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Wedding picturesIt was a pretty fuckin awesome time.

Username: guest (case sensitive, I believe) Password: steen If you can't figure it out, I'm the blonde guy a few inches shorter than the groom.
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My brotherIs definitely married. The wedding went extremely well. I'm pretty dead right now, so I'll probably update tomorrow (or whenever I get pictures).
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So last nightMy brother was very tired and he was backing out of our driveway. Usually I'm parked in front of him (since he doesn't live at our house anymore). He kinda gunned it and was coasting and THEN looked back to discover that he's inches away from nailing my car. A few seconds and a sickening crunch later, he did hit my car. I think it's all cosmetic damage though, cheap plastic stuff besides the hood.

I'm trying not to get mad at him because his wedding is in two weeks. There's a lot of stress there already. PS Our family hates his fiancee. She's lazy and apathetic and pretty bitchy; the sad thing is, my brother's so absolutely awesome. Some stuff has happened in his past that's made him kinda settle for this. Grrr.
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I can't decidewhich version of One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer is better - george thorogood's, or john lee hooker's. The story going along with thorogood's is hilarious, but johnny lee has such a pimp voice. =\
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Wish me luckDriver's test tomorrow. Not too worried about it, I just need to make sure I don't screw up on the little things. Whee

Edit: It was easy as hell. They didn't even have me parallel park. They essentially handed me my license.
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TomorrowIs my birthday. I'll be 16. Whee. =D
I got a huge mrs fields cookie (mmmm) and a 360 (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm).
Plus, I get my license march 28th. Woohoo!
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Cause Hellbaniac complainedThe media's ruined the olympics for me. Yeah, there's a problem cause of the timezones and stuff (you see the medal count and results everywhere on the internet before NBC airs them in primteime), but I liked the olympics because it was fun seeing a nobody turn into a star. That hasn't really happened yet, save a few, and the media tried to write the big stories before the olympics ever happened - bode miller would destroy everybody in every event, the big shock was michelle kwan dropping out, etc. It's also disappointing seeing the US struggle so much. Hopefully they'll be able to pick up quite a few medals in the next few days.

If not, we'll do what we always do, and anally rape the entire world in the summer olympics.
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Just letting y'all knowyou're awesome. Never expected this kind of a reaction.
-The kid driving had like 6 speeding citations and was a few days away from losing his license.
-The family is probably going to sue the family of the driver for wrongful death
-Funeral's Wednesday, I think.
-My family's really helped them out I think, just being there for them; a bunch of other kids came over last night and were just hyper and didn't really seem to care that this kid's brother just exploded. Ryan's mom told my mom the thing that helped most was just kinda hanging out in his room with me, being quiet.

Oh, and happy thanksgiving. =D
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