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monty Cast & Crew
monty Cast & Crew
Previz, JTL - My LeconI've spend the last 12 or so years building movies in my head. Mostly to music. This is one I've had for a long time. I post this because chances are pretty slim of it actually happening. Not to say i've given up. I have plenty more in stock. But this here is an early previz of a portion of a sequence I'd made several years ago. You might recognize some animation of *cough a pair of shotgun nunchucks. The person punching may or may not have been planned to have shotgun gauntlets. The girl who could clone herself may or may not have influenced a certain cat character in some ways.

It's not particularly sad for me to give up on one image for the 10 I've developed in my head in it's place. But hell check it out and perhaps it'll inform you a little more about how I think when making a sequence.

I've always considered myself more a dancer than a fighter. And when I choreograph a sequence rhythm plays a big part. I hope to more work like this in the future. But in the meantime, enjoy something I've given up on.

One of the particular reason I never see this happening is the troubling logic that ownership of music doesn't allow for inspired expression of how you enjoy it. Dance, one of the oldest forms of art in the history of humanity, has no place in media without the tremendous amount of work that it takes to obtain the ability to be allowed to enjoy it publicly. I have little hope to achieve the rights to this song. I absolutely understand the need for musicians to protect themselves. But there has to be some place for performers to be able to use it artistically.

Anyhoo, this piece at least makes it's way spiritually into the work I do now. Seeing as I literally take the animation and throw it right into some of my sequences. That being said, I wish I could've gotten to really perform to the rest of the song right where I left of. It was just getting really good too...

The most important thing to me was being able to match the rhythm in a form of lyrical hip hop. And it's my hope to someday coin the notion of "Action Musicals"

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The RWBY intro at PAX 2014Hello all! Those of you who came to see us here at the roosterteeth panel at pax got to have a glimpse at some upcoming vids. One of which included the new intro for RWBY volume 2.

It's always been an honor to bust my ass on a project to be able show it to a select group of a few thousand at a live venue and is something I'll always be excited for.

It also is something we always wonder about whether or not people will cam it and post it online. And to varying degree we wonder how much should we worry about it. Whether or not it compromises the project, be it for the fact it's not video of the best quality, or that it puts information out there that we wouldn't want broadcasted to those who would wait for the official product.

I will say after so many live shows, we have dealt with this on a case by case basis. But we always say to ourselves that if that particular group or user is excited enough to want to see it regardless of quality. That's really a good problem for us to have. Because if people are talking about what you've made, then you've succeeded.

In the case of this intro especially, the nature of it has clues and tidbits. As well as perhaps some reveals yes. But not anything that compromises the quality of the actual show when it finally comes to air.

So honestly if you are excited enough to watch a cam vid of today's showing by all means watch at you're leisure, share with caution and respect for others, but most of all please don't feel guilty about it. This far in we always go into something like this fully aware of the risks. But in the end it's always worth it.
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Velvet's TeamNow we don't have time for trailers this year, cause all the Awesome we'd put into trailers we're putting into the show. But RWBY wouldn't be RWBY if we didn't tease and bait.

So who's on Velvet's team?

Just this group here:

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monty Cast & Crew
Velvet Battle Gear Design ContestHey guys! It's always a great joy of mine to include other artist's work in my projects. I'd like to take this opportunity to give the Roosterteeth community a chance to contribute to RWBY by designing what we refer to as, "Combat Gear," for a character in RWBY.

Some of you may recall Velvet Scarlatina's brief introduction during an episode from RWBY volume 1, where Cardin and the rest of team CRDL were picking on her. But did you know (like everyone else who's made it into Beacon,) she's actually a very skilled Huntress? And every Huntress needs the clothes to fit the part!

Battle gear according to the RWBY verse is fashionable--but functional--clothing that our characters wear in their normal day to day, out in the field. But here's the tricky part; I can't tell you what her weapon is. I know it'd help in designing her if you knew what it was, but trust me, guys; you'd rather see it!

What I can tell you is her battle class. She's a mage. But not just your typical mage, no; she's... different.

Velvet is agile and athletic, with a modest, modern taste in fashion. Due to her versatile fighting style, I'd advise against incorporating heavy armor, or armor of any sorts that could hinder her abilities. Rabbits are light on their feet, after all.

Velvet's team (who will show up eventually) value her skills greatly and have fought many battles together.

Most artists who have seen and participated in something like this before will know what I'm looking for. If you'd like to participate, submit a character sheet to your gallery so that it will be eligible for entry to the contest, and when it comes to an end I will personally choose a winning design that will then be modelled and animated into the show.

To keep things consistent, please use this template. But absolutely feel free to include any extra artwork for the character in whatever cool poses etc. you'd like.

Download in full resolution --> roosterteeth.com/members/images/download.php?i...

I'd like to note that this won't be the last time we hold this sort of contest; in fact, my hope is that this will eventually lead to having completely original, fan-designed characters incorporated into the show someday.

The Contest Page is here: roosterteeth.com/members/contests/contest.php?...

That's it! Get designing, and good luck everyone!

With the amazing rate rate of submissions for this contest. I'd like to note that starting now you'll have one more week to submit your designs. With nearly 800 submissions I've certainly got a lot to look at (I know how I'm spending my Christmas!) From there it'll take a lot of time and thinking to decide a winner.

Again this is the final week to submit your Velvet design. So get your images in by next monday.

And thanks to everyone who's entered thus far. It's a ton of fun seeing everyone's design!

Update update:
With over a THOUSAND SUBMISSIONS for this contest. The closing date is coming near! So midnight on Monday. Austin Texas time (UTC-06:00) will be the last chance to submit your design!

Update Update Update
And that's it! Holy moly that's a lot of designs! Time to get to work!
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monty Cast & Crew
What to say?I could talk about how the first DVD for a bizarre concept of a show is coming out this week.
I could go over the amazing adventure this year of making RWBY has been
I could talk more about everything involved.

ladies and gentlemen, we have a disk:

Or I could just get back to working on it. Which in fact I am.
I am currently updating rigs and in a heavy R & D phase whilst running tests after tests after tests.

There's plenty that could be said.

Or here have a rig test of Jaune Dancing to Gold



...aaaannd back to work.
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Beyond ThanksMy time here is limited as I stand here at my desk blasting girl talk whilst rigging, animating, checking scenes, editing, modeling....

A momentous day for me with far too many thanks to give and far more to say that I will such hold off to saying till a later date.

Till then I'll keep doing what I need to do, and give myself time to speak when I can. If I need speak at all.
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monty Cast & Crew
Thank you Andrew Kuehne...... for sending this BRS figure. I've had my eye on her for some time. Don't think for a scond we wouldn't accept an amazing work of art like this.

I read ALL of your letter. Your mom sounds like an amazing person and I hope everything works out for you and your family. Someday I hope to see you at RTX.

So funny I just got back from a company birthday party and realized I needed to write to you. The RT family has gotten so big, but we are still that, a family. And that extends to you as well. Wherever we go our work is for people like you and if it's as useful as making your day better then we've done it right.

You were right! I was feelin kinda lonely! So BRS now sits by my desk as a reminder of why we do this. I'll take good care of her and make sure to keep Gavin away as requested! :D

She definitely has a good home alongside Shunya Yamashita Rei Ayanami, Gwendolyn, Unit 02, a Tachikoma, Detroit Metal City, Dangaio, Cute Yukata Rei and Asuka, The Shiva sisters, Squall & Rinao <3, Cloud & Tifa on Fenrir, Classic Cloud and his bike, Gilgamesh, Yuffie, Vincent, and Kaneda

Imagine the Toy Story esque escapades when I'm not around!
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FUN!Man it's been over a month since I did any real moving.

This is the newest version of Pump it Up (Korean version of DDR) at the local Austin Dave n Busters. I try to go there ever week/2weeks and get like 4-6 hours of just straight up hardcore dancing in. It's a pretty good workout, it also keeps me creative as for most of these vids I'm only playing the song for like the 2nd or 3rd time. People often ask, "do you memorize it?" which in a way is trying to belittle this as a case of simple memorization rather than skill. If I did memorize it I'd be able to play without looking so no. My version of freestyle is kinda improve within the bounds of the steps given me.I recognize strings and react to them while trying to tie body shapes to it. Again I always emphasize the lack of freedom for character. My repertoire of moves itself is pretty limited. And I think I should go take an actual choreo class if I want to get any better... Or watch more music videos.

Dancing is pretty underrated if you ask me. Especially in the west where there's more separation of mind and body. Much of my timing, and beats come from keeping my reactions sharp. Although I pretty dull here. But there is a pretty neat phenomenon I notice on these nights when I go to play.

On the 20-30 minute drive to the arcade. I'll be listening to music on the way. After about 4-6 hours of playing of reacting to the notes I'll get back into my car and the song that I was just listening to on the way here will suddenly feel like it's play at like 60% speed. It's pretty neat to be able to activate my own sort of spartan time for a brief moment lolol






Also did I mention I love Kpop
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