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Kempob TeachArtButt
RTX 2014
RTX 2013
Panel Every Day
RTX 2012 Jubilee
Comics and Adultery
A Female Concept for a Comic
A Shady Old Guy Sucked Me.
Michael and Miles have a serious bromance...or more?
Zombie Chase!
DevilMayCrye and his Chupababy Niro
Pikachu Wallpaper!
A sketch of a girl laying on her stomach. Last one, guys.
A sketch of a girl laying on her back. I didn't draw any clothing.
A sketch of a girl laying on her side. Clothes on.
It's a Sneaky Slenderman!
FiLplnOpRiDe looks good, but has a horribly hard spelling name
TBSWK really likes Twilight Sparkle...
I made this from Dumb and Dumber. Make this meme popular. Positive Outlook Koffing. Originally made by ActionMan43
The Cutest Little Puppy in the World.
RT Community Manager Barbara Dunkelman aka Ber-Ber Dunk-In-Snacks
Another iPad drawing. This time, it's Shepard from Mass Effect!
I'm still practicing with the iPad. I drew a picture of Blondicus with it.
I got Sketchbook Pro for the iPad. To practice, I drew Twilight Sparkle. This will take some getting used to.
I forgot to post this forever ago, but argzombies drew me as a zombie!
Sibwarra created a comic character for me! Obviously this is amazing!
I Like Turtles
I drew RT User Nevada! She looks so badass.
This Dinosaur is Playing Baseball. Your Argument is Invalid.
My First Journal on Top Posts Ever
If you don't like Donut, fuck you. Suck it, Blue!
He's SO Happy, He's Dancing!
This man is old and he is cold.
He's SO Alone. Working on perspective and proportion.
Myshu, thank you so much! ChupaSpencer is amazing.
Probably my favorite drawing I've done
ShadowSham. He really likes hockey.
Knives_Kill is the writer of citation_needed and a friend of mine.
Crazy OboeCrazy is Crazy. Yes, that's an oboe on her back. Not a gun.
Well, I've pretty much got the best thing in the world here. Thanks, Scheree!
My Entry into Myshu's "Adopt a Chupababy" Forum.
OH MAN! Featured User Day Number 2
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