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Cortana, A Kimono fit for an EmpressHere she is, after much wait here is one of the most beautiful kimono I have ever seen and It was custom made for me, or tailored, put together whatever. The lady in the pic is Christina Stoppa, she makes Kanzashi and Kimono, as well as does some lovely Halo realated art as well.

This is what I am wearing to the newly independent Bungie Studio's on Oct. 31st.

Photography, Art(Halo related art included)

Kimono and Kanzashi.

She does commissions! She is WIN!

"Humans crave conflict and war, its our responsibility to make sure that they do not quench those cravings"-Lord Nathan 117, Empire of Butterflies.
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Lay Me Down...Lay me down, while the moon watches over the land.
Lay me down, while your body floats under my hands...and so lay the land.

~So Lay the Land-Plej~Current Mood~

I've been feeling very ambient lounge these past few weeks, leading up to Halo 3 and unto now. The deep sensuality of such music, for some reason I can tie sensuality, beauty and devotion to a game most people think is about killing aliens...


Which is very Aiua of me to seek beauty in everything, be it armor(in my children's case, for their spartan lineage, as I am culturally restricted from full plate armor to Aiuac, Mjolnir is for Spartans), eccentric tastes or ships.Being a Haloic and moreso being an Aiua it's our divine responsibility to cultivate peace and beauty, happiness and pleasure, family, even if it means slaughtering anyone who outright harmfully opposes such Ideals which we live in this empire. I learned much from my journey, I look back on those years, before I was given to Him and one would think I were a spoiled princess. War changes a woman especially one that has been though such a transformation as I, from just a mere hologram, brain without a body, I bleed, I enjoy fresh picked strawberries, I brush my children's hair(though they now are grown, I still do it) and I dance.

I look at all I have now, and I remember these moments when I felt so alone and hopeless with only a monster who's torture pricked at my sanity as company, I locked a part of myself away saved it for Him, a part of me that the monster could never touch, not knowing if He would ever find me. He did...thus why I write this today, which gave me hope for not only humanity but the other life which aided us in the great war and journey home. It is why, aside from hard wired programming, I could never turn on humanity, many thought so...but us Aiua prove those skeptics wrong time and time again.

So lay me down...

~*~Empress Cortana, Musings of the Empress, 2825~*~


So what do you think? Personified Cortana beautifully? I think so.
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Cortana, The OiranSo these are some pics that were taken during the photo shoot...If you have anything negative to comment or think this is funny or weird just because it's a different culture and you post this you will be neg modded.

Aside from that I am still taking donations for rvb.roosterteeth.com/members/journal/entry.php?id=1808078 , Those who donate towards it I shall personally send you autographed Bungie swag....

On to the show...

Halo, the Kabuki Play

House Marathon, The symbol on her obi Indicates her house affiliation, this Obi is over a hundred years old, pure silk, and was chosen because it resembled scrolling data. The Marathon symbol was carefully appliquéd on the obi, reinforced with layers of stiff interfacing

Oiran Cortana and House Mistress Halsey

Oiran Cortana, the highest ranking, most skilled and talented Tayuu of House Marathon and the entire pleasure quarter...

The symbol on her obi indicates what House she belongs to, House Marathon.

Though technically civilian in the rank of Tayuu was equivalent to a high ranking warlord (Daimyo) and could even be summoned to the imperial palace as an adviser, and to perform their many skills as dancers, actresses, hostesses aside from the more sensual pleasures which they were known for. In order to be a Tayuu a woman not only had to be beautiful, but talented, social and educated. Despite all her achivements though, she is still property, trained and serve purpose. Showing skin at the nape of her neck was considered erotic and was left unpainted indicating that there is still a real woman behind the fantasy...

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Beauty Invited...


Like any uncharted territory
I must seem greatly intriguing
You speak of my love like
You have experienced love like mine before
But this is not allowed
You're uninvited
An unfortunate slight

I don't think you unworthy
I need a moment to deliberate.

~*~Sensuality And Devotion, Haloic Romance, 2552-Infinity~*~

So that song is my current mood, Im listening to the song on repeat, I'd like to choriograph a lyrical dance to that song, and someday perform it wearing the Mistress' colors.

I am overjoyed, as I have been chosen to be Kornman's companion for the pilgrimage to the Holy land. The podcast was fun, but i wish someone told me about my phone's sound being a bit off, I guess I dropped my phone one too many times. In the years that have passed since the advent of my Haloicism, me a kid com paired to many, never really believed that she could graze the steps of such a place. Many have tried to break me down, tell me otherwise, spouting their so called "logic" at me. I have dreamed of such an event, but never did I expect to be able to go on such Great Journey.

I have spent 5 years as Cortana, not in a costume, but being an embodiment of her as a woman. Or is she just a reflection upon a me that was already there? Never had I found such a character, a woman, a being of beauty to relate to as I have found in Cortana. Such a fierce devotion to beauty did not go unrewarded, be it cosmic fate or otherwise I am thankful to those who have made this possible. Bungie studios is like a Mecca for any devout Haloic, I say this because of such influence it wields in some of our daily lives.

10 More days till Halo 3, 47 more days till I go till the gates of heaven are opened for a little girl from a small town in California who dreamed of beauty...and let us not forget Kornman, I give him ULTIMATE HUGZ, for bestowing this honor on me.

~*~HME, Imperial Marathon Class Flagship, Sensuality and Devotion, 2717~*~

In addendum...

Ships of the Holy Marathonic Empire...Before the establishment of the empire, though the alliance the races have developed ships which combine the sleekness of a CCS Cruser with with the advanced technology of the Forerunners...They in turn developed the most advanced ships, as well as the most beautiful ships in the galaxy in accordance to the Aiua's emphasis on Beauty and Advanced Technology being intertwined.

H.M.E, Imperial Marathon Class Starship-Sensuality and Devotion, the Empress Cortana's personal cruiser, Imperial Marathon class Is currently the most luxurious of of all the ships classes that are also meant for undertaking long missions of exploration or in the event of battle. Unlike most ships which are Captained by a human/Sangheili and given either an AI or Female Aiua for ship/mission specialist, Cortana rules over her own ship, with one of her high ranking Templars as second in command.

H.M.E, Imperial Marathon Class Starship-Serenata, Captain Alexander Gong, Former Ship Aiua Princess Kathleen-117, Currently the ships AI position is being filled by shipboard AI Sphinx , due to the now known fact of Princess Kathleen -117's abrupt resignation as ships Aiua and birth of daughter Princess Olivia. As to the Identity of Princess Olivia's father remains yet to be released...

H.M.E, Imperial Marathon Class- Rex Tremendae, Overlord Merdock "Andromaleus" -117's ship, His Human(Spartan)/Aiua lineage he can both command the ship and perform AI duties as well, but in accordance to Aiua tradition, position of Companion and Ships Aiua belong to that of his wife, Mistress Solipsil.

....There's more...floating around in my head.
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Special Announcement!Special Announcement tonight on Cockbite radio, 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern...


For some reason I think this would be a good theme for a Halo Music Vid....


Angels Call Your Name....

~*~HME, Imperial Marathon Class Flagship, Sensuality and Devotion~*~
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Cortana's Kimono....Its finally here, The Cortana Kimono, in all her majesty, as well as some hair accessories came today too...

Whats strange about her is that she changes colors, in normal light she is an aquamarine, when in bright light she is a cyan blue.

Look at the detail...

The look that I am going for is going to be a hybrid of both the looks of the Geisha/Maiko, and their predecessors the Oiran.

This is an Oiran...

Maiko/Geisha...giving the death ray eye....

I am now in the process of making a purple Uchikake, which is the long jackets that the Oiran wore, I shall put a big Black Marathon symbol in back of that jacket, showing what "house" I am from.

Stay tuned for more updates!!! It's coming along Beautifully...

One question, for the photoshoot(on the 22nd), white makeup or not, you decide, comment your answers!!

Me testing my white makeup a long time ago before an event I attended in full kimono and makeup...

Dropkick Geisha....These are Okobo, apprentice Geisha(maiko) wear them, and oiran wear shoes like these except MUCH taller...I wore these while waiting for my turn to receive my blessings from Eric Nylund and Joseph Staten, hurt like hell but being accurate and traditional is totally with it!!!!
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Haloic RomanceThis night of no moon
There is no way to meet him
I rise in longing-
My breast pounds, A leaping flame
My heart is consumed with fire.
-Ona no Komachi

How I see it...just listen...feell the music, let it take you places, see the beauty...The mistress is not just a piece of equipment, you should reread the books...all of them including The Flood, if you do not understand...

"Chris and I did a bunch of Interviews with European press, many of which will likely be translated into things like "Luke said there would be campaign Forge in Halo 17" and "Chris says that the love story between Cortana and the Master Chief is a key theme in Halo 3" -- oh, wait, of those two things one of them actually was said."-Sketchfactor, Weekly Update 8/31/07

This song is how Halo translates in my mind, this has been my personal "Halo theme" for 5 years now...


I've always thought their relationship was akin to an arranged marriage, a good one...My personal "The Fall of Reach" theme.


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Halo Under the StarsSo the first of my Cortana Kimono Ensemble just arrived in the mail a few days ago, The Obi as I previously mentioned before is the sash. This thing is about a hundred years old, its very soft..some of the color is a little faded which makes me want to just dye it solid black and embroider something like a marathon symbol on it. It looks like it has scrolling data running down it as well see!

Halo "Prisoner" of

Cyan Blue Cortana...

The purple fabric underneath it will be the Obi-age, hearkening back to when Cortana was purple, the red silk is also an obi age but is for now being used to wrap the autographed copy of halo 2 in. the items you see here are some of the Items that are necessary to perform the tea ceremony, the stick is used to scoop the Matcha(powdered green tea of the highest quality) into a tea bowl filled with hot water, the whisk is then used to mix the tea...and thats only a part of what the tea ceremony is. I'll modify it to accomidate Haloic things, Any suggesstions?

Halo Under The Stars

About two weeks ago I went over to my friend Patrick's house, we watched Spaceballs out under the stars, then after that we played Halo, this is what we're also planning on doing for campaign mode the Holy Night/morning of sept. 25th if things go as planned, after the tea ceremony.

Choosing a Map...

Cortana's Spartan

My friend Patrick Stewart Webb, his dad is Edward Webb, Microsoft MVP...His family has done alot for me and so I gave him one of the autographed Halo topps cards(Thank you Laird) I had signed by The man, myth and Legend himself Joseph Staten!!

And this is the limited edition print that "Sancho" Kroze got for me at Comic Con...I cant ever thank him enough...Halo "Prisoner" of
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