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Wilted Petalsso my bus is still overcrowded, and one of my neighbors missed the bus

i didn't recognize them at first, and it was really weird

'cause i remember always being intimidated by themeven though they are three years younger than me

and I remember being friends with people I didn't even like at all

and i remember a bunch of other things that don't feel like my life at all, like it was a different lifetime when in reality, these things happened only about five years ago

anyway i'm listening to the radio and the storm is messing it up, so they had to start this song over when it was halfway over because of interference (but its a good song so i don't mind)

random pic for today

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Just Breatheso school finally started but it feels like it never ended and i never had a summer vacation

anyway on both my bus routes i have to sit three to a seat, our bus is highly overpacked

and some ppl who were supposed to be on our bus weren't here today even so when they show up it will be interesting

hopefully i will survive this year

*update: Isac (my iPod, yes i named my iPod) has been fixed, ^-^ ~squee~ ^-^

random pic, enjoy

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Xi was gonna buy the X movie but then i find out there is also X the series ep.1-24 which is supposed to explain the characters more (supposedly the movie is confusing) but the series is more than double the cost

has anybody seen X?
is it better to get the movie or the series?
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[Insert Title Here]So today I get to go up into the "rich" neighborhood across the street to sell stuff for band again, to bad no one will buy anything just because I don't live in their neighborhood, I mean we go to the same school district but that's not good enough for them

Today is ghetto/punk day for band camp, I am tempted to go up to the "rich" neighborhood dressed ghetto and try to sell things

Currently listening to podcast 14, interesting as always check it out for anime updates, info from japan, comment readings, some japanese, and randomness from "bato", "ichigo", and "chigo"
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FMA Curry

These are real products that you can buy in Japan, the kid that's supposed to be roy kind of scares me...but the roy curry looks better than the ed curry


more interesting FMA pics in my images from
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CaliforniaGot back from my trip and I learned a couple of things…

1) Beware of scary men on the streets of San Francisco
2) Seemingly harmless shops are really X-rated
3) Gas costs $4.00 in the mountains
4) Persian food is good!

So I’m watching Oprah (Oprah’s awesome!)

Went to Japantown (Soooo much anime/manga in one place!)
There was cool stuff and a lot of stuff that I didn’t know what it was

I bought chopsticks, a pen, and some stationary, and other stuff not anime/manga related at all…go figure

Lots of hiking…

More later, can’t think right now
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Random StuffSo my family is going to California soon and my dad decides to buy new rain coats for us. ( I don't know why we just couldn't wear our regular coats)

And here's what the tag says: Caution, this product is coated with a chemical which has been known to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive problems.

So that's what I'll be wearing in California, a cancer inducing rain coat.

Anyway, have you ever noticed how a lot of old people are really racist? Maybe it's just the old people I know. But the old people I know always make a racial comment when I see them.

I guess it's just the generation. It reminds me of the Avenue Q song
'Everyone is a Little Bit Racist' from a musical

here's the song (srry its a FMA AMV but it's got cool lip syncing)

Got my flute back from White House of Music
Total Cost of Repairs:

+ $30 for a new case

Thank goodness for insurance! Don't ask how it got that bad...
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FMA movie
I just can't wait 'till the FMA movie comes out! It's supposed to come to theaters this coming September and be shown on Adult Swim in October. This music video of the movie is awsome. It's really sad but really well done, the song fits perfectly. It does have a lot of the spoilers of the movie but i suggest you watch it anyway.
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