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Friends441 Friends
Barbara Cast & Crew
My mug
Community Art
Vintage Barbara
We love you, Monty.
Me, Meg, and Arryn at the Streamy Awards
Cast shot from Immersion: Pacman - go check it out, yo.
Rap video coming soon. Just kidding.
Lindsay and I are ready...FOR SCIENCE!
Our first ever table read for RWBY. Over a year ago.
Six Flags, filming for Insane Coaster Wars!
Art night at the RT Office
Eyes of doooooooom! @ Dustin's Birthday party
Huge thanks to Dom (Count3D) for sending me some Canadian Pride!
The moment I knew I was living in America.
Group photo taken from the "From Lurker to Leader, a Frags to Riches Story" panel I was on during PAX East.
My first job- Burger King in a movie theatre. This is my gift to you, internet.
Trevor was telling me about how he slept through a meeting today. Then this happened.
Stolen from Ichirou89-- Gus hoverhandin' me at NYCC
Love this shot from RTX.. creepin away while the zombie horde is distracted?
Part of my 22nd birthday celebration. ...what?
We were talking politics.
Geoff, U MAD?
In celebration of new site changes.. here's a look back. I think it was early 2005. Can't believe it's been over 6 years.
I took care of him after.
Uncontrollable laughter.
The legend... and Burnie.
RvBTO Staff!
Aerrior's talent is mind-blowing-- me as Queen Mab. AH-MAZING.
New Years: Even the camera was drunk
Mustache rides in Austin- thanks Griffon
Crackin' jokes. I'm clearly a comedic genius.
Forget if I ever put up the final product. Oh well.. here it is!
I skyped with Pongo. Be jealous.
Sporting the awesome gift from RT-thanks guys! And thanks to RocketWhore for the pic!
Ma' boys.
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