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sorry...yeah it's been awhile... my computer got all F'ed up and i didnt have time to work on it. i just got done building my second 2jz. i built the top and bottom end and i'm running two garrett gt42's on it. it's running on 45 pounds of boost, and it spikes at 52pounds. the flywheel hp is at 1300. it's a full out drag motor. i'm not going to put this one in my car because it's not streetable. i'm selling it, so if you know anyone who wants a 1300hp 2jz let me know. TRD is giving me an internship for building this motor privately.
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My carThe Supra is in a million peices in my garage. I'm rebuiding the the head. I'm filling it with Ti, so i will be able to rev up to 10,000rpm.
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see you guys in two.I driving up to DC for the Dynasty release party. it takes an estimated 3 hours to get there. i'm going to do it in 1 HOUR. my estimated avg speed has to be 140mph. Were going to Fur night club the tonight, and dream night club tomarrow night. We have aready found a hotel to take over and trash. It's going to be the best party ever. http://www.teckademicseast.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4515
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Were at war with MTV.From: xxxxx (MTV) [mailto:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXmtvstaff.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2005 4:44 PM
To: Teckademics

Ha you guys are fuckers . . .

That's a Email from MTV . They released a gay pimp my ride dvd this week when we(Teckademics) released Mischief Dynasty yesterday. Were at an all out war we want more sales than there shit Pimp my Ride crap. Go out and buy Mischief Dynasty were trying to kick there ass. If your into cars, anything extreme, and have a respect for good drivers it’s the best 20$ you can spend. Seriouly go buy it. Fuck MTV.
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Mischief Dynasty Release Party infoFRIDAY, APRIL 1st.
AGES: 18 Girls, 21 Guys
That's going to be the hottest party ever! I'm not 21 but I know people, so I can get in.
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FYIIf you guys didn't notice I'm appear online 24/7 That's because I don't reboot my computer, so most the time I'm not here. http://www.teckademicseast.com/?section=teckavision&id=62
Buy it tomarrow. Were trying to get the most sales in a "Street Racing" title in the first week. Best Buy is going to have it.
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Here's my car.Ok well everyone is messaging me about my car, and instead of answering all you questions separately I’m just going to tell you guys here. The car in my default pic is mine. It’s a 95' Twin Turbo Toyota Supra. I’m putting 750hp@17psi(low) and 900hp@30psi(high) to the ground. (PSI=boost pressure for the non-car savvy) It’s not stock obviously. I have racing brakes, and suspension off a JGTC Tom’s Supra. The engine is built up with HKS dual GT turbos, 860cc injectors, SS BOVs, and a lot of other crap.
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Fuck I just got clocked at 165I had my radio scanner and my radar scanner on. I was doing somewhere around 160+. When I blew by a car parked on the interstate. Me and my friend were both thinking the same thing. We didn’t know it was a cop, but we were pretty damn sure. We just had to wait for him to call it into the station and turn on the lights. The radio came to life. We heard static then the cop called me in at 165. My friend in the passenger seat instantly said FUCK. Sneaky bastard was hiding behind a bridge, and he had his radar off. So I guess he had just turned it on as I passed him. I got off at the next exit and hid my car behind a Wal-Mart for an hour. We covered it with cardboard boxes. We listened for the search to end on the radio. Drove home. I didn’t speed.
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