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So...It's been awhile and there isn't really a reason for it, other than life being busy. For the very, very few people who may still have me on their watchlists, In the time since then:

I've bought my first house and have been slowly renovating it. I've sanded and refinished the entire second floor hardwoods. I've installed an over the range microwave. I've plastered, sanded, painted and put up venetian plaster. I've installed a fence. I've hung a drywall ceiling. I've replaced windows. I'm ready for a nap.

I've gotten 2 semesters closer to finishing with my Masters of Architecture, a necessary step in my quest to become a licensed architect. In that time I've brought my gpa from 3.57 to 3.93. It's really not as difficult as one thinks, it just requires lots and lots of hard work as it is very time consuming. It very much has eaten my social life and left me mocking my friends for wanting to call it a night when it is 1 in the morning. My deprivation of sleep has its uses.

One of the added bonuses from grad school was I got to go to Greece this past March. I
Greece. It is not Italy, which is next on my list, but it was unbelievable. The food was delicious. Tsatziki, a yogurt filled with diced cucumbers, served with every meal, was excellent. Their appetizers of saganaki, a dish of fried cheese served in a hot dish, is delicious. Not to mentioned their skewered meat. MMMM...skewered meat. Or their house wines. Ouzo is delicious if you like licorice. I was also a camera whore, here is a link to the 3500 odd pictures I took.


I am also currently on the fence about making an appearance to RvBTO, a few factors out of my current control have to work themselves out, once that happens I'll let everyone know by showing up. Or not.
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Physics genius?As per a earlier IM conversation today:

1:09 PM me: I don't think that wormholes and physics work the way you think they do
mrobold: Prove it
1:10 PM Prove that my sunglasses didn't travel through my nose through some wormhole, and end up at some other time and place
me: your sunglasses don't prevent a dissolution of the known universe
mrobold: You have your "facts" and I have mine
1:11 PM me: also isn't a much more logical conclusion, that when your face got the roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris Fanboi there that the glasses got kicked off your face, travelled through the air and landed where they were found?
1:12 PM mrobold: Not really...we're talking about a distance of several hundred feet, through trees, over a bridge or two, and past a beer kiosk
Plus, the angle of attack for the kick was downward
me: beer kiosks are the zip zones of the casino world
1:14 PM also Chuck norris could kick your glasses thousands of miles, regardless of the angle of attack, so a Chuck Norris fanboi should be able to pull off several 100 feet
I mean logically speaking of course
mrobold: Interesting theory, but I think you're forgetting the Rusty Razor Axiom
1:15 PM If you keep disagreeing with me, I'm going to cut you with a rusty razor
me: the "if you don't shut your yaphole I'll cut you with a rusty razor"?
mrobold: Besides, no one has been able to prove that my body is not a conduit to alternative dimensions or the unkowable
knowable even
1:16 PM me: um the scientific method doesn't work like that
1:17 PM "If you can't disprove A, it must be true!" doesn't really fly
mrobold: That's rather the narrow view don't you think?
Creationistic Scientists have assured me that my worldview is sound
1:18 PM me: they are not scientists any more that the Pope!
Who by the way also says Creationist science is fairy tales
mrobold: The Pope is like the head scientist of Metastratorophysistics
Everyone knows that
1:19 PM He would say that
Can you really trust the Pope?
me: he is german
germans are good with science
mrobold: Right, and he has foresworn beer for wine
Think about it
me: ergo the Pope is good with science
mrobold: Something's not right with him
me: yeah he was a nzai, we all know that
And I bet he drinks beer
mrobold: Prove it
1:20 PM me: I don't have to by your "scientific method"
mrobold: I've already proven my theory of Ray-Ban Probiscus Interaction At The Quantum Level
There were like, witnesses
At least one of whom wasn't drunk
1:21 PM me: so we can throw that sober witness out
mrobold: He was the least impressed
me: I would be to given the Chuck Norris principle coming into play
1:22 PM mrobold: Perhaps our two theories are BOTH right
Perhaps the Chuck Norris Principle is at play and CREATED the wormhole in my nose
me: chuck norris fanboi roundhouse kicked your sunglasses into the future?
1:23 PM me: did you cry?
mrobold: I was busy acting as a conduit to another plane of existance...I don't recall
1:24 PM me: because the Chuck Norris Principle clearly is built around the idea that Chuck Norris or affiliates of Chuck Norris inflict pain on others to gather their tears for charity
mrobold: Right, but this was an accidental invokation of the Chuck Norris principal
me: was it?
Are you sure?
mrobold: Hmmmm
Perhaps my sunglasses are made of anti-ChuckNorris particles
That could explain why the guy's heel was injured in the process
And why, instead of being destroyed along with my head, my glasses survived
1:26 PM The spooky interaction between the Chuck Norris particles and the anti-CNPs could be what created the rift in the space-time continuum
The implications of this are dizzying
Are my sunglasses the one object on Earth capable of killing Chuck Norris?
1:27 PM If Chuck Norris wore my sunglasses, would he weaken, or would he become some terrible Super Chuck Norris?
me: that is some nice theoretical physics there dood
Well the only thing capable of killing Chuck Norris is Bruce Lee
mrobold: I'll be sure to include your name on the paper when I submit it to Chuck Norris Science Today
me: you can't let Bruce Lee get your sunglasses
the ramifications would be horrible

Anyone see anything wrong with this?
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Golf, beer, bees and cigarsSo this weekend I went to my buddie's mom's 50th birthday party, and I was asked if I could play golf. I responded that I'm not sure I can call it golf, but if I swing the funny metal stick and the little white ball, sure. So I ended up going to golf with some friends, there was free beer everywhere, some delicious cigars (acid blondes are teh sex), some horrible, horrible golf (I haven't played in 4 years or so), and my buddy parked the golf cart in the rain (he thought it was a humvee) and parked it on a bees nest. So 5 minutes later we're walking back from teeing off and theres hundreds of them, and most of them are swirling around my open beer can, which quickly was swapped to be dan's beer can. ^.^
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RvBTO3So I'm a bit late, but I went to my 2nd RvBTo a few weekends ago with Phoenixrage, and I met a bunch of good folks, had some good drinks (how many shots did we have Britte/Amber/Becky??), saw about 10 minutes of RvB (my first since RvBTO 1), saw Capt Ed sober, and all and all had a good time that I don't really need to elaborate on due to the fact that its all been told before. And of of course the RvBTO staff did a great job as always. But the funniest moment came when I was outside the screening, having a cigar in the slight drizzle, when Bernie and Nico were outside talking about the business end of RvB. While I am a fan, I had no desire to hump their legs, just a polite nod. Anyways, a car was parked closeby playing this funky, funky song that I want to find out who made it cause it had a great beat, but this Asian RvB kid was walking by, sees the two of them, and the following happened:

Fanboy: Oh Bernie and Nico (Guys), I love what you guys do
Guys: Thanks
Fanboy: I'd really like to buy you guys something to eat, it'd mean alot to me
Guys: We just ate, thanks anyways, glad you enjoy the show
Fanboy: How about tomorrow, could I buy you lunch? It'd be my treat and I'd love to do it.
Bernie: Honestly, thanks, but I just ate. If I was hungry I'd be all over it.
Fanboy: I'd...
Nico (interrupting): How bout you buy us drinks later at the bar?
Fanboy: Sure, sure! I'd love to! Thanks again and I'll see you then.
::Fanboy scurries off::

So I'm standing there, watching all this out of the corner of my eye, with a devilish grin, and as he walks away I look over at Bernie and Nico, and Bernie gives me this grin that says:

"yeah, fanboys try to suck me off all the time. Who do they think I am, Gus?!?!"
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Meep.So yesterday I had a meeting with a contractor for this house I'm doing CA on, and after the meeting he insisted on taking me to lunch, his treat, to the local strip joint. Being a single man, of course I have no real qualms about strip clubs except for the fact that generally when you go in you're single, horny, yet when you walk out you're still single, hornier, and a few hundred poorer. Plus, in Rhode Island, I tend to run into girls I went to high school working there. So I tend to avoid them unless I'm going with a bunch of friends for a good time and such. But thats all neither here nor there. So anywho me and this contractor go in, grab a bite to eat, and he's promptly getting a lap dance. No biggie, right? Let me describe him: a short Portuguese man that is almost as round as he is tall, usually slovenly dressed, with a high pitched, nasally voice, especially when he's worked up about something, and he can work himself up like no one's business and of course is usually early in the morning so I repeatedly get calls from him that the sky is falling when I'm walking into the office over things that if he paid attention wouldn't matter. Don't get me wrong, good guy for a hobbit. Anyways, heres this guys getting a dance, to this odd remix song that was rather basey and too "ugh ugh ugh" ::nods head to side:: to really hear. It seemed very familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on why. It had a decent beat to it and pretty good, but anyways, the girl keeps reaching up for his hair, and he keeps saying *nasal voice* "honey, keep your haaahhnds lowaaah". Well finally, of course, she reaches up, runs her fingers in his hair, grabs it and !poof!, off with his toupee, which she releases as she's somewhere between mortified and shocked. She seems to be almost be treating it as though a herd of rats were scurrying across the floor. He's all worked up going *nasally voice* "seeeeeee honey, I, I, I toohld yah to keep yah haaahnds lowahhh!!".

Meanwhile I'm nearly pissing myself giggling on the floor hysterically wishing I had a camera.

So does anyone else have an memorable/amusing time visiting a strip joint?
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HmmChinese RoTS Translation

Well I will have my pics coming soon, keep forgeting to have my camera, computer, and computer hook up in the same place at the same time.

This am the train was searched, part of the stepped up show efforts to give Governor Romney a good name so that he can make a Presidential bid next election...and there is no way in hell he'll get my vote. So the guy was walking the bomb sniffing dog down the aisle, and it starts barking ferociously at my buddy Cesar who happens to look like a tall Pakistani/Iranian/Saudi mut. So they bring him off the train and search everything and him. Last I saw of him before the train left the station, was him being handcuffed and put into the back of a police cruiser... Or at least thats what I told everyone at work. =D
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The empire is a farceNow, I had to smuggle this tape thru hell to bring the truth to you about your self proclaimed "emporer". I had to walk through the most insect infested forest, where there were blood suckers that would make dracula look like vegans. Through the hottest desert, and you know how well irishmen tan, I now look like Zoidberg, *snaps claws*. I had to spend months in Guantanamo bay, since I had some chin pubes (scraggaly version of one, some irish canna grow the thick beards, teh whole time with the link hidden in crevasses that you don't want to know about. Finally, after my Alvian hit squad helped free me by releasing some pictures they take at a normal Alvian get together with the normal lots of nudity, harassment, and intoxication, I was released and I present you with:

Phoenixrage's private sex tapes proving that he can be just like Paris

I also would like to give you lessons learned in Vegas by an Alvian this past weekend who had his bachelors party there.

1. Just because they WILL give you a 64 oz gin and tonic in a plastic football does not mean you SHOULD have a contest to see who can drink 2 in an hour

2. Yelling "HASHBROWNS" and then throwing a plate's-worth of the aforementioned food at your friend across the table in a crowded restaurant at 3:30 in the morning will get you asked to leave the restaurant

3. Even though it sounds like a good idea, you should never ever try to walk from the Palms to the MGM Grand just because you "can fucking see the fucking thing from fucking here"

4. Always put your drink down before pounding your chest with your hand shouting "I'm the man!!". Alternatively, you can try using the hand that doesn't contain your drink to perform this manuever.

5. The strippers that come to your room do NOT match the photos on the cards

6. Pit bosses do not like being called "Fucking dogfaced asshole"...you will be escorted out of the casino for that

7. Keno is the most awesome of awesomes when it comes to getting free booze

8. Pouring someone else's jaeger shots into your rum and coke and then downing it to illustrate that the guy not drinking his shot is a "worthless pussy" will come back to haunt you later

9. Casinos do not like it when you pull light fixtures out of their ceilings

10. LVPD does not like it when you break street lights with traffic cones

11. A roll-away bed at the Tropicana will not support more than 400 lbs

12. That girl over there is NOT checking you out

13. That girl that is checking you out is a hooker
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