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Cheese Adelost
Cheese Adelost
Spec Ops SurvivalI just watched a video of MW3 Spec Ops Survival mode and I almost jumped up and down with excitement. I have been looking forward to this game for a while, but the more gameplay trailers I see with the new mechanics and games modes, the more giddy I get with a big smile on my face. I feel like a kid again.
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Cheese Adelost
Oh BF3 BetaHow I dislike you. You do not allow me to play. You do not allow me to connect. You do not give me any satisfaction, only grief.

I got in, just took some extensive measures.
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Change of paceSo I have started my new job full time. It is quite a change from what I was just doing. Now I sit at a desk and work a mouse and keyboard all day long. I am starting to understand the work life of countless people in offices all around the country. I am not complaining, this is what my degree leads to and I was prepared, but working with my hands for a year gave me a good break from the normal office life, living one day at a time in front of a computer.

On a cooler note, I get to work in a field that deals with abundant and renewable energy. My company designs power plants that run off of landfill gas. These facilities are popping up everywhere and are an easy way to find energy from one of our country's most abundant man made resources: garbage. I am no hippie, but this is a great idea and more places should pursue landfill power generation. It just means I can build a long lasting career at this company. So please, do your part, throw something away.
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Cheese Adelost
Don't hate meI am considering paying for Call of Duty Elite. It seems like there might be enough content to make it worth while. Am I crazy? Is anybody with me?

Upon second look, it seems like getting the Hardened Edition is the way to go for the least dough. What are you getting?

I can't do in store pickup for the hardened edition. Lame. I lagged behind last time because I had to wait for shipping, but not this time, screw that.
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I have a new jobI got a call from a friend this morning asking if I would be interested in an engineering position at the firm he works at. I told him I would send in a resume later in the day. He called back 15 minutes later and asked if I could swing by to meet the boss man, something pretty informal. I went in with a resume, talked for 20 minutes and walked out with a job offer. I have had a total of 5 jobs basically given to me. Out of 6.

I am that amazing.
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More of a reason to hate ComcastI have just learned that Comcast via SyFy canceled Eureka. I just got into that show and it's already getting canceled! I cannot express how much I loath Comcast, and I'm sure many of you agree.
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Netflix woesI've been having trouble with Netflix lately. It will disconnect me from Xbox LIVE at random times. All I have to do is sign back into LIVE and it sends me back to Netflix. I've talked to Qwest (my ISP) and they say they find no discontinuities in internet service. Has anyone else ever had troubles like this?

They sent me a different modem to see if it was the modem having the problem with the Xbox, but it seems to have no effect. Any ideas?
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Cheese Adelost
New locationI just moved into a house last weekend. I was really meant to live in a house. Sure, I am just renting, from my in-laws, but still..... the point is I am finally in a house and I love it. I have a garage. I have a backyard with a garden. Life is sweet.

On that note, I am very busy, and have less time to be on here and on LIVE, but I try my hardest. Also, having a one month old is a challenging endeavor, just ask my wife.

I am really feeling the parenthoodness (shut up, it's a word to me). Two kids, a house, a real job. I have achieved what takes some people half their life to figure out they want. I am truly blessed. I am also very tired, therefore 9:15 bedtime here I come.
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