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SteamI know no one reads my journals anymore, but if anyone has Steam, add me as a friend. My username is Mulletman262.

At the moment I'm really just playing CSS, but hopefully I'll get the Orange Box soon.
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Ugh.In between now and the last time I wrote a journal entry, I

Turned Seventeen (today, actually)
Moved 100 miles north
Was stuck with dial up for 2 months
Failed to get a job
Doubled my gamerscore
Quadrupled my guitar playing skills
Octupled my time listening to music
Somehow still failed to make level 31 karma.
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MovingAfter almost 16 years, I'm finally moving out of my current neighborhood into what feels like Nova Scotia. Dead center of rural PA where you have to travel 14 miles to get to Wal-Mart and everybody likes shitty modern country music. Well atleast I'll be away from my demon neighbors. And I'll also be on the internet alot more since thats just about the only thing to do up there.
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Update on my life......that absolutely no one cares about!

Well, my dad is gone for the weekend, so I've got the house for my self. The good news? He's probably going to get a computer (a dinosaur from like 1920), so I get his. Cool for now, but I wish it could have happen sooner. We are both gonna get $4,000 compys in 2 months.

So, what is the first thing I do with my new PC?

Hook it up. Duh.

But, once it's running, I download a Vista transformation pack. I like the way Vista looks (and nothing else about it), so now I finally have the super awesome Vista GUI with the great performance (HA!) of XP.

And lastly, I have a question for the two of you who are reading this. I wan't to get more active on the internet. Make more friends, and such. Have people I can talk to and not be bored on this thing all the time. So does anybody have any good community sites that I can go to? And if you say myspace, sleep with your lights on. I'll find you.
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So I just watched Fargo...Eugh.
I thought the movie was sickening.
Oh, probably spoilers ahead, although if you haven't watched it yed, you probably have never heard of it and will forget about this in twenty minutes. Anyway...

Too much needless death. Like the salesman's wife. I hope that dick who killed her gets the chair. And the other crook. You've got almost a million dollars sitting there, let him have the fucking car! I still feel sick to the stomach about the woodchipper scene. And the salesman's father in law. That was idiotic. And couldn't he be a better shot? Atleast then that kid wouldn't be screwed for life. The acents were anoying (although a Wisconsiner I know talks almost the same, just less "Yah"). The "True Story" notice at the beginning was false and extortionary. And how come in movies like this, the cash always gets lost? It's always a wicked big amount of money, and it always gets lost because the only guy who knows where it is dies. That just devalues our dollar even more.

This is the kind of movie that makes me feel hopeless about humanity and read the Bible for an hour.
Rant over.
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Oh, Fuck.Bungie just announced the last map of the Legendary Map Pack, and it's a remake of Lockout. I fucking hated Lockout. Well, at least I'll have sidewinder.
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Well,I was checking out Half Price Books, and Holy Awesome, look what I found!
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Oh my God.I'm sorry for not being on, but the whole PC is broken thing is sort of restraining. In other news, my 360's disk drive died on me. Thank God for eBay.
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