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Alyx in a basket with the blanket and stuffed animals that Josh's classmates gave us.
Alyx with Santa for the first time
Alyxandria Patricia-Jane, 11/28/09 1:47am, 7lbs 8oz, 20.5 in
My baby @ 12 weeks.
The pina coloda balls were super yummy, much sugar was enjoyed by all!
Yay for our candy table!
It was even more awesome in person!
One pic was not enough to capture its awesomeness.
Our wedding cake, told you it kicked ass!
My engagement ring as it was presented to me at Hanabi (our favorite sushi restaurant) with dessert.
Yeah, I'm sure other ones are better but its the best I could do at work
Stolen from Jeff because... well I just have to put the truth out there. He is totally adequate in bed. ;)
I played with this pic I took on my phone of Atlanta
I love my ninja-to sword! My boyfriend is awesome for getting it for my birthday!
Thanks Jeffson!
My Tattoo (Kanji Symbols -counter-clockwise from the top - Love, Family, Strength, Rebirth)
I love yall! <3 <3 <3
I miss NYC and everyone there so much!
The crew in Times Square. I had so much fun.
RIP Danny
Drawn by Pain is shaping up to be an amazing series. Check it out: http://www.drawnbypain.com
OMG! Is this really Harry Potter?
Tattoo created for me by MurryBob (Steve)
Avatar made by my Number 10, Crestfallen, Cop Out is his nickname for me
My Godson, Ashton
My Goddaughter, Alyssa
$5 a day
Made by p3ngu1n, from materials provided by Seraph_Six
The oh so sexy Neato in his paper underwear (Coming this fall to a store near you)
First avatar KG made for me
Scott is so 1337! +1337 Cool :)
Good things come in pairs... here's 3 pair
Cause trefu wanted him bigger
Response to chick pics, take 2
Dallas and My Grandfather
http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com Best comic ever!