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Shout Out to Ray.Good Luck to Ray, VS. won't be the same without you.

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Playing Last Of Us...
Kinda feels like this every ten minutes...

Then of course there is Spotify appearing on the PS4 and everyone saying how cool it is as a free service... Yeah "free".

And finally just because I laughed at this for five minutes.

Okay one more. How it feels to drive the Insurgent APC in GTA5.
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It's awesome...It's awesome when you have watched a lot of movies with that friend who insists on talking, to watch a movie on your own. Oh the quiet is so soothing.

On the bright side the U.K. Antarctic Heritage Trust is looking for assistants to help run its post office museum and gift shop at Port Lockroy, located on Goudier Island off the Antarctic Peninsula. Is it weird that that sounds awesome right now, I wonder if they get broadband? LOL
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Okay, minor rant...

I just had a rather heated exchange about national pride with a Scotsman. Now he had the audacity to take the piss out of the fact that Wales national animal is the Welsh Dragon and how funny it was that our national animal was a dragon and dragons don't exist.

He must have forgot about the fact that the Scottish national animal is a freaking Unicorn !
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Your clip sir!Since everyone is valentines crazy today, I am going to amuse myself with funny .gifs.

Your clip sir...


That moment when you wake up and your partner is awake and looking at you...


No more catnip...
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Best comic for a while...This is the best comic I have seen in a while now.

Can a ghost version of a person and a zombie version of a person exist at the same time?

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Doing My Part.Doing my small part in funding GTA6. LOL

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