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Silly Protectron.
Just too cute ;3
I happen to use this often.
I made on for the fun of it...
Just because a nuclear whale getting shot multiple times by multiple Deathstars makes so much sense...
I asked IMONFIREGUY to draw me a Helghast. This is what came out. Awesome, no?
HOLY CRAP! Gone with the Blastwave updated. This guy's worse than VgCats, update wise.
Once again, if you don't get it, check your history books.
Lol, it's a Penguin Reader. If you don't get this, brush up on your history.
Everyone's doing Russia, I'm gonna do Japan.
So much for "diet"...
I edited in a few names that deserve to be there.
Thanks FROGS1! I really loved this scene!
OMG!!! So funny...
O rly?
Another "WTF?!"
W... T... F?!
lol, Avery
This was made by runelady! I'm known as the "new guy" at the MG!
This is my award and all the member made awards I've recieved in the comments!
Wait... You actually SAW the ninjas?!
Fucking epic!
GIF library! Only post animated GIFs here!
Even if the head is disloged! See 5th comment.
Thanks to IMONFIREGUY for this awsome drawing of Cpt. Price! It's written "Scruffy Indy" on the cellphone.
Thanks Randool! This is WICKED!
Yeah, I don't expect many people to enjoy this pic because it contridicts the greatness of the XBOX 360, but I couldn't resist to put this up! No more neg mods, please...
No seriously, what does soup have to do with "Funny"?! Go to hell Jennifer Micheal Hecht!
Through the Fire and the Flames, We Carry On!!!!