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jackie Site Admin
jackie Site Admin
Really?Name: Jackie Bagwell
Company: Blue Ridge To Go
Title: Office Manager

........ . . . .

Current Task: Wrapping cookies individually in seran wrap........... . . . ..

[No kidding...... . .]
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Are You Afraid of the Dark?No no.. not the "Midnight Society"... although.. that Was a pretty cool show for being a kids' show... .. in fact, Nickelodeon used to have a lot of cool shows.. what the hell happened?


Let me just mention that 3am in late October is the WORST possible time for All the power on one of the biggest streets in town to go out... . .

Suddenly, without warning -- it was pitch black in my apartment.. not even street lights to shine in.. in an apartment FULL of creepy fucking Halloween decorations.
My immediate thought was, "Oh no! I'm in a horror film! Where's the killer... . . . Where is Kevin Bacon to save me?!!"

Although.. i will say that walking outside without all the city lights to drown the sky, looking up at the accentuated stars was kind of breathtaking.... .. .

That was all.
Enjoy your day.
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Adventures at the Drag Show.So... i have this friend.. and she likes to dress up as a man. Her name is Erin.
Last week, she participated in a Drag Show [of Drag Kings, that is]..
And i went down to cheer her on.. and of course, took a TON of pictures.

All of these pictures will be linked... as a lot of them are very big.. and Especially because a couple of them kind of epitomize "NSFW"

WARNING!!..: Some of these pictures include Partial Nudity.. If you are easily offended.. or in the presence of easily offended people.. DO NOT CLICK ON THEM.

Let's start off by saying that this even, while it was women dressing as men, was hosted by Drag QUEENS.
Burly ones.

I got there late, but in time to see Erin perform a country song.
And then she "brought sexy back" and pimped it a little while she was at it.. [that other girl in this picture is Erin's girlfriend, Yak].

Other performers included:
Some wegro dude[tte] singing "Candy Shop" and handing out lollipops..
This rocker guy[girl, whatever.] whom i am Quite sure was mad at his dad..
And then this other guy.. Who Dressed as a dude.. but then had this chick come out.. and act like a ho.. while guy did a whole lot of nothing. [CHEAP]

And then.... okay.. and then this happened...... . . . . . .
[this is my favorite part.. it's just too funny.]
Disaster Starts.
Disaster Rears its Ugly Head.
Disaster Gets Comfortable and then... . .
Disaster Then Proceeds to Grab for the Ceiling... . . . .
[no kidding]
and then... .
Oh God! Disaster's a Man!!

Then the contestants line up for judging.. .

And Erin is named the winner! [that big, burly bitch wouldn't get out of the way...]

After that, i spent the night dancing at the gay club with a bunch of cross-gendering fun-loving folks... . it was entertaining.. And while i did, unfortunately, get hit on by some Big, Scary chicks... . Any night that ends in me getting candy and free alcohol, is a Total win in my opinion.

Also -- for ALL the drag show pictures, click here
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SONOVABITCH.Seriously... What brand of low-life looks at a banged up 1989 Cutlass and thinks, "It can't possibly suck enough for this person to have to drive This around town .. LET ME GO AHEAD AND SMASH THE WINDOW AND JACK THE CAR STEREO!".... .. ??!?!?

What pisses me off most is that they took my favorite jacket.
And i've never seen Anyone else ANYWHERE with this jacket..

So if i see a bum wandering around town wearing a Murder By Death jacket with a viking ship on it... i WILL break my hand on his face. I am Not.. by Any stretch of the imagination.. a forgiving person.

And if anyone has a car stereo or a passenger-side window that will fit in an '89 Cutlass lying around... I'm currently accepting donations.

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Ugliest Puzzle EVER Made.One of the drivers at work and i were bored.. so we got a jigsaw puzzle... . . .

Seriously-- Where are those obviously gigantic wolves?! i mean.. the Earth And the moon are both already in the background.. and nevermind the mountain range that the wolves are big enough to stomp like a bug.

. . ....i really have no idea where they could be.. you know, other than on a cheesy shirt sold at a gas station in a tourist-trap town.

Oh.. and by the way.. it glows in the dark.

Later, we're going to glue it together then display it on the wall in the office.


Regarding the missing piece:

[18:51] vain movement: Actually.. no.. i think the bookkeeper took it. In which case -- that is an idea, but i won't find it.
[18:51] CloudMX : Balls to that. :-(
[18:51] vain movement: i'll break her face
[18:52] CloudMX : With great fury!
[18:53] vain movement: and prejudice
[18:53] CloudMX : A sound plan.
[18:55] vain movement: indeed

disclaimer: some screen names have been changed to protect the angry
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Underrated Badass of the WeekGambit... . -totally- .. Gambit.

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