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Okay, joke time.A jumbo jet rolls up beside a single prop and says,
"Hey you wanna do something sometime?"
The single prop replies,
"No thanks."
The jumbo huffs and says,
"Fine... You're a little plane for me anyhow."
The single prop laughs says say,
"I'm dating that WW1 Fokker.... He's Bi."
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I must sound like an idiot.I apparently have been singing while I play my game.

Frosty the Snow Troll
took an arrow to the neck
his friend ran round the corner sooo
I shot him in the dick...

How many times can I assassinate trolls with arrows and make the joke "I'm just Trolling you." and still amuse myself?
A lot, I am easily amused.
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Are my feet growing?!?Are my feet growing or a sizing getting smaller?

15... I need size 15uk now for some reason.
- * That is size 16 US and size 51 continental.

You know how hard it is to get a size 15 shoe where I live. People look at me as if I should be guarding frigging Mammoths in Skyrim...
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It's Saturday !

There's no better feeling than Saturday morning after a crappy week.
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---Skyrim Rant Engaged---Fuck the Dwemer, those asshole died out because they couldn't find their own way home at the end of the day. What the frig were they thinking about when they designed their cities?!? Twists and turns, I am lost like 90% of the time.
And fuck the Falmer as well, those blind assholes hiding in every corner. You engage one and then three more run around the corner. Assholes...
Okay I am done ranting now.
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Sucked in again...

I am playing Skyrim again... No escape...
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Wales' Breaking BadNews Story Link - The real-life Breaking Bad? Teacher turned drug-dealer had a cocaine laboratory in his home worth $1,500,000.
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