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2 weeks to gowe (MrSquiggle, Squeak117, JeremyThomas, MorrisseyMan, asheboy, squiddy_dude and hairybuttman and I ) finish grade 10 in 2 weeks.. so we aren't freshmen anymore.... and as for barbaetus and grama they have an extra week because they are only in grade 9.

next year is supposed to be difficult..so i must study a lot. that means i only get to play xbox360 (if i get 1...hopefully) on the weekends, holidays and when i have finished all my homework and studying. year 10 was pretty poor because we never got much homework...but we got all our assignments in like 1 or 2 days..which sucks.

our science assignment we have for term 4 is an experiment and a report, log and journal entries. it is really boring... my report is like 1500 words. my log is 2707 words i think and i have 17 journal entries which are a bout 1 paragraph long each.. so as you can see its really bad and boring. i think i ahve 17 pages of writting for this assignment. i have a total of 4195 words for my science report.

the last week of school will also be bad as we have exams. its block exams which are cool, but on wednesday i have exams for the whole day. for thursday and friday we have activities which aren't cool. activities at school are fun..they are like making postcards and christmas cards.

so im looking forward to the holidays..kinda. i think i get to upgrade the old computer that is lying around, so that will be pretty cool. also i need my good computer to get scanned for viruses, trojan-horses, spyware and other things. its going really wierd. i may also be getting star wars: battlefront 2. that game looks awesome. thanks to squeak117 for getting me into it. i saw a preview for it on mtv.. it looks great i read reviews on it in gamespot.. everyone that has it has been giving it like high 8's and 9's. i really want to get it now. my friend from nsw may be coming up hopefully because i will most likely be bored here. im also going to max all my stats on final fantasy 10. i have nearly maxed all my stats, but not all of them. i have caught at least 5 of every monster in the game. i need to catch 10 of every monster..that will take some time. im also going to kill all the dark aeons so i can fight penance (the strongest boss in the game).

friday night was pretty cool. stayed up watching yu-gi-oh. yes yu-gi-oh. i find the new series really good for some reason. its good since there are no ads during the show, but there is 2 or 3 before another episode begins. its a really cool show. i have been playing runescape a lot..... i have lvl 55 wood cutting. when i get to lvl 60 i can cut yews which sell for a lot of money. i have been helping n00bs.. 2 actually. its kinda fun. i also need 40 attack, strength and defence for my guy so he can wear rune armour. i have 34 attack, and 33 strength and defence. nearly there....not really.

well im bored.....(560 words)

cant think of any thing else to write..

i may add more

good day all,

edit: i have recieved 200 mods ..any more would be great
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...ok now im bored

well this was my journal before it went all weird....

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Great day, untilwell it was a pretty damn good day today.
well i woke up early... thats a first on a school day.
today was sport and i was kind of looking forward to it.

in ipt we had to hand in our assignments, but our teacher gave us until next lesson to complete its because the lesson's were shortened. (i have completed it already, but never handed it in)

in english we had a relief teacher because our normal teacher is on grade 11 camp aka retreat. so we had to do skill works (some english book...crap) but MrSquiggle and i had done a lot of them so we just played the box game.
Box game score...so far (im winning)

when sport came, and we had to get our name marked off, i found $2.
well archery is great especially because the arrows are extremly sharp.
i shot one of the arrows and hit the metal stand that was holding the target up.
the arrow head snapped off.
all together, (our group) probably broke 10 arrows by hitting the stand.
so there is probably 9 arrow heads lying around the oval. (i found one of the arrow heads a kept it)
school finished early...thats always good

played runescape (yes runescape) and got to level 15 mining, level 2 smithing and something else.
so i was tallkin to Squeak117 on the phone and i got him to play runescape. after that i went off mining. i was just minding my own buisiness when a mugger attackes me from behind. (muthaf****r) i was winning at first, then he just snapped me. i was on like 2 hp so i decided to run awway, but he followed. so i just clsoed the window.
i logged back on and i found out i died.
so that was the only bad thing that happened to me today.

and i have been on for 4 days now.
i was on 5 and a bit, but because of the crash (we forgive gus) i lost all that.

good day,
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Well this sucksas the title says, (Well this sucks), it does suck.
i lost my sponsorship i got for my birthday
my karma level is now on +23 insted of being on +26.
i lost a couple of days of total time online. I had just over 5 days thanks to the holidays!
my profile veiws are only on 432
my previous stats:

taken 2 or 3 days ago

thats about it for me.

Squeak117 - lost pictures of PANICS from his images. Alex is now on +31. Alex has not been on for 2 weeks.

MorrisseyMan - Lochlan is on +17, not +21.
thats about it for lochlan......

JeremyThomas - on +18 now. a higher level then lochlan. Jeremy lost a couple of pics and a few journal entries.

MrSquiggle - lost pics, jornal entries. but now, billy is +34. 6 more levels billy.

Barbaetus - lost stuff...... now on +9 insted of being on +11 !

Question: if someone signed up during the past 2 weeks, do they have to sign up again?

we forgive you gus
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good ol' neon glow
website for meegos is in one of MrSquiggles images

5 days to my birthday...yay...
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The last day of term 3today was pretty damn poor cause there was like no one at school. squeak117, MrSquiggle and MorrisseyMan were not at school. Barbaetus told me the MorriseyMan was away because he was sick.....but i know he needed the day off because he coughed or sneezed...

we watched Team America in S.O.S.E which was cool. Good work to asheboy for bringing the dvd. We only got up to the sex scene, then we had to turn it off because the teacher didn't like it. The teacher was shocked to see two pupets having sex... So we watched Anchorman for the last 15 minutes of the lesson.....

most of the grade was playing alien vs predator 2.... it was pretty cool. JeremyThomas made a game and it was ok... the only problem was people that don't change their name. so they were called player_0 or player_1 which sucked because we didn't know who we were killing.

cleaning up sucks!
happy holidays

good day all,
William (wilshire117)
ps. 8 days to my birthday
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