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I laughed, then laughed some more.Puuurific Rim.

Someone brought a gun to a musical chairs fight!

Sorry dude, I mastered this fighting style years ago...
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So I guess more GTA5 moments...Missed Me.

And so did you...

Highly Trained.

Not the Air Intake!
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I have my GTA5 moments...The Car Elbow Drop... OH YEEAAA

Ejecting on the ground...

Hard Landings...

Even more hard landings...
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GTA5 Parallels.That moment when you realise your chute isn't going to appear.

When you are being attacked by a Jet.

When someone who has killed you asks for a ceasefire.
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They need this guy!

I tell you what, if they make a Robin Williams biopic they need Jamie Costa to play him in it.

Jamie Costa impressions on YouTube
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Playing GTA

Is it weird that playing with a random group kinda makes me feel like the middle cat?

My random sampling of comments are:
"Why did you blow up the Titan?"
"Why did you blow up the documents?"
"Why did you shoot Gus?"
"Why did you jump off the three story building?"
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Screen Junkies want Gavy to Direct.

I was watching Screen Junkies honest trailers and noticed they wanted Gavin (Or Dan) to direct Dawn of Justice.
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Shout Out to Ray.Good Luck to Ray, VS. won't be the same without you.

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