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I hate online Watch Dogs.

Is it just me or is the online portion of Watch Dogs one of the most frustrating things you can do in a video game.

1) "You have lost your connection to the UPlay servers." And the hang of the game for fifteen minutes while the game decides if it is going to allow you to play again.

2) Hacking - EVERYONE is a try-hard. Everyone flips their shit and goes on a mission to kill an invader. Some people (Like me just wanted to get my 10 so I could stop playing) can people relax... Guess not.

3) DAMN SPAWNING NEXT TO A PERSON. I had to do and Online Tailing and I spawn in a graveyard with the target six feet from me. They get warned a fixer is near, turn around, see me the only other person in the graveyard and then they shoot me in the face.

4) SPAWNING IN A CAR. I spawn in a moderate speed car and look for my target. 610m away and moving 100m every few seconds. So they know I am coming so all they have to do is keep moving away at top speed and my timer runs down before I can even get in sight of them.

5) Non-playing players in Online Team Decryption. It is so much fun (sarcasm) to attempt to take on an entire team by myself. Two enemies boxing me in while the person with the target file hauls arse to the other side of the map.

Okay, rant over.... Almost....

6) Trying to get people to tail me for the achievement is becoming a real pain. No one wants to follow me.
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Wow, I really am bored...I just realised you can type the word 'Repetitory' using only the top row of a qwerty keyboard...
The bored fact came in when I then worked out that you could type 'Shakalaka' using the middle row and sod all with the bottom row other than 'Mmm' or 'Zzz' to signify something you like or the generally accepted way of showing someone is sleeping using text.

I also watched the Deadpool footage earlier and I would watch that movie.

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Damn Meteor StrikeBloody meteor strike destroyed my ship in space engineers. She was well armoured but unfortunately a hit did a Luke Skywalker, passed through the armour plating and caused a chain reaction taking out my twin reactor cores.

Sad now, took me a while to build her. At least I recorded a video to remember her by. LOL

Scarlet Witch (YouTube)
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Movie moments.Spiderman.



Remo Williams.

Okay I am aware that not many of you will know who Remo Williams is, but those of you who have seen that movie will find that comparison very funny. What the hell, why not a clip (YouTube) to go with it.
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Hit the A-Team music.

It is hot and I am irritated with that fact. I am Welsh damn it, it should be raining...

And since I am not paying 300 quid for an A/C unit. I am going to build one myself!
I need a fan, a cooler box, some of those cooling pads you can stick in a freezer and a few other bits and bobs.

I will either make a homemade A/C or a mess. One of those is happening.
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Nightmares.My nightmare incarnate...

Screw zombies in a mall, fill it with these and I would run.


The mello tiger, "Hey man, lets be friends."


Joel, it's your nightmare. Better get the holy hand grenade.
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Genius or Head Injury???Okay, okay!

Picture this... Some of you may know the live action 'The Wind In The Willows'.

Now picture this

With these two!

Genius or madness???
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GTA Online Argument(He drives by and shoots up my car.)

Me : (Text) Arsehole!

Him : (Text) Btch.

Me : (Text) Coward.

Him : (Text) You're dead.

(I check his level, he is level 467.)

Me :

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