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lukemckay Cast & Crew
lukemckay Cast & Crew
chillin' in the dungeonSo in these hot days I've been finding myself with the blinds drawn and the AC on full.. how about you? Or are you a sun worshiper?

Been playing a fair bit of Dungeons and Dragons since Fifth Edition came out, and Oboecrazy has been been the dungeon master so I probably get away with more shit than I normally would.

But I've been drawing up our characters and its been a lot of fun. Do you play? Would you like me to draw up one of your characters? (y'know, for a small fee)

today's doodle
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
large printSo with today's comic I made a large print to go with it for a limited time; until I post the next comic, in this case, Monday. If enough people order one, I think I'll do this more often.

Have a look at the comic and print here
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
Webcomic ReliefI love this show, and now, I'm on it! ---> click here to see review for Balls 2 That

There is like diddly squat on YouTube for webcomic reviews. And really, that is the best way to review comics, to be visual, and not just a text filled blog.

It's a bit long winded for a review show, but it's actually has an over all story arch to the show. It's a bit rough at the beginning, but by season 3 it really comes into it's own, I'd definitely recommend you check it out from start to finish at some point.

today's doodle
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
almost made itWow, am I beat. This last weekend I attempted to do a 24 hour live stream of making Balls 2 That comics and doodles for anyone in the chat ... I made it almost 23 hours, but seems not resting up the day before did not help. I passed the fuck out.

But it was a hell of a lot of fun. This last year I set myself do do more adventure comics rather than short strip comics and while they were better in production value I found that they were not as fun to comment on and keep up with as they were uploaded. Audience participation really dropped off. And really if you're gonna do anything online, that is really the biggest part of it all. So this last weekend of getting to reconnect with the readers of my comics was amazing.

We did a donation drive to help raise some money for new equipment for the comics. My computer is hilariously out of date. We were barely able to stream at all. We did raise a fair bit of money, almost enough to get me the computer I will need, but hopefully now as con season has started, we can raise a few bucks more and get up to date on hardware.

thank you so much everyone who came out and supported us. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
And as soon as I can set up a better computer we will definitely make live streaming more of a regular thing. Hope to see you there.

Today's Comic
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
24 Hour livestream / donation driveSo we are doing a 24 hour long livestream of comics on the Button Mash. I would love if you would come join us.

We are doing a wee bit of a donation drive for new equipment. My computer may make comics, but it is also comically outdated and even just setting up the livestream was quite the undertaking. For most of the five years I've been making Balls 2 That comics, we haven't had a donate button up, which turns out, is how people wanted to support the comic. So to make up for the last five years we are doing a donation drive and see if we can't get some new hardware to keep us in the 21st century.

So pop on by, say hi, give me some drawing ideas, get drawn into a comic, get some give aways, and donate if you can.

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lukemckay Cast & Crew
Getting Pumped Up!!Fuck me, Emerald City Comic Con is this weekend. Unfortunately I can't attend this ECCC, but still, its now the start of convention season! And as usual, I'm completely unprepared. Fortunately Jose and Enzo and Josh are helping me out.

This weekend I may not be at a convention, but you can still come see me make some comics. I'll be doing a 24 hour long live stream / donation drive for Balls 2 That. Saturday at noon to Sunday at noon. And already I'm getting of lots of ideas of things I'd like to do with anyone who would like to tune in. ( I will post the link on Saturday before noon)

Going through a bunch of my stuff and looking for giveaways and things I can draw. Any ideas of things you'd like me to see / do?

Today's Doodle
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
D&D fifth edition DMThis last weekend I gave D&D 5 a shot as dungeon master for the first time, with Grail1313, AbyssGk and Count3D. I just got all the books thanks to OboeCrazy.

and my first time could have gone better, as I lost my patience a lot and acted like a dick. But it also went pretty well, we had a good start to an adventure I wrote myself. Not only just wrote it up, but I bought a bunch of minis for NPCs and built a lot of wee little sets to play on. That part I think turned out alright. I definitely will try to do more of that for our next adventure.

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