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are you the same as a year ago?So i was surfing the interwebs today and i came across this line... and it made me evaluate myself. I started judging myself within the time period of one year as if that was that was the common way to measure my accomplishments that define who I am. I mean, I certainly am not the same person I was last year. I think its obvious that not one person remains the same. People change day to day depending on a variety things. From the situations that they are in to the choices they make. A person is usually by what they have done, what they have, and who they surround themselves with... but I would rather judge myself by what I have learned. What I mean by this, is not just academic knowledge because that is very important but also on how much my perception of the world has expanded. When someone is young, the average child has one perception. They think of how the world affects them and them only. As we get older, that perception begins to change and grow. This is how I will begin judging myself, not by how many friends I have nor how much money I make but by how much I have experienced and how many different ways I can view the world.

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