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Flash2000 End Of Line
Me in my home away from home, Wellington NZ
They've got a Cave Boomer.
Took this shot of a storm moving into Austin today
rane0 made this for me
I am.... Iron Man
The Original GIZMO rod puppet from GREMLINS
Me, David-Werewolf (from American Werewolf in London) and Bob Burns
My boys! Porthos and Bub (no, not named after Trek. Named after Oliver Platt)
My wife cutting her birthday cake at her 28th bday party! 6/30/06
Orcs with faces (I'm on the far left)
Orcs without faces
Fox Glacier South Island NZ
Christmas 1980 ... and one very happy three year old me. This is how it all started... geekdom.
I haven't posted a new pic in a while. Here is a picture of my friends filling my car with packing peanuts while I was away on my honeymoon.
Merry Christmas!!!
At the NYC King Kong premiere after party ... Make sure to watch for Kaela (left) in the movie being chased and then grabbed by Kong outside of the theater in NYC.
Switch to the Green Team
Talking to Orlando on the Lord of the Rings set as he's getting ready for the next shot. More pictures from the set in the comments section of this image.
You can see the bigger version at ... gosh!
Me and my co-writer with one of the actors on the set of my short film BLIND
Peace... OH MY GOD!
While we were in L.A., I visited my friend Greg (who did all the fx for Land of the Dead) at his studio. I walked into a room and saw this and had to have a picture with it. My favorite zombie from the movie.
Me as a zombie on the set of LAND OF THE DEAD ... you better change to green team now!!!
I'd be a level 50 by now if it wasn't for this picture. Yes, I get it, wtf. I love it too much to take it down though.
Hanging out with Peter on the RoTK set
Kaela and I hanging out with some of our friends from England. If you haven't seen Shaun of the Dead... shame on you!