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I love the new RvB: PSA... That is all. If you are not a sponsor, soon... soon you will love it too. Soon!
Or you could just become a sponsor then it would be, now! Right now!
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Help young FilmmakersHey guys I have some friends who are looking to represent Maine in some out of state film festivals and need help with funding to pay for it all. If you can please check out their indiegogo and donate or spread the word. These two brothers are one day going to be the next Coen Brothers, I can feel it!

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From the heartI just want you all to know... You're all beautiful.
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I just want you all to knowThe day the book "Childhood's End" by Arthur C. Clarke becomes a movie and/or show is the day I'll have to go on anti-depressents.
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When The World Comes Crashing DownWhy do I even bother trying? Before I get to my bad news let me tell you the story that is months overdue about my job as a Production Assistant.

So I got this job as a PA for this company called Half Yard Productions. Got to work with some amazing characters, and drive on some rugged roads. We were filming a pilot episode for a potential show called "Logger Wars" for National Geographic. The show as it seems didn't get picked up. We were following a group of truckers on the narrow logging roads in the Millinocket area of Maine. Going up and down the Golden Road for two weeks. Honestly they should change the name to the Crappy Dirt Road. What made it so much fun was the fact that you could be thrown off the road at any moment either by one of the logging trucks themselves or poor driving conditions.

My favorite moment while driving was on a mission to get fresh batteries to one of the camera guys with his trucker. The sound guy and I hightailed it from base camp to meet up at a check point with them. It was early in the morning and the roads was just solid mud and ice. You would think that living in an area where road conditions are always bad during the winter I'd take it slow and use caution.... NOPE! Rocking down the narrow road called 490 at 40mph, calling out my check points on the CB every mile marker, fish tailing at every turn. I was doing well there for a moment until I hit a solid patch of black ice and spun out facing 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

That wasn't the most dangerous part of our journey that day though. On the trip back from dropping off the batteries a truck with an empty trailer came flying around a turn. He caught the turn just fine... except for the fact that the trailer came swinging right into my lane. Now I'm about to take this same turn with a drop off on my right. This trailer coming at me was within seconds of hitting us. I'm telling you, I freaked out and pulled that SUV right up on the snow bank driving at full speed. In these few seconds there we were in between a possible roll over and smack down from a trailer. Thankfully the trailer started to correct itself giving me enough space to come down from the bank before it was too late.

After all that my only wish... was that I had my sunglasses to make myself feel like more of an action hero.

Anyways in shorter more depressing news, things are going south with Knight Street Media again. My business associate is leaving for Nashville with his girlfriend. Our office lease is being forced to come to a close in September because he can't afford to pay and doesn't want to pay for an office that he isn't using. I don't know why I bother getting my hopes up. Dreams don't last long enough, every now and then you've gotta wake up before you can sleep again.
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Silence is GoldenSo some of you may wonder why I've been quite for awhile... some of you may not even care.

Regardless of what your feelings are to my silence.
The reasoning is is that I'm trying my hardest to get work done in making something with my degree. Currently reforging an alliance with the guys at Knight Street Media and building a company from nothing. I also have my very first paid Production Assistant job for this pilot being shot in northern Maine. I'll tell you all about that when I'm done I swear. If I forget yell at me.

So if I'm quiet please don't fret for it only means that man is at work.

Getting Business Done!

Some men just want to watch the world burn.
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Wow!For one day, I didn't have a sponsorship... it was scary. Soon I shall get my gold star again and return to the world of RT as Locken... Sponsor!
On a side note I'm attempting to do a time lapse a day for the entire year. Some days I may have to skip but so what?
My mission is really to just get in the habit of using my camera more. It's a waste of money if I don't put it to any use... Am I right?

What is everyone else doing for this year?
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