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Cheese Poofs
Cheese Poofs
New locationI just moved into a house last weekend. I was really meant to live in a house. Sure, I am just renting, from my in-laws, but still..... the point is I am finally in a house and I love it. I have a garage. I have a backyard with a garden. Life is sweet.

On that note, I am very busy, and have less time to be on here and on LIVE, but I try my hardest. Also, having a one month old is a challenging endeavor, just ask my wife.

I am really feeling the parenthoodness (shut up, it's a word to me). Two kids, a house, a real job. I have achieved what takes some people half their life to figure out they want. I am truly blessed. I am also very tired, therefore 9:15 bedtime here I come.
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Cheese Poofs
New additionI am happy to report that my daughter, Mallory Kay Leffler was born this morning at 4:43 AM. Weighing in at 7 pounds even, I am confident she will sweep the super ultra-light division this season. We are very excited and tired. I will post pictures later, just wait.
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Cheese Poofs
Level 43I just hit karma level 43. I have been staring at about 98% for a very long time. Shows how much I do around here. I think I will miss the full red bar.
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Cheese Poofs
Somebody is messing with thingsI just found the link at the bottom of the page that says Site Admin. I clicked on it and got a view of the back end menu that the admins have. Of course you can't do anything, but I thought it was kind of cool. Go check it out for yourself while it's still there. I might post a pic later.

EDIT: I'm too lazy to post a pic, but the link is still there so go check it out for yourselves.
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Cheese Poofs
I am boringI feel as though I am obligated to post something here every once in a while, but I have nothing of value for you. I truly am a boring person. I apologize.
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Cheese Poofs
Huzzah!I realized I just hit 20000 gamerscore. Yay for me.
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Cheese Poofs
I hate lag switchesI have watched my fair share of videos on YouTube. Most of them I enjoy, but I just stumbled across a video that details how to make a lag switch. I'm not really surprised that there are video instructions on how to do it, but I had no idea how easy it was. It frustrates me when I play online, and now I know why. Every little snot that has some tools in their garage can ruin my experience. I want to rage at some little kid right now.
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Cheese Poofs
It's a girl!I'm in trouble.
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