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Super duper thanks to @rogzilla for drawing this and letting me use it as my profile pic. :D
what happens when someone who hasnt experienced fall in 12 years moves to the pacific northwest....
Now that we've seen kerry's heres the present for Mr Miles Luna. One more project and Im done and can go sleep...
My present for Kerry at RTX is complete- but wait! What's that lurking in the background! Could there be more?!
@bobberton froze on this face on skype today
So this happened. Found the little guy at the park being investigated by dogs, and his wing was torn, so I brought him home. I let him go in the backyard on a flower about five minute ago.
No I didnt put a giant sign for the nightclub where Carolina and York met in RVB at the RWBY nightclub I made. Of COURSE not. Thatd be silly right?
Shabobble has been kicked and readded. Ive been kicked and readded. Ive left and been readded. He's been offline for two hours. Its still going. JUST POST IT ALREADY.
Look what happened by accident...anyhow happy RT Community Day!
Suppi made me a thing. <3
Entry number 2! A cowled tunic sweater with little zipper pockets, same shoes and leggings, added a side bag strapped to her leg. Knee pads and wrist warmers to protect joints while running or falling etc.
Version two with some variants added like different shoes and instead of gloves, wrist warmers. Also an emblem that wasnt scribbled and based off the fairy in the flower appearing when the rabbit cried.
My entry to the RWBY contest going on right now.
Okay fine so its missing a couple of things. But not much.
For all that I got a 100 on my lab I still have the time to do this all over the margins...
Someone's a little sleepy...
I am the biggest nerd. And I love it.
More pictures of the puppy. We're still looking for a name.
Say hello to my little friend.
Suppi is sick and Im in Java Class so I told her I would program a dick for her. I did.
Sketchy day is today. Have a Yang with her hair pulled to the front.
Miles Luna. Because I was going to draw him playing with bitty spartans, gave up, and did a sketchy bust. Oh well.
Im slowly getting better and better at paintg. pieces of faces actually look like theyre supposed to now if I draw myself a reference first! And armor is looking better.
Me and Kathleen and Kara and Rec took the picture with an ipad and we're all looking at the wrong spot? Oh well its amazing anyways.
Finally done. High quality link in the comments...
Further progress. Zoomed in so you can see all the detailing that went into the left arm so far. I made the seams stand out. And I think ill have to save the chest plate for last since it doesnt want to cooperate...
WIP number three. Thats the best arm Ive ever done. But its 2:30 AM and time to call it a day.
An hour and a half later... theres one thing missing.
Ten points to the person who first tells me what this is a repaint of. And five points to people who give their opinions on the clouds because I need to know if that looks good or not...
Did some gesture drawings and practice with lines and shapes. Ended up with some stuff I liked...
Welp. We're screwed.
more skin painting practice.
Due to finals I was on a long break from art so my hand hurts now, but heres a 30 minute practice with shading and a quick sketch I did today. Finally figured out how noses work when not using lines...
Terrifying plane crash falling from the sky. Dont look now cause theyre all gonna die...
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