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Huh? Where am I?So I may or may not be coming out of retirement. Stay tuned.
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BACK FUCKERSHungry, broke, and jobless. BUT I HAS TEH PIZZA. Pizza I didn't PAY for.

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Orgasm of the mouthToday a friend took me here.

It's the most incredible milkshake place ever. They have stockpiles of every candy available in the country. You pick what you want, and they throw it into the blender with some ice cream.

I got M&Ms with Terrys Chocolate Orange. I literally creamed.

I can't wait to wake up so I can go again. I want to try the angel slices.

Also, I finally lost the emo cut. Before/After
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A new superhero is bornSo we just came up with a new idea while playing Crackdown.

The Deporter.

He looks like Jason Statham, sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger and only kills mexicans.

Think Marvel will be interested?
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Half-assing my audience paperName: Die Hard 4.0
Why did you choose to watch this film? Was at the top of the pile
Detail four memorable events:
This is a generic action movie, with plenty of large scale explosive sequences that stick out in my memory. The scene where Bruce Willis kills a man with a giant air conditioning fan, the scene where Bruce Willis kills a woman with an SUV, the scene where Bruce Willis kills a helicopter with his car, and the scene where Bruce Willis kills a jet with an 18-wheeler truck are all memorable.

I am a preferred viewer of this film, I’m a fan of the entire Die Hard franchise, and would pay to see any media related to it. I also enjoy watching Bruce Willis kill things with other things.
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XLEI can't believe people are already making emo avatars

Also, I tried to break it earlier. This is what I ended up with.

I call him Cecil.
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Silly AmerifagsYou still don't realise that you have no say in who runs your country. It's all down to The Company.

Or the Patriots.

Or the other company.
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Boiling water burnsWho knew?

Pics of the scar shortly.
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