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jeff shoe thief
jeff shoe thief
Me, Bruce, JoelNew!
All feedback apprietiated.

Just got this in the mail yesterday. :D
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jeff shoe thief
Water conclusionsOnce again, if you've just tuned in I drank nothing but water from Oct. 7-Nov. 7. I didn't really get a good chance to explain my thoughts because I was pretty out of it.

I'm actually very anxious to start another goal soon. I've noticed doing something like that and turning away from temptation and helping my body builds my self esteem. I would love to do something like that again, but I would really like it if I had a buddy to do it with.

I've met a lot of people lately and have been dealing with friend requests. I don't really want anymore friends, I get an average of about 10 comments a journal which I think is really good, but 100 friends is a lot.

Horrible Clint Eastwood sketch:

Give me ideas of what I should draw. I'll try to update this journal with pictures.

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jeff shoe thief
Two Words: Zombie FishI felt I was obligated to write a small review on Undead because I can't get it out of my head. It has to be one of the worst zombie films I've ever seen, thats not to say it isn't worth seeing.

Meteorites rain down from the sky on the little town of Berkeley and those who are hit are suddenly turned into brain-eating freaks. The heros include a beauty queen, a weirdo survivalist, a couple who are soon expecting a baby, and two well trained police officers who die way later than they should've. When they do try to escape the town infested with the undead, they find themselves blocked by an enormous wall.

There's many other strange parts I haven't mentioned, like constant acid rain, the hooded aliens, and how every zombie(including the fish) makes pig screaming noises. Negadeth reminded me of the 3 barreled shotgun, looks cool, but in reality it just wastes shotgun shells. You also get to see the weirdo survivalist's beautiful ass.

Although overall it was a bad film, I recommend any zombie fan go see this with some friends.

On an unrelated note, I'm sick, again. I find myself every other week spilling all of my internal organs in the toilet. I've been missing a lot of school, but at least I still have Buffy.
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jeff shoe thief
Buffy DVDsI'm getting these next month. I don't know if I can bare the wait.

I guess in the meantime I could kill hayato and steal Firefly, or buy a CD. What CD should I buy?

Day 19 on drinking water, I'm alive and well.

Oh yeah, also trying to find the Buffy video game for PS2 or GBA.


Happy 1000 Bey.
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jeff shoe thief
GoneI'll be gone from Wednesday 'til Sunday. So leave me lots of alerts to come back to.

I wonder how Luke McKay and close friends from the site feel about this DarkFae thing. Any comments on that?

Blank's birthday is on the 23rd, so wish him a happy birthday on Sunday...that's probably the nicest thing I've ever said about him...

What's your favorite word? I haven't decided on what mine is, punctuation is pretty fun to say though.


This took a long time for such a poor outcome.
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jeff shoe thief
Day 10I think the worst part of this is not drinking milk. I completely forgot about milk when I decided to just drink water. I don't have much to say.

I still hate water.

Random pictures/gifs.


I've decided every 10 days until this ends I'm give out random number of mod points to metal thread, friends, and journal comments.
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jeff shoe thief
Day 6: Sanity loss/Metal thread CalenderI hate water.

If you're active in the metal thread, post your birthday in here and I'll keep record for any avatar changes, title changes, or just for future reference.
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jeff shoe thief
Aqua man?For the next month, Oct. 7-Nov .7, I'll be drinking no other liquids but water. If I succeed in this attempt I will go on a crazy mod point give away. I have 195 saved up now, and I plan on distributing more than half of it(if not almost all of it).

If anyones interested in placing bets(mod points) on whether I fail this mission I'll be happy to participate. And blank would rat me out in a heartbeat if I drank Pepsi at school, so wish me luck.

On an unrelated note,
98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2% who hasn't, copy & paste this in your profile.
I think that's crap.

I've never seen so many Pepsi products in my life, I don't think I'm gonna let it. I think I'm just going crazy.

I got Joel's award, wasn't from ass kissing this time. I think I posted in his thread and he liked my comment or profile or something.
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