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Nightmares.My nightmare incarnate...

Screw zombies in a mall, fill it with these and I would run.


The mello tiger, "Hey man, lets be friends."


Joel, it's your nightmare. Better get the holy hand grenade.
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Genius or Head Injury???Okay, okay!

Picture this... Some of you may know the live action 'The Wind In The Willows'.

Now picture this

With these two!

Genius or madness???
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GTA Online Argument(He drives by and shoots up my car.)

Me : (Text) Arsehole!

Him : (Text) Btch.

Me : (Text) Coward.

Him : (Text) You're dead.

(I check his level, he is level 467.)

Me :

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StealthEvery stealth game I play......

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Favourite Game TrailerSo what is your favourite game trailer of all time, which one inspired you most to go get a game?

This is mine (YouTube)
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THANKS BRAD!I was just watching World War Z again and something came to me...

When the plane rips open he dumps zombies who can 'survive' falls from high distances, all over Wales.....

Thanks dude, just dump them all over us like some fucked up Santa... Arsehole.

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I'm Bat-Bear-Bathman

Still better than Affleck.......
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