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Friends245 Friends
Went to MCM today, met the lovely chappy Gavin
Guess what? I'm posting something? And not only that, but it's like the first piece of art I've done in ages. BUT NOT ONLY THAT, but it's an entry to the Freelancer Art Contest!
Something here isn't right...
So, I didn't only help out my Aunt when I went up to Liverpool... I ALSO EMBRACED MY INNER EAGLE
This is why both British stores and Book stores are the best.
I was doodling what may have been the most awkward un-thought of thing in the Avengers. MAYBE SPOILERS.
All I could think of whilst watching this scene.
Well, who wouldn't be?!
I commissioned someone on DA to do a 'Tumblrmon' picture of me, man this rocks
He's the goddamn Batman. Props to Myshu, she rocks!
Yup, Josh did draw me as the Penguin from Batman. What's it to ya? xD
This bloke was staying at the same hotel as us, and we took secret photos of him. He then jumped on our heads and ate mushrooms.
I'm not able to get to my scanner at the moment, but here's a photo off my iPod of my Red Dead sketch page :D
I am now stopping. This shit is getting crazy.
Oh shit. Cleverbot wins again... O.o
You likey Nightwolf?
So who likes the new logo? I'm undecided...
YES! Life=Completex2 :D
YES! Life=Complete! :D
The Reaper came today. An Angel visited this Gray Path, and took the Cube away.
Free Gears 3 Beta Codes?
Pure unedited stuff.... OMG!!!!!111!!!!
Damn.... That's over 9000....
Hmmm.... Bitches love them some Karate....
I love my funny puns... :D
I just realised i never uploaded a photo of my puppy :D This is Bella, and just look at how she's curled up <3
How I picture you guys picture me... If that makes sense :S
This happens all the time xD
Oh, how long it will really take me to get to.... Anyway, this is the ideal look for Silver in Freelancer
What do you mean our Princess is in another castle? :D
Trapped in a Fridge...?
There'll be some serious 'Reaper'cussions about this :D
Inspired by Left 4 Dead's Boomers :D
My second attempt at a Zombification. Whaddya think?
Me as a mother fucking zombie :D Hmmm, braaaains :D
Comrade Onion, here again to save the Vodka.
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