text and nude Gus to tie it together.
The randomness of Pinkamina Diane Pie can not truly be captured in an Achievement Hunter avatar. Oatmeal? Are you crazy?
niriall thought it would be funny to draw me with a straw hat, so apparently I'm a farmer now. Thanks, dear!
Medal for the participants of Geoff War that didn't win. Suppi is on vacation, so I made this one. I didn't win this time either, but I made it further!
Back with an Acheivement Hunter avatar request of Regular Show. "Don't look at our crotches while we synchronize our watches!"
I decided to try another Achievement Hunter avatar for Adventure Time. This one features Fionna and Cake fighting the Ice Queen.
It's not lupus, but rather an Achievement Hunter avatar of House, done by request.
I was inspired to make an Achievement Hunter avatar of 30 Days of Night after finding the image of Arvin.
An Achievement Hunter avatar of Castiel (my favorite character) from Supernatural. "I'm your new God. A better one. So, you will bow down and profess your love unto me, your Lord, or I shall destroy you."
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