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lukemckay Cast & Crew
lukemckay Cast & Crew
Emerald City Comic ConSo Sailortweek and SirNavy were able to get me a table at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend. So I will be there selling comics and arts. I have some Rooster Teeth prints, but no Rooster Teeth books. I have lots of other comics I've done and I'll draw you whatever you want while I'm there.

come see me at table G-13 if you're planning to be there.
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
Emerald City Comic ConI'm starting to get ready for Emerald City Comic Con next week. I'm in the artist alley.

Between now and then I'll be working in the printshop and on specific prints for this convention. I'll be selling my comics, but its always a good idea to do some art of the special guests who are there (cash in on what's selling)

Just started one for John deLancie - it's today's doodle
it's not quite finished yet, but should look great coloured in.
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
10,000 big oneswell, not all of them are big. Some are small and maybe one or two is a bot (though I do try to rid my twitter of bots)

but yeah, I just got my 10,000th follower on my Twitter and it's a nice guy from Ontario named Kevin ( @KGalido )

I have now a great feeling of importance

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lukemckay Cast & Crew
Kiss Me, I'm ShitfacedJust posting here looking for any locals who might want to get together for St.Patrick's next week.

I'm planning on spending the day consuming much green beer at Shawn O'Donnell pub in Everett, WA
Anyone in the area who wants to join me for a pint or ten?

now I understand this is a Monday, and many may just go out on the weekend to have a drink. But I plan doing it up on the Monday as the good lord intended. You may have to work, so here is a sick note for you to use.

leave me a comment if you'd like to join me for some good drinking, bad pub food and drunken Irish songs for St.Patrick's.

today's doodle
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
Mobile gamesSo I have made the move to mobile games as my primary gaming platform.

As expertly illustrated in the opening to Simpsons Tap Out, a lot of these games (even though they have some great art and style) are just all tap and wait, tap and wait.

The big exception to this is this game Battle Nations by Z2. I've been playing it for some time and it does have the tap and wait aspect to it, but the main part is the actual battling, which is some turn based combat that I just really seem to like. See today's doodle ... its a comic for Battle Nations.

Also I'm playing lots of Tiny Death Star and still loving Words With Friends. What mobile games do you play?
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
you guys are my museFinally getting some time to play about the site and chat with folks here. I missed this. I love you guys.

and I really like this guy, he bought my painting that I did last week. I really appreciate the encouragement. I'm going to do more paintings in the future.

today's doodle
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
been gone too longIt's been way too long since I last posted here. Sadly not for good reasons.

Since the Rooster Teeth comics ended I've tried to keep the bills paid doing art / making comics. And more and more as time went on, I wasn't doing so well with that. And then a whopper was dropped in my lap. Turns out there was still about a hundred dollars still owing on my student loan that I had not paid off in 2008, an oversight on their part, but still my responsibility to settle up. No problem, except for the fact that it had been collecting interest daily since 2008.. ulp! And it just snowballed from there, my credit got penalized, other bills increased, and all kinds of financial worries all at once. So I had to take my nursing job back, which was worse than ever. Working 16 to 24 hours a day often at less than minimum wage. It was killing me, but I was desperate for money. I worked ridiculously but I dug myself out of the hole.

So now I've quit my nursing job and moved in with my girlfriend down in the Seattle area, looking to pursue doing art again for a living. I haven't drawn in a while and I'm working out the cobwebs now. Working on some commissions that I've been owing folks here for quite some time and working on some new comics for the Button Mash. Looking forward to doing some comic conventions. And a big thank you to SirNavy and SailorTweek for putting myself and OboeCrazy up for a while until we get a place and an even bigger thank you to them for helping me get myself organized in to a bunch of comic conventions, starting with the Emerald City Comic Con next month.

Also trying my hand at traditional art. I'm gonna try and do a lot more painting and see if that can take me anywhere. Just did a painting the other day. Take a look. and bid on it

And I hope to be on Rooster Teeth a lot more again. I've missed you guys. I've got a new phone number / address, so if I haven't sent that to you already, send me a message and I'll update you.

today's doodle
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lukemckay Cast & Crew
Call Saul Goodman?So I've been looking into getting a work visa for the US and wow, there is a lot of confusing paperwork. I don't even know which of the hundred types of nonimmigrant I even am. I think I need some help. Anyone know a nice immigration lawyer?
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