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jackie Forum Mod
SONOVABITCH.Seriously... What brand of low-life looks at a banged up 1989 Cutlass and thinks, "It can't possibly suck enough for this person to have to drive This around town .. LET ME GO AHEAD AND SMASH THE WINDOW AND JACK THE CAR STEREO!".... .. ??!?!?

What pisses me off most is that they took my favorite jacket.
And i've never seen Anyone else ANYWHERE with this jacket..

So if i see a bum wandering around town wearing a Murder By Death jacket with a viking ship on it... i WILL break my hand on his face. I am Not.. by Any stretch of the imagination.. a forgiving person.

And if anyone has a car stereo or a passenger-side window that will fit in an '89 Cutlass lying around... I'm currently accepting donations.

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Ugliest Puzzle EVER Made.One of the drivers at work and i were bored.. so we got a jigsaw puzzle... . . .

Seriously-- Where are those obviously gigantic wolves?! i mean.. the Earth And the moon are both already in the background.. and nevermind the mountain range that the wolves are big enough to stomp like a bug.

. . ....i really have no idea where they could be.. you know, other than on a cheesy shirt sold at a gas station in a tourist-trap town.

Oh.. and by the way.. it glows in the dark.

Later, we're going to glue it together then display it on the wall in the office.


Regarding the missing piece:

[18:51] vain movement: Actually.. no.. i think the bookkeeper took it. In which case -- that is an idea, but i won't find it.
[18:51] CloudMX : Balls to that. :-(
[18:51] vain movement: i'll break her face
[18:52] CloudMX : With great fury!
[18:53] vain movement: and prejudice
[18:53] CloudMX : A sound plan.
[18:55] vain movement: indeed

disclaimer: some screen names have been changed to protect the angry
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Underrated Badass of the WeekGambit... . -totally- .. Gambit.

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My job isn't exactly exciting.. .. but some things make me laugh.... .

[by the way, i run the office of a delivery company]

[20:43] ad_713: See -- what ha' happened was..
[20:44] ad_713: I gave Asa that super easy Rosettas order to Elizabeth place [it's Maybe 2 or 3 blocks away].. and we were joking when i gave it to him.. i told him it was a super easy order and he's like "i'm munnah fuck it up somehow"..
[20:45] ad_713: Yeah..
[20:45] ad_713: He locked his keys and his cell phone in his car..
[20:45] robert_elzey2012: thats awesome
[20:45] robert_elzey2012: haahha
[20:46] ad_713: haha.. i know.. and what's even better is that it's not even His car.. it's his girlfriend's car.. and she has a spare key, but since he has her car.. she can't bring it to him..
[20:46] robert_elzey2012: it keeps getting better
[20:46] robert_elzey2012: i locked myself out of the car friday when i was at the DMV...but ive learned from my mistakes...i keep a spare in the wallet
[20:47] ad_713: if it was his truck, there's a spare key in his tool box..
[20:47] robert_elzey2012: nice
[20:49] ad_713: what else makes me giggle is that i'm sure Kate [his girlfriend] has access to his truck at the moment.. but she's a woman.. so i doubt she can drive a stick


i was right about that last part.
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Fairytales are Fun.This is totally just because Kyle posted "Red Hot Riding Hood" a while back:


Tex Avery, you may be dead.. but i still love you.


The "Of Tomorrow" series:

Farm of Tomorrow..

TV of Tomorrow..

House of Tomorrow..

Car of Tomorrow..
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i wonder.... . . . exactly what it would feel like... . to have a defibrillator used on me... .

Someone make me go into cardiac arrest.. i'm curious.

And other than morbid curiosity.. here's a very brief update on the world of Jackie:

I keep tearing down friendships right and left.. but my tolerance for stupidity and inconsideration has gone down drastically in the past couple of weeks..

in about a week and a half, i'll be going to my boss' wedding.. . my boss is pretty neat, but for some reason -- it just feels odd to be going to his wedding.. . The next day is the baby shower for the pregnant friend of mine whose child i made the quilt for.. . That should be entertaining.. .

My current roommate has pretty well reaffirmed the idea that i should not live with other people. .....or cats.

As for art-related stuffs.. my friend, Erin, and i are working on a film about Dinosaurs.. [which means we will get to build a giant T-Rex foot out of papier mache that will be about 5 or 6 feet high].. and my best-friend-guy is bringing me his new drumset piece by piece to draw on.. .


...And how was Your day, darling?
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