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Im still hereAnyone still follow me? lol I hope everyone is doin well...I will hopefully post more later...been far too long since i posted here. Have to let me know whats goin on here and all your crazy lives and whats up these days.
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ughI hate this new layout, i want the old one back....
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Some WoW humorWoW Humor

I saw this and had to laugh a little, considering on my server how true it is with a channel created just let ppl know where deathwing is.
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Only took a months worth of weekends buti finally finished Mass Effect 2, very cool game, did not disapoint....and guess what? You know how you go thru the game pursuing a relationship with someone on the crew? Well i manged to bang all 3 of em lol, that is all.
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5 Years?Well, I gotta wait till this May 5th for the my 5 year mark on the site but it's great to see that RT has been around that long. If it wasn't for a friend catching the rvb series on here I never would have been here and met all the great people that i have. Sure, I may not really be here all that much anymore but I do check in time to time. The site has changed alot, some good and some not so good but overall its a good site ran by some good people.
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half blood princeWent to a midnight release, had not been to one of those in years. Of course there were people that dressed up and all that.. Won't give anything away tho people already know what happens but i will say that i do believe they more than made up for the last 2 movies that were made.
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great day indeedThe day i been waiting for for 8 years has finally came, bush is in his closing hours as president and obama is on his way in....good times indeed!
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