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Not sure if Joel has done anything to warrant this photoshop, but better to error on the side of caution.
Master Teef
Health Regen? Donuts, Natch.
Was watching Diners Drive-ins and Dives last night, and wondered what Guy Fieri would look like if he sang for Dillinger Escape Plan.
I don't feel good about this. Too easy.
Trying to keep my photoshop skills / RT Staff Shaming skills toight loike a toiger.
I love when a comment from a complete stranger can make me lose my shit. Thanks, internet!
Kim Jong il: More punk rock than you.
Apologies to people that follow me elsewhere. Not trying to spam. :)
Bucket List: Get to Second Base with Einstein - Check.
I didn't make this but I laughed for 20 straight seconds when I saw it.
"Mystic Eye "by Alex Grey
I made something: repackaging Gears 3 to sell better in Japan.
Circa 2008: Sometimes Joel gets stuck on something. To get him moving forward again, you have to "Fonzie the Jukebox".
i was dope before it was dope to be dope. circa 1975.
The Scarjuation: the edited-for-television version.
FINE! gosh! Enjoy your nightmares.
For those that don't follow me elsewhere, this happy happenstance happened. I lol'd.
"You had me at Grid Tornado."
A much better version of Jack's avatar. The camera blocks a good portion of that hunk of meat and cheese he calls a head.
Shooped this a while ago for jackie: Batmau5
Stolen from tumblr...but only because it fucking cracks me up. Every time.THAT HAIR! World's First Scene Horse.
Bringing back a classic. Well, it's a classic to me...well, its more...you know what? Fuck you. Why am I explaining myself to you? Go away.
"Welcome to Costco. I love you.'
The best thing about the flash on an iPhone is how it makes it look like Jamie and I died in 1972.
We are probably still laughing about Wolf Rugs and Sofa U Love
And there's something wrong with this roo-oooo-ooom....PIROUEEEEEEETTE
More like me? That's pretty damn good.....for your second choice.
I really enjoy Esther's blog. Give it a browse sometime.
If Julie Christmas asked me to run you over with a car, you'd be flat as fuck.
Been meaning to post this. If you are gonna come to my Youtube page, you better come correct. "BURNIE" - WTF? When was that ever anything? Noob.
Always after my body. I have a brain and things to say too. Check it: I believe that our, I, education like such as, uh, South Africa, and uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as...
And Daruma said "Baby! Baby! Baby-Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Baby! Baby! Baby-Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
I had volunteered to "Bieber" some site members. Was there really a question as to who I would start with?
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