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It's OfficialMy coworker is a moron.

Also, Castle season premiere tonight WOOOOOOOOOOO
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O HAI THARI've really thought about making a journal post. I really have. But posting on here has become like trying to reestablish relations with my sister - I have no idea where to start.

But I wanna post cause I love you all so much, it needs to happen, and I'm gonna post anyway, so nyer. We're just going to have to do the CliffNotes version, which is still probably going to be TL;DR.

*checks last journal date*

Oh fuck.

Work has been going well, if not wonderfully. I'm getting 40 hours a week still, even though we've hit the post-summer slowdown, I was pulling 60 hour weeks during the whole month of August. This should continue through the winter, most of the people I was competing with for hours last winter are or will be gone - one had a kid and moved to Georgia, one transferred to a co-owned restaurant in Grand Rapids (THANK YOU SWEET AND FLUFFY LORD), one will be moving to New Orleans in November (THANK YOU SWEET AND FLUFFY LORD), and one is in culinary school full time. So it's really just going to be me and Trish, and we're getting along almost suspiciously well. It's really kind of scary.

Nick and I went to the beach again with my fam the week before Coast Guard Festival (last weekend in July and first weekend in August for those outside the realm). Surprisingly, the 20 hour drive there and back was NOT the worst part of the vacation. I'll elaborate more if inquiring minds exist.

When I haven't been working, I've been playing a lot of Dead Rising. Beating up zombies with a sledgehammer is so much more productive and cathartic than beating up my coworkers. As fun as that would be, the stay at the county jail wouldn't. So I ran them all over and got the Megabuster, then spent my days off writing and knitting as I babysat Frank in Infinity Mode. I probably burned a good two weeks worth of days off doing it, but I finally snagged the 7 Day Survivor achievement. As boring as it is, I enjoyed it once I got the routine of where the survivors and psychos spawned when, and I'll probably go for a new personal best when I have a few days to spend on it over the winter.

Still playing City of Heroes too. I hate that I'm scheduled during primetime play for the rest of my SG, but I've still managed to outfit my claws/SR with full sets, minus the Apocalypses I want to put in Focus. Soft-capped melee and ranged defense is BEAUTIFUL.

Also, i16 needs to come out NAO. And I can't wait for the new story in Going Rogue.

I have cable for three reasons. Castle, Steelers, and Project Runway. Thankfully they won't be on at the same time often. The fact that I couldn't watch Carolina get their teeth kicked in angered me. Also, District 9 was awesome, despite all of the little things that reminded me it was almost a Halo movie.

Erfworld is about halfway through its summer updates, and I can't wait for Book 2 to start. If you haven't checked it out, please do. The story of a strategy tabletop player/GM falling into one of his worlds is bizarre at some points, but it is hilarious, incredibly well drawn, has phenomenal characters, and had enough CMOAs to make me literally gasp at some points during Book 1. This and Dr. McNinja are the only two webcomics I've liked enough to throw money at, and I won't hate you if you don't like it. But if you don't look... well I still won't hate you.

I gots me an iPhone! I lost my previous phone biking to work Coast Guard Saturday (I think), and for a while I was using my old RAZR that I beat to shit and back while I worked at the nursery. Right about the same time, my iPod mini finally kicked the bucket after 6 years and numerous repairs, and for $99 for a 3G, replacing both of those wasn't something I was going to pass up. I love being able to check on the NFL scores while I'm at work, and the speakers are powerful enough that I can plop it in my back pocket and not listen to the same radio station we've been hearing the whole summer. But you can damn well bet I'm milking every penny of that data plan AT&T made me buy, and I'm not buying any apps or ringtones. EVAR.

Because of the iPhone, I decided it was time to branch out for some faster social networking. I'm still not going to check my Facebook account (also nyer), but I signed up for Twitter. I know you can't guess my username, so you can't follow me. :P

Somehow I like Red Bull now. This frightens me.

As far as projects go, I haven't made much progress. Lots of people are moving right now, and I found a perfectly serviceable bookshelf someone had pitched to the curb, which let me tidy up the rest of them and clean off the top of the coffee table so that I could finally put in the plexiglass cover I've been wanting to. Not so much for protection, but so that crap doesn't fall into the design hollow in the top. I've now reserved that for sentimentality - pictures of me and Nick, old movie tickets, and the like. Aww. The 2x2s still aren't in the garage, and my computer case is still intact. Feh. I have done some shiny stuff on my desktop with Samurize, and I'm keeping up with helping people with THEIR projects, so I guess that's something.

I completely missed Chris' passing on a month ago, which makes me feel horrid, and I want to give him a shoutout, but he'd probably give me some crap about how I'm always late. It's not going to be the same without you around.

Gratz for reading this far! Despite me missing something as major as the previous note, I have been trying to keep up with everything else. You know me, I still haven't changed my filthy lurking ways. Expect me to be more proactive in replies and posts. The first step is the hardest.
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I Have a $50 Barnes and Noble GiftcardSuggestions?

And no, "send it to me" is not an option.
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Getting on Live nowOne of my coworkers was still hungover at work after her birthday party yesterday wanted a break, so she gave me her shift this afternoon, so I'm just getting on now.

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