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i don't think i ever put up a finished mindfang cosplay on here and since it's 4/13 well.... why not?
mostly me seeing if i can upload a picture
"He's forever alone!" Is what one of my friends shouted when I was reading a text from my dad as she took this picture.
And evidence for the skirt. Happy, guys?
Am I kawaii uguu?
My OTP of this webcomic >.>;
Oh my god, look at all my babies.
Look at my bby
See first comment for story behind this.
My babies! They're done! They grow up so fast ;n;
Dat sketch
More specifically my type of forensics (except I have a binder in one hand and can't walk around). Interp = Interpretation
Just so I din't have to explain forensics whenever/if I ever bring it up again...
He's done c:
I was at school and had half an hour in Study Hall to do nothing. So I drew. And I liked how it turned out, so i scanned it onto the computer and outlined it. Ta-da, the outline.
Yup, I'mma cosplay him, too.
My reference for the Rainbow Dash cosplay. Going to either use running shorts or normal jeans for the pants, though.
Houkago Rescue Time (MORNING LESCUE)
And then many D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwws were had.
I know it's a little late on the holiday thing, buuuuuuuuuuut, this is probably the best human Rainbow Dash I've seen.
Don't cry.... Don't cry...
Me? Have a thing for suits/formal attire? What makes you say that?
Everything went better than expected.
Being meguka is suffering.
Me on an average Tuesday.
So much truth.
Rapunzel (Tangled) and Yuna (FF X-2). Very, very similar, don't you think?
Just because they aren't my favorite character doesn't mean this picture isn't one of my favorites.
Suits suits suits suits suits
In honor of the 3D version that will be released on January 13th.
Le sad face
Pretty much... (Yay image dumping out of nowhere!)
Gotta love them references.
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