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Gray Cast & Crew
Gray Cast & Crew
RWBY Volume 3Greetings from Beacon-

A few months ago, Rooster Teeth committed that we would indeed continue to tell the adventures of Ruby Rose and her friends. And today we're very happy to pass you a little note letting you know RT is making good on our promise.

RWBY Volume 3 has gone into production!

We've assembled a wonderful crew, bringing back so many of the people who have worked on the show the last two years, as well as some new faces who helped raise the game on RvB13. These last couple months, Miles and Kerry have been writing a set of 12 chapters, working from the outline they developed with Monty. We've been working closely with our tech team to develop some new enhancements to the look and feel of the show, as we did going into Volume 2. Our art and modeling team has been designing the new locations and characters we'll be introducing (including some we've been hinting at for a while). We've heard Ruby and friends talking to us for the first time this year, as we've pulled the core cast into the booth to record the first few episodes, and I've already begun assembling the episodes' edits. And now, starting this week, our first animators have rolled off from their final scenes on RvB to return to working on RWBY.

I'd also like to announce that Kerry will be stepping up to take on directing responsibilities for this volume of RWBY, and Miles and I will have his back as co-directors. Kerry did a lot of heavy lifting the last couple years working with Monty as the show's co-director, and we felt it was natural for him to make his debut as a full director on this production. I'm sure you can imagine the challenges we are working through this year, so please do wish him and the crew well.

There are many other happenings in the world of Remnant coming your way soon! Warner Brothers Japan has announced the first four members of their voice cast ( check out rwby.jp ) and they will have more announcements on that front very soon, including more casting (the list is pretty incredible) and the release date of the Japanese version. The development team for the RWBY video game is growing and work is accelerating. And there's a variety of more Volume 3 news to come -- including some exciting casting as well as this year's release schedule.

The return to the world of RWBY is bittersweet, but mostly it's a relief. To see and hear the story come alive again, to reassemble the production family and see how everyone wants to do their very best for the show has been both inspiring and comforting. We hope that when you get to watch these new episodes later this year, you feel the same way. We're looking forward to being back in Remnant with you.

Hope you've been well,
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Gray Cast & Crew
RT Showcase: The OceanMakerWe're trying something a little different today -- we're starting a new program called "Rooster Teeth Showcase" which will run from time to time and recommend stuff that we found so cool, we just had to share it with you! First up is a brand new post-apocalyptic animated action short called "The OceanMaker." The piece is made by RT community member Lucas Martell and fellow Austin TX based animation studio Mighty Coconut Productions, who also made the 2009 short "Pigeon Impossible."

"The OceanMaker" will launch on 4/22/2015 on OceanMaker.com as part of the Earth Day Network. But Rooster Teeth is bringing it to RT Sponsors a day early! It's available right now at http://roosterteeth.com/archive/?id=10677 for Sponsors, and will go public to the wider RT community after 10am (CDT) Wednesday 4/22. Also, for one more day, if you buy any kind of copy of the short at OceanMaker.com, a tree will be planted in conjunction with The Canopy Project!

Meanwhile, please kick back, crank the volume, put on your pilot's goggles, and enjoy "The OceanMaker." We hope you find it as badass as we did, and please let us know in the video's comments if you like the idea of RT Showcase. Thanks!!
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Gray Cast & Crew
RWBY Game Update!"No more awkward small talk or 'getting-to-know-you' stuff. Today, I get to let my sweetheart do the talking!"

It's Rooster Teeth's birthday, but it's sponsors who get the loot! We've updated the RWBY video game alpha with enhancements to what we now call the "Extermination" mission, including new Grimm, and a variety of tweaks to gameplay and the environment. And (drum roll, please) MULTIPLAYER! Up to four players can join a session and hunt Grimm together! Be sure to take a look at the new Player Guide here for more information.

Thanks to everyone who's been checking out the game so far. We've got a comment system on the main game page now, so please do leave your feedback! Huge thanks to Jordan Scott who continues to kick all sorts of butt to bring these updates to you. And please say hello to new addition to the video game dev team, Michael Hadwin, who is starting with us just this week!

There are all sorts of new plans being put together for the game, from characters and environments to new mission types, so stay tuned!

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Gray Cast & Crew
The Future of RWBYHello everyone-

Given the excitement and questions that came out of PAX East over the weekend (sorry we couldn't be there!), maybe now would be a good time to talk briefly about the future of RWBY's production.

RWBY Volume 3 will indeed premiere this year. While the animation crew is hard at work on RvB13, RWBY is returning to the early stages of pre-production. Kerry and Miles are getting ready to dive into the scripts, and I'm talking to the guys about pre-viz. Meanwhile, Shane's already choreographing a new fight sequence (Argh - want to tease this matchup so much! Let's just say Yang intends to teach someone a well-deserved lesson), and our tenacious tech team is getting the production pipeline ready.

For those wondering, Monty was heavily involved in shaping the future of the world of Remnant. His story ideas will live on, and you will also be able to see some of the animation he'd begun working on for Volume 3. For some time, the team has known the direction in which the next volumes will be headed, and Rooster Teeth is committed to bringing these tales to you.

So, while it's too early to go into any further detail, be assured that the adventures of Ruby Rose and her friends will continue as planned. 'Til then, please keep sharing your writing, art and photos. They mean so much, now more than ever. They keep us going, and we love seeing them as much as we love sharing our stories with you.

Warm regards,
Gray, Kerry, and Miles

P.S. We also hear that, as we speak, AH is putting the finishing touches on "Let's Build: The Musical Motion Picture." Ask Jack about it!
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Gray Cast & Crew
Farewell MontyWe said our farewells to Monty yesterday. I had the privilege to serve as officiant. For our extended RT family who couldn't travel, or if you're a community member who simply wanted to be there in spirit, here's a selection from the proceedings. Participating in this manner helped provide me some small degree of closure, and I hope sharing these thoughts might do the same for others.

We gather here today, family and friends, brothers and sisters in blood, as well as those who are brothers and sisters in the creative spirit, to pay our last respects and bid farewell to one who was a dearest friend, brother, and husband. An artist, a mentor, a collaborator... occasionally a co-conspirator. And someone we are unbelievably proud to have called our crewmate, our comrade-in-arts. He was so many things to so many people, including the thousands upon thousands around the world whose lives he touched, who mourn with us and whose thoughts are with us today as well.

If you knew Monyreak Oum, whether as Rocky or Monty, then you are undeniably aware that you were privileged indeed. To get to know Monty was to share in an overwhelming passion for life, for pushing yourself to do great things in your own unique way. Whether through his displays of the raw energy and beauty of the human form, or through the power of words, he was always challenging himself to find new ways to share philosophies and tell stories -- stories that would find their way into the world and engage and inspire others to move beyond their perceived limitations, and in turn make great changes themselves.

Personally, I always found Monty to be a person of unshakable faith, in his own way. I offer Monty's own words.

"For it is in passing that we achieve immortality, through this we become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all. Infinite in distance and unbound by death..."

A believer in the indomitable human spirit and its ability to exceed boundaries, and just as critical, to live on in the work you leave behind for others, Monty hated to waste even a single moment that was not in service of adding something to the greater culture. The more of your ideas that reach others, the more you will live on, even should your body fail you.

And so, although we mourn his passing, we know Monty's ideas and passion and energy live on through us. We are all humbled, honored, and privileged to share these thoughts with you, to celebrate together, to grieve together, to honor and pay tribute to his far-too-brief life... and in our own way, to express our love and admiration of him.

While the thoughts offered today are but a few of the ways that Monty has affected all of us here, we know that there are times ahead of us in which we will be surprised to find new ways he impacted our lives, ways that haven't even occurred to us yet. And while you may have a moment of sadness as you are reminded of what we've lost, perhaps don't linger long in that moment, and instead consider being happy that you found this new realization. Be happy you found another opportunity to keep his energy alive and the momentum of his ideas going.

Most important of all, go create new works. Monty had a seemingly infinite amount of energy to spend on his art and craft and now he's passed that momentum on to us. We are now the caretakers of that spirit and it's our responsibility to do right by it, be inspired by it. As Matt asked in his journal upon Monty's passing, "Use your imagination to make the world a better place in any way you can. If you know Monty like we do, then you know he would certainly be doing that if he were able to."
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Gray Cast & Crew
RWBY Game: A Special Holiday Treat for Sponsors!"Oh, the weather outside is frightful! But the... firefight with the High-Caliber Sniper Scythe is so delightful?"

Merrappy Christmanukkwanzivus!! We have a very special little stocking stuffer just for sponsors, a heartfelt thanks from Rooster Teeth to you, for being a part of the RT Community -- the chance to play a pre-alpha level from the RWBY video game! This is a test of the animation and mechanics, and works much like the demo shown at RTX. It's only available til shortly after New Year's, but we hope you have fun with it on your holiday. But don't worry, there's much more to come next year that we are very, very excited about -- this is just a tiny peek!

A tip o' the Santa hat to Jordan Scott, who's been working like mad with us on the project! And cheers to you, all the sponsors who keep us going! Hope you have a fantastic end to your year! Looking forward to all the craziness in 2015 together...

P.S. You'll need the Unity Web Player plugin, so if you don't have it, you'll see a link to the installer when you load the game page!

P.P.S. LOL - and special thanks to the new, honorary RT QC team out there! Keep the notes coming!

UPDATE 12/26 - Sure, feel free to record Let's Plays

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Gray Cast & Crew
Are you taking RWBY History 101 this Fall?Hey Beacon Students-

We have a unique lineup for RWBY fans this Thursday! This is an "off" week for new RWBY episodes, with Chapter 5 hitting next Thursday the 28th. BUT! We do have new content for you this week from the world of Remnant! Called... "World of Remnant" ...which seems fitting. Anyhoo, this August 21st, at 3pm Central for Rooster Teeth Sponsors (and 7pm for general public), fans will get the first of several new "history lessons," each exploring a particular corner of RWBY's world. And it's all fair game for the quiz... that you give us!

We're also doing a public livestream this Thursday at 5pm Central, here on RoosterTeeth.com! Join Monty, Kerry, Miles and the gang as they answer your questions based on being a third through Volume 2. You can begin leaving your questions now in the comments for this journal entry, and you'll also be able to tweet using #RWBY_QA during the livestream. As part of this stream we'll also be chatting with the RWBY animation team as they wrap up animation for all of Volume 2 this week! So anything goes: story, art, animation, tech, ask away!

See ya in a couple days,
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RWBY's Turning Japanese, RWBY's Turning Japanese, I Really Think SoWe mentioned it at RTX, but now it's official -- the team here is thrilled to announce that Warner Brothers Japan has licensed RWBY for distribution and merchandising!

In 2015, WBJ will offer Japanese RWBY fans Blu-rays and DVDs that include a brand new Japanese audio experience, as well as some other treats we hope to announce soon. WBJ has produced such titles as "Accel World" and "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure," and the team that will be sheparding RWBY in Japan have also worked on such series as "Ergo Proxy," "Hellsing," "Lain," and "Tenchi Muyo" just to name a few. WBJ begins promoting RWBY this weekend at the Comic Market or "Comiket" event in Tokyo!

Adweek already has coverage on the announcement, including some comments from Matt, over at:

Stay tuned for news on the voice cast, merchandise plans, and... other fun things! ;)

(RWBY cosplayers at Comiket Tokyo 2014, image courtesy @numgirl65)
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