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Stasis.So many of you (okay not many maybe a couple or none actually) may wonder 'what happened to Loco, he has not been around in over a month'.

Well I suffered a rather nasty back injury and have been recovering slowly.

I haven't been able to use my PC because of the pain but I did catch up on my xbox minecraft. With luck I should be back on my regular basis soon.

I've missed being around.
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And then there were these..."And it turned out, he just liked eating Smurfs..."


This cat f-ing loves the London Philharmonic Orchestra.


"Dash it all old chum, I'll give you a good thrashing!"


Jayne: "These are stone killers, little man. They ain't cuddly like me."

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The what now?Aquaman has really let himself go...

Go home Bumblebee, you're drunk.

No ticket, no ride.

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So a friend invited me into his world in the game Space Engineers. He had built a massive asteroid base with elevators and multiple levels.

I help out a little doing so mining with a medium sized mining vessel, but as I am dumping out thousands of kilograms of Iron Ore into his refinery collector, I made a slight error.

I was fixing an issue with the ejector and I cut it off with my grinder... Sadly, there were 200kg of iron in the collector so when I cut it off, the Gravity Generator accelerated it and it punched a hole... Not just a hole in the floor, but through the next floor and the one after that and out though the bottom of the base.

I say "Whoops" and he tells me he was in his hanger when a giant rock flew through the base and nearly destroyed his utility ships. I am like "Yeah, my bad, sorry."


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But it's sooo gooood!

So I have a mild allergy to fish oil. But I love some fish from time to time...

I should give it up and stop feeling like my throat is constricting after eating it, but it is so damn good...


(Oh yeah, and the cat is thinking, "Hey this normally comes in a can, but I'll give it a shot!")
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Sigh...Me playing Battlefield.

You get all excited when someone runs out in front of you.

Then someone takes the game a bit too serious.

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NopeYeah, I don't think I wanna get on this ride.

The landing looks rough.

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Wow, I really am bored...I just realised you can type the word 'Repetitory' using only the top row of a qwerty keyboard...
The bored fact came in when I then worked out that you could type 'Shakalaka' using the middle row and sod all with the bottom row other than 'Mmm' or 'Zzz' to signify something you like or the generally accepted way of showing someone is sleeping using text.

I also watched the Deadpool footage earlier and I would watch that movie.

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