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Aoina Secrets
The First Comic Con
I got new glasses and they are so wonderful. Free of scratches. I CAN SEE.
I'm ready for battle.
Four days later and it's a light magenta red. Next time all over pastel!
Now and then I get the urge to attempt cosplay makeup to see if I'm still any good at it. What do you guys think?
I'm alive. And winter is here! Time to wear about seven thousand layers, give or take.
Face face face
Irish pride!
Moe knows just how the zombies think..HE MUST BE ONE. Thanks for the bday gift Moe! <3
I've found my new favorite flag to paint on my nails.
Lineart for a commission piece I'm doing. I'm considering taking more digital commissions for artwork.
Sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how much fun Ben and I are having.
Hello shirt. I've been waiting for you.
Thirteen inches donated to Pantene's wigs for women who have cancer. :D
Ye olde generations.
Merry Christmas! <3
Christmas Bells those Christmas Bells. Ringing through the land. Bringing peace to all the world, and good will to man.
Who's da man? Daruma's da man.
Browsing through old files = fun. This was my first photo I did for photography class back in high school. Developing film is fun.
Just to update you guys on my hair status. It reaches midback now. No I am not kidding. O_0
Awesome drawing of me done by my lovely friend over at Deviant Art, Phantasmicbunny. <3
I enjoy that you can see my hands holding the camera reflected in my pupil. (See first comment.)
I don't think we ever fully overcome the pang of regret and sadness that comes with death...But we can look back and smile on the good times.
Not sure why I never put this up. Me at my graduation speaking. (Taken by newspaper here.)
No zombies were harmed in the making of this shirt.
I'm a tad afraid of the dark you see.
Possibly the most delicious thing(s) I have ever tasted. (Go ahead, guess. You won't get it.) Keep guessin'. Nothing wasabi.
Some eyeshadow around the eyes and fake freckles can effectively turn anyone into Heather. Oh and a wig.
Leave us to our morning hate rituals.
Why yes my grandpa was quite dashing. He achieved so much in his lifetime and proudly served this country. He was more than a vetran or a pilot, he was a patriot.
Hai my name is Aoina and I has prom dress.
We love you so much, and words can't express how much we miss you.
Faaaallccoooon punch!
Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree, you really are gigantic. (12 feet tall. <3 WITH BUBBLE LIGHTS!)
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