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RvB Day!!!okay i was just thinking yesterday about how great red vs blue really is (i'll let that soak in)...........................................................................................................................................................................(okay) and well i figure we should have a day called "RvB Day"! think of towel day, but instead of carrying your towell around with you, you would dress up entirely in red, or blue.

then...(lets assume you chose blue) you can tag anyone in the red army (and vise versa). after doing so you would trade account names and you would each post that you either got tagged, or did the tagging, and who the other guy was. by the end of the day we could determine which army is the winner.
i think it would be lots of fun!!

just think, your sitting in class wearing your blue outfit and suddenly someone sneezes, you look around, and to you amazement, in the back of the room, is someone from the red army. you both make eye contact. THE GAME IS ON!!! you can't get up right away, you might get in trouble with the teacher, but you CAN wait. now you both know that as soon as that bell rings you'll be running from the room to hide and wait for eachother. how exciting!

anyway, the day we would play is still debatable, obviously we don't want to do it on the day that episode 100 came out, that would be too boring to wait for, so im open for suggestions.

but here is the catch, i want to get a potition going for anyone and everyone who likes my idea. just sign your account name in the comments, and then in... i dunno.... a week or so when i have a lot of supporters i will e-mail rooster-teath and see what they think. if we're lucky maybe they will post it on the main page so everyone knows about it.
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Hey, look here, porn!If we believe in absurdities, we shall commit atrocities. Violence is highlighted by the differing views of religion, however you may believe what you may, this coming from a apathetic agnostic.
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RantNothing much, but I would like to depart with a word of wisdom...

Remember Bush, fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.

- somekidthatlikesporn
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Rant of the MonthWell, as the school year comes to a close, I would like to think that I've made a difference in the world. If you disagree, well, your opinion doesn't count.

Here are some rants...

The good ol' Calgary Flames, unfortunately they too went down in flames, but earned me a buck or two.

American Idol, I'll admit, I'm not an avid viewer, but what surprised me was the number of fans that bought into the sensation. George Bush set a record when he won his presidency for the second term (I mean, what Homers) with 62 million votes. Taylor Hicks however is far more popular than the president, and apparently more important, raking in 63.4 million votes. Ladies and Gentlemen, the most important man in America, Taylor Hicks.

The Da Vinci what? The fact that this movie beats the intellectual IQs out of you, and shoves these long explanations in amongst the entirety of the movie really makes you think whether Ron Howard thinks we're smart enough to enjoy the suave of the book. No longer a code, but a declaration.
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Contest here......... on redvsblue.com
so if you were expecting to enjoy a contest hosted by yours truely, you will have to wait, and while waiting go check out CaneMadness for his contest, and vote for me.

P.S. ALL who vote for me will be rewarded when i win
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internet prayer circlethis is a post for those who want to help those in need rather than just fight them. in a sence its a prayer circle. posted here will be all the people who need help and all the people willing to help them. if u want to step up and help these poor souls just comment this post saying so, and copy and paste this post to your page aswell. everytime someone wants to join or u find someone to help, tell those who have this post so that it may stay updated. just remember we are better than them because we do not lower ourselves to their level.

those in need
CoE_Barbiel (A.K.A. OmegaBarbiel) {both accounts have since been banned}

those who want to help

and of course thanks to CZED129 for starting the awarness of people like these. thank you, may you continue to open our eyes to all that is around us
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Team CanadaCanada has sucked it up in the Olympics...shame on them. Putting Jarome Iginla on the team? Wow, considering how he's playing this season, I wouldn't have picked him. Team Canada, you made Wayne Gretzky cry.

Ok, wierd rant, but the only thing that Canada has is hockey, and we still suck at it.

ok you know what, i don't know which one of us wrote the above message but i know that i (the origonal owner [how do u spell that anyway? did i spell that right?]) agree, this is a good post, congrats to whoever wrote it. PROPS TO YOU!
o yeah, and......
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3 SPiRiT'stechnically there are 4 of us (including me) but one lives with me, and i don't trust much, so he'll have to get through me first (NEVER GONNA' HAPPIN'). anyway what does this mean? well if you haven't allready guessed there will be 2 new additions to my account. why? they helped me pay for my sponsorship, i trust them, and i'm too lazy to just dl the episodes and give them to them. now who are they? ha, as if i would release such information, if they wanna tell you that's up to them. is anyone gonna read this? hell no! why am i writing this? because im a nerd! hell i only failed one course this past semester (a new record, not really but yeah). remember i can say anything i want here, muhahahahahaha, i could make no sense, offened countless ppl, brake the law, and nobody would ever no, because i have very little friends, and nobody reads my posts. especially since they are often very long, (don't believe me, check my past posts). feel free to negmod this. infact i officially give everyone permission to negmod me 15 points a piece. why? i allready told you, i have no-fear, no-one will ever read this and learn that i have othorized such a luctury. thankyou assholes! piece out!
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