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Making Videos nowSo been wanting to make videos for a long time now and I'm finally taking a cue from Burnie and "Just doing it" so here is a review of the Anime Tokyo Ghoul. Any and all feedback would be great!

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RWBY at NekoconWow...To summarize Nekocon is a local anime convention here in Virginia I happen to help run. They needed anime and I happened to suggest RWBY...


Seriously, an anime room at a con was filled to the brim with people lining the walls.

Lesson to take from this. If any of you ever happen to need to run a con and want anime viewers, show RWBY.
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Oh Sponsorship...I'll never take you for granted again
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RWBY ReactionFirst off, watch it. I had a lot of worries about RWBY but I'm glad to say the first episode eliminated most of them. The voice acting is significantly better than what we got in the trailers. The action is as good as always. And we have some comedy, go figure. The comedy and Ruby herself might take a couple episodes to adjust to but they aren't bad by any stretch. Also Monty made his own anime opening...I won't go on for fear of spazzing out but it is very well made.

I do have a couple things I hope improve though. There are some small little animation-related things that kind of bug me. If you look while one character is talking about another reacting (Like nods or something) it looks fairly robotic and stiff. I hope this is improved in later episodes but even so it's a pretty minor complaint. Also minor is the extras. Since it's animation I'm aware they just use the same model to represent a generic group of villains but even so a bit of variance would be much appreciated. Not much but maybe three different goon models instead of the one? Just a thought.

Those are just small complaints though, the first episode of RWBY was great and you should check it out.
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I think I've found a new favorite Visual Novel. Hands down one of the best stories I've ever seen if not the best. Got me to make a post here so that goes for something. Just making this as a reminder I don't go fanspazzing about Muv Luv. If I do...ignore me ><
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Happy Thanksgiving!Happy Turkey Day people! Enjoy your feasts, your loved ones, and in some cases, yourself.

Also my B-Day so I know I'll be enjoying myself ^^
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10 Years of GreatnessLittle bit late but I finally got my RvB 10 Year DVD in the mail.

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Has anyone else's flash players been acting funny lately? I've been trying to watch stuff around here but almost none of the videos load. At all. Youtube works just fine though and I do have the most up-to-date flash player. Is something just up with my computer?
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