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jeff spaghettiday
jeff spaghettiday
GoneI'll be gone from Wednesday 'til Sunday. So leave me lots of alerts to come back to.

I wonder how Luke McKay and close friends from the site feel about this DarkFae thing. Any comments on that?

Blank's birthday is on the 23rd, so wish him a happy birthday on Sunday...that's probably the nicest thing I've ever said about him...

What's your favorite word? I haven't decided on what mine is, punctuation is pretty fun to say though.


This took a long time for such a poor outcome.
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jeff spaghettiday
Day 10I think the worst part of this is not drinking milk. I completely forgot about milk when I decided to just drink water. I don't have much to say.

I still hate water.

Random pictures/gifs.


I've decided every 10 days until this ends I'm give out random number of mod points to metal thread, friends, and journal comments.
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jeff spaghettiday
Day 6: Sanity loss/Metal thread CalenderI hate water.

If you're active in the metal thread, post your birthday in here and I'll keep record for any avatar changes, title changes, or just for future reference.
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jeff spaghettiday
Aqua man?For the next month, Oct. 7-Nov .7, I'll be drinking no other liquids but water. If I succeed in this attempt I will go on a crazy mod point give away. I have 195 saved up now, and I plan on distributing more than half of it(if not almost all of it).

If anyones interested in placing bets(mod points) on whether I fail this mission I'll be happy to participate. And blank would rat me out in a heartbeat if I drank Pepsi at school, so wish me luck.

On an unrelated note,
98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2% who hasn't, copy & paste this in your profile.
I think that's crap.

I've never seen so many Pepsi products in my life, I don't think I'm gonna let it. I think I'm just going crazy.

I got Joel's award, wasn't from ass kissing this time. I think I posted in his thread and he liked my comment or profile or something.
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jeff spaghettiday
What's been your favorite movie scene?Up until today, I'd probably pick something lame like Luke finding out Vaders his father. But after watching Evil Dead II, I believe the greatest scene of all time would be when Ash goes to the shed and bolts the chainsaw to where his hand once was, then saws the top half of the shotgun off, spins it around and placed smoothly on the holder on his back.
The camera does a close up and you're on the edge of your seat for the punchline. Out of all the things in the world you'd expect him to say, "Lets kick some ass", or "Its go time", he says "Groovy". How fucking incredible is that.

If you know me personally, you probably that when I get into something(Buffy, Bruce Lee, Cowboy Bebop...), the only way to get it out of my system is to make it an art. So in my art class we're drawing 3D shapes with chalk. Picture this, shapes falling from the sky into a bowl, Bruce Campbell towers over the bowl drinking it from a straw. A chainsaw is slightly seen behind the bowl, and a shotgun is held in his other hand. In the bowl is also alphebet soup, letters are everywhere but you can see the letters spell GROOVY.

I'll show you guys the finished product by next week.

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jeff spaghettiday
You've got to be kidding me
Look, he can tell me how much better Fantastic Four is than Spiderman, because you know Jessica Alba's just such a great superhero, he can continue doing his anti hurricane relief's, he can make fun of my whole family and tell me how much fun he has with my mom, he can even make fun of my religion.

But if he even thinks about saying THAT about Bruce Campbell again I swear on the metal thread that I will modbomb him til he cries. Unfortionately thats all I can do from this standpoint. I guess it doesn't matter though, he'll be burning in hell forever for saying that.

Back to Fantastic Four, it wasn't accurate at all, Doom was pretty cool I guess, but thats it. Now that I look back the movie was kind of emo. I won't even go into it.

In conclusion,

Spiderman > Fantastic Four.


I'm a nice guy, I'll let it slide. Although I shouldn't, he probably doesn't even know who Bruce Campbell is.
Bruce Campbell > Everything.
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jeff spaghettiday
Math notesIt seems like my only great comments come my drawings, so here's some math notes. I drew Cloud again but it came out so light on the scanner.

Becca's really hard to draw, but I guess I did ok, mind you I draw none of my drawings from pictures, except Kent that one time.
This is from last year, it was fun.


I've done sketches for the first couple of RT Chronicles, but I really don't think its worth the 3 comments in 2 days. I may draw a moderator every now and then, but people will probably just look at it next to Luke McKay or Penny Arcade and ignore them. It's been a real shitty week.
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jeff spaghettiday
For all the cool cats.Well, I'm still sick. I've made a couple drawings of the moderators, and working on some user drawings too. At first it was an attempt to ask Kent for a title, but I've decided if I get a title let them use their judgement on it rather than me asking for one. Who knows, maybe I'll have every moderators as my friend one day.

I'm also thinking about doing short comics with the staff...
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