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Wanting to test the waters...I've been getting the feeling lately that I should post more here and be more active within the RT community. I've had a couple of ideas kicking around in my noggin for a wee while and thought I would sound them off here.

Firstly, my partner, butterfly161, doesn't play many video games, I mean she plays Minecraft but that's really the extent of her gaming prowess. If I was to do a a "show" called My Wife Plays, would anyone watch it? The basic premise of the "show" would be to dump her in a video game with no explanation as to what to do or even what it's about and see how she goes from there.

Secondly,after seeing Dylon put up his Nuzlocke run of the Elite Four in Pokemon White, would anyone like to see a full run from start to finish in Pokemon Fire Red? Probably not but I figured I'd ask and see if this gathers any attention or not
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Guess what bitches!Got my beta key for Trials Evo Gold today! WOO!! Sorry but can't post gameplay footage or screenshots it's part of the NDA
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Suck it!My DVD finally arrived!

It was well worth the $16.37NZD that I paid for it :D

Well done to Miles to make it :D
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Too Many TV Shows!Holy crap! There are an absolute tonne of TV shows that have just come out and I can't keep up! I've got the second season of Once Upon A Time that's in it's third week, The Walking Dead has just started up again, I've got Revolution, Grimm, Bleach and a hole swag of others to watch also.

Now question time, is there any GOOD programs for Windows where I can schedule a Gadget on my desktop to remind me when a show airs? So say for example when The Walking Dead comes out on a Sunday night, it pops up on my desktop gadget saying something like "YO! Fucking Walking Dead is on bitch!" or something similar to that effect
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InversionSo I picked up Inversion not so long ago for the PC to give it a try and see what it's like. To be quite fair, it's a rather enjoyable game. The gravity manipulation is quite a fun little aspect but it gets rateher boring and linear after a VERY short amount of time.

My one gripe with the game is that I have not been able to find ANY Easter Eggs for the game, no guides for easter eggs, no videos nothing. Kinda puts a HUGE damper on the game :(

Edit: Scratch that, I found ONE easter egg video. And it's in Russian.
Inversion Easter Egg (Russian Gameplay)
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So.....I just bought myself the Bears eat poop and live in the toilet shirt. It's going to be so fucking cash when it comes. Can't wait!!!!!
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Xbox fixed!So I fixed my RROD Xbox last night. God damn those things are blody annoying to try and get undone and then fix. Although, now I have to go and buy a new power brick, AV leads and controller :'(
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