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College Life So Far...Started playing WOW...
My professors are mostly asses.
Most people here are stuck up or antisocial.
Finding a party is like finding a needle in a haystack.
Pulled a dumbass and lost the girl I was gonna marry.
Finding a girl that can compare to her is like finding a unicorn.

I did luck out with a badass roomate, but he has a lot of the same problems.

I guess the overall experience so far equates to "eh..."
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College Roommate...I was recently contacted by who is presumably my roommate. I've yet to meet him, but he likes metal, has a sense of humor, and likes Red vs. Blue. I think we'll be ok.
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Mental NoteThe phrase "fuck bitches and get money" or any variation on it is no longer considered funny. I missed the memo apparently.
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Boredom at workthe title says it all... all i want to do is go home and play a couple hours worth of reach. would anyone like to join?
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