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Tamriel Unlimited...Oh dear... Bethesda has reawaken the Fallout Kleptomaniac in me...

How I feel when I steal everything and don't get caught.

Yeah but really liking ESO. It is priming me for Fallout 4.
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So my night...

Elder Scrolls Online has a 15GB update...
GTAV have a 6.5G update...

Everyone wants to download them so I am watching paint dry instead of playing games...

Time to go play some of the games I never get around to playing on STEAM.

First World Problems of slow download speed solved!
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And its on fire!

So here is the story of how, an hour ago I nearly set everything on fire...

I have tea-light candles that I use from time to time, I have a little tray for them at the back of my bedroom. Problem being was today I lit four of them as I have done hundreds of times in the past and sat down to watch some YouTube and work on some stuff.
About ten minutes in I hear a popping sounds, that at first I thought was onside. It kind of sounded like and engine trying to start. Thus I ignored it when it carried on for a while.
Next I smelled smoke and turned around to see the four tea-lights burning like road flares... I got up and went to try to put them out but the flames were really blasting out of the tins. So I decide (stupidly) to flick some of my drinking water on them to put out the wick. BAD BAD move. In a cooking fire-esk moment, they then exploded upward into flames that lapped up the wall.
Had to cover them in a wet towel and carry them outside, STILL BURNING, and throw them on the ground until they went out.

So anyone that uses these tea-lights beware. The paraffin wax they use is very hard to put out when it fully ignites.

After coughing up the fumes and airing out my house from the smoke that filled the whole place. I just threw every single tea-light out into the bin. I never knew how dangerous those little things could be.
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I laughed, then laughed some more.Puuurific Rim.

Someone brought a gun to a musical chairs fight!

Sorry dude, I mastered this fighting style years ago...
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I have my GTA5 moments...The Car Elbow Drop... OH YEEAAA

Ejecting on the ground...

Hard Landings...

Even more hard landings...
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GTA5 Parallels.That moment when you realise your chute isn't going to appear.

When you are being attacked by a Jet.

When someone who has killed you asks for a ceasefire.
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They need this guy!

I tell you what, if they make a Robin Williams biopic they need Jamie Costa to play him in it.

Jamie Costa impressions on YouTube
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Playing GTA

Is it weird that playing with a random group kinda makes me feel like the middle cat?

My random sampling of comments are:
"Why did you blow up the Titan?"
"Why did you blow up the documents?"
"Why did you shoot Gus?"
"Why did you jump off the three story building?"
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