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lukemckay Cast & Crew
lukemckay Cast & Crew
the superfanI was watching Burnie Burns speech that he gave in Singapore and he mentioned that one of the key figures in any successful website / content producer is that one SUPERFAN to not just get the ball rolling but encourage and support new fans to also contribute.

I would like to declare that spambot "ugg-on-sale-online-shop" is now Balls2That's most loyal reader, commenting more than anyone else. And has encouraged many other spambots to comment on all my comics everyday.

The day has finally come. I'm so proud.

today's doodle
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
journal about comics, but the today's doodle is the best partwow, I haven't written a journal in a while.

I meant to write one after RTX, but I wanted to do a comic just for RTX, but then time passed and then it was really too late. You know how it goes. But RTX and a couple other conventions have gone by and I've had a lot of fun at them. Though aside from RTX, they didn't make much money. Selling comics is hard business my friends. Looking into doing more digital sales, but its weird, as soon as a good company pops up that is really good at publishing digital comics, it gets bought out by Amazon and dissolved :P
What I should do is make a company that publishes online comics and then cash in on the sweet sweet Amazon buy out.

today's doodle "a RWBY in the rough"
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
RTX exclusiveAlmost all ready to go to Austin for RTX.

Been drawing like crazy to get everything ready in time. I hustled as fast as I could and managed to get the next Balls 2 That book done TWO WEEKS EARLY. I should have some copies for sale at my booth. Button Mash Productions booth # 720
As well as a few other things I got done at the last minute.

I'll be drawing for anyone who wants, so please come by and say hi.

today's doodle (cover for new book)
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
Battle Nations 4.0Do any of y'all play Battle Nations? v.4.0 just got released today.

and tomorrow a big boss strike starts for the weekend.

There is a Rooster Teeth guild. I'd love it if you would join if you play.
Or if you'd like to start playing it's a free to play game. (iOS and Android)

Hit me up in the forum in you have any questions: Battle Nations Forum

today's doodle
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
race to RTXAH! RTX is fast approaching! Almost a little too fast.

I will have a booth at RTX again this year thanks to the lovely folks at Rooster Teeth.

I'm really trying to get my next Balls 2 That book done in time for RTX. But I'm gonna have to really move my keister to have everything ready.

I will be arriving in Austin a couple days early and I'll be leaving a few days late. Gonna spend some time doing some touristy stuff. Any suggestions?

no doodle for today as I'm just working on the comic.. but click here to read TODAY'S COMIC
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image clean upBefore I knew better, when I first started drawing I would save my images at really low resolution.

So today I decided to clean up one of my old drawings.

I made a video of it.

today's doodle
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
VanCAFSo this weekend I'll be at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival with my good friends Enzo Santos of cheerupemokid.com and Amy T Falcone of cliquerefresh.com & cardiganweather.com & [citation_needed]

I made a last minute run to the printshop to make up some stuff just for this con. I think I'm actually prepared for once.

and if you would, I posted a oversexed comic today.
CLICK HERE to read it
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