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lukemckay Cast & Crew
lukemckay Cast & Crew
Getting Pumped Up!!Fuck me, Emerald City Comic Con is this weekend. Unfortunately I can't attend this ECCC, but still, its now the start of convention season! And as usual, I'm completely unprepared. Fortunately Jose and Enzo and Josh are helping me out.

This weekend I may not be at a convention, but you can still come see me make some comics. I'll be doing a 24 hour long live stream / donation drive for Balls 2 That. Saturday at noon to Sunday at noon. And already I'm getting of lots of ideas of things I'd like to do with anyone who would like to tune in. ( I will post the link on Saturday before noon)

Going through a bunch of my stuff and looking for giveaways and things I can draw. Any ideas of things you'd like me to see / do?

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lukemckay Cast & Crew
D&D fifth edition DMThis last weekend I gave D&D 5 a shot as dungeon master for the first time, with Grail1313, AbyssGk and Count3D. I just got all the books thanks to OboeCrazy.

and my first time could have gone better, as I lost my patience a lot and acted like a dick. But it also went pretty well, we had a good start to an adventure I wrote myself. Not only just wrote it up, but I bought a bunch of minis for NPCs and built a lot of wee little sets to play on. That part I think turned out alright. I definitely will try to do more of that for our next adventure.

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Thinking of applyingI may not have a bachelors degree, but if they need many many many drawings of Gus, I'm your man.

Rooster Teeth Job Posting

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Keep Moving ForwardThis last Monday I launched a new comic project, but due to sad news I felt it best not to promote it just then. But I would like to keep moving forward as Monty would say.


its a webcomic of faceless color themed troopers in a war that allows for a fair bit of comedic back and forth...( I may have stolen a few Red vs Blue ideas )
But also like Red vs Blue this comic is based off a real videogame you can play. I've been making some good friends at Z2 (the creators of Battle Nations)
I've been a big fan of the game and have been doing a fair bit of fan art, so why not take it that step further. There are a couple comics already uploaded, so please surf through the whole site if you can.

Please, join me for the comic and join me to play the game. It's available on Steam, iOS and Amazon.

also, I am the leader for the Rooster Teeth guild on Battle Nations, its open for anyone to join.

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I'd love to hear your comments, please write me and let me know. I'm looking for as much feed back as I can at these early stages.
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remembering Montyas much as Monty was a creative inspiration, I don't feel so creative today. I'm just gonna mope and be a wee bit sad for a bit.
Though we weren't the closest of friends (due to distance) we did get along quite well and I really liked hanging out with him. He was just so pumped up when we hung out, it was hard not to be enthusiastic around him.
I'm really gonna miss him and I'm gonna be sad for all the things he was going to do, as he can't be.
Though whatever energy he had to make crazy exciting things he's left if for us to use. And I will. Just not today. Maybe tomorrow.
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damnMan, this thing with Monty is hitting me harder than I thought. Just so sudden. The last time I talked to Monty he was just so "up" - on the top of his game and full of life. This is just a huge of shock. As I'm sure it it with many of you folks.
It's like a round house kick that has been spinning for the last five years has just stopped.

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Making PostersI love my new toy. It's a poster printer. At conventions and such I'd sell some 11x17 prints, but now I can make 24x36 prints. Drawings look so much better when printed up big. I printed up some copies of the Birth of Gus print I did for the last RTX SideQuest auction. I've even managed to sell one already. Let me know if you'd be interested in one as well.
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time to put ole Bessy out to pastureSo the other day I attempted to do some live streamcasting. Seems my old PC just ain't able to keep up with that anymore. So until I get a new PC, no streamcasting. Gotta start saving up for a new one.

But I did buy a new toy for my PC. A new printer. And not just any printer, but a large format poster printer. So I can make 24"x36" posters. That is gonna be so much fun. I've already got that picture of Gus I can print up. But I want to do a whole whack of big prints and maybe, I dunno, just maybe have an actual art show.

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