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Red Vs Blue season 10 ideasCarolina, Wash, Reds and Blues all gather up at the red base and draw out a plan of attack. With low resorces and out numbered, they head to a hot dog factory were Donut, for some reason can't stop sweating. They go into the basement and find two cryo tubes that have P.F.L. agents, Ohio and Michigian. Then after thawing them out they go to a old friend of Wash and get equiped with new weapons and "pumas". As they aprouch the Free Lancer HQ they split into two teams, one team travels through the sewers and the other sneaks on behind the base and slips right on in. When they complete defeating hords of enemies Tucker finds something familier and Griff does something to affend the Free Lancers. After they regroup they bust into the Directors main office to find him waiting there for them. Then the Director talks to them and after they don't bye what he said he calls out "Oh, Tex". And there standing in the door way is Tex and she looks ticked.

Just an idea I put together.

Idea by: Edward ImagineDX
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