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New Friends and WhatnotWell, pretty much everybody that took the time to respond to my little topic thingy in a clear and calm manner got a friend request. I very much appreciate those of you who didn't just mod me down (or up), and instead chose rational discourse as their means of communication. It's nice to know that in this crazy forum of vicious elites and newbie grunts, there are a few spartans willing to not be a pain in the ass all the time.
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Hey people, about the personal commentsNotice how I can delete them just as fast as you can post them. Wow! Your insults are meaningless. Go and post something coherent in my topic if you disagree with me. Otherwise, *poof*.
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Well, that was interesting...My topic stating that I didn't particularly like the plot-driven nature of season 3 so far drew a lot of attention. Went from -18 mod points to +10 all within an hour. Flamebait to ditto. Oh well, I knew it would be controversial among the RvB fanatics. And considering that this board is notorious for its flame wars and bashing of people, I was not surprised by the excessive down-modding. I was quite surprised and pleased that some people actually defended me against the pitchfork-wielding villagers though. I don't particularly care if people agree with me either way, but it's nice that some people still believe in the free expression of opinion.

And hey, my journal actually got a comment. Kickass.
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Hmm... Still No Comments...This means that either everyone is shy, everyone doesn't care, or everyone hates me.
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I Wonder if People are Watching MeWell, I was thinking. What's the deal with the journals? Do people read these things? Do people read mine?

So I decided that we should play a little game. The winner will get my temporary gratitude. Very temporary. But gratitude nonetheless.

So here's the game. Who can figure out how to post a comment, with the text simply being "I read your journal". That way, I know who has read my journal entry. Everyone understand? Good!

If it turns out that people actually care about these things, I might decide I actually want to write more journal entries.

Or, I could simply just write random stuff for no audience. I do that all the time.

Now get commenting!
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A JournalSo. This is a journal and stuff. Yay.
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