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Cheese Curls
Cheese Curls
I have a new jobI got a call from a friend this morning asking if I would be interested in an engineering position at the firm he works at. I told him I would send in a resume later in the day. He called back 15 minutes later and asked if I could swing by to meet the boss man, something pretty informal. I went in with a resume, talked for 20 minutes and walked out with a job offer. I have had a total of 5 jobs basically given to me. Out of 6.

I am that amazing.
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Cheese Curls
More of a reason to hate ComcastI have just learned that Comcast via SyFy canceled Eureka. I just got into that show and it's already getting canceled! I cannot express how much I loath Comcast, and I'm sure many of you agree.
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Netflix woesI've been having trouble with Netflix lately. It will disconnect me from Xbox LIVE at random times. All I have to do is sign back into LIVE and it sends me back to Netflix. I've talked to Qwest (my ISP) and they say they find no discontinuities in internet service. Has anyone else ever had troubles like this?

They sent me a different modem to see if it was the modem having the problem with the Xbox, but it seems to have no effect. Any ideas?
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New locationI just moved into a house last weekend. I was really meant to live in a house. Sure, I am just renting, from my in-laws, but still..... the point is I am finally in a house and I love it. I have a garage. I have a backyard with a garden. Life is sweet.

On that note, I am very busy, and have less time to be on here and on LIVE, but I try my hardest. Also, having a one month old is a challenging endeavor, just ask my wife.

I am really feeling the parenthoodness (shut up, it's a word to me). Two kids, a house, a real job. I have achieved what takes some people half their life to figure out they want. I am truly blessed. I am also very tired, therefore 9:15 bedtime here I come.
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New additionI am happy to report that my daughter, Mallory Kay Leffler was born this morning at 4:43 AM. Weighing in at 7 pounds even, I am confident she will sweep the super ultra-light division this season. We are very excited and tired. I will post pictures later, just wait.
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Level 43I just hit karma level 43. I have been staring at about 98% for a very long time. Shows how much I do around here. I think I will miss the full red bar.
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Somebody is messing with thingsI just found the link at the bottom of the page that says Site Admin. I clicked on it and got a view of the back end menu that the admins have. Of course you can't do anything, but I thought it was kind of cool. Go check it out for yourself while it's still there. I might post a pic later.

EDIT: I'm too lazy to post a pic, but the link is still there so go check it out for yourselves.
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Cheese Curls
I am boringI feel as though I am obligated to post something here every once in a while, but I have nothing of value for you. I truly am a boring person. I apologize.
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