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RAX In Space!The small satellite mission I worked on in College, the Radio Aurora Explorer launched last night! The first ground station to make contact was in Honolulu, Hawaii, and we started getting our first packets from our ground station in Ann Arbor early this morning.

If you happen to be an amateur radio operator with packet radio equipment, you can join the ground station network!

This is Michigan's first satellite, and the first satellite funded by the National Science Foundation. Find out more if you're interested at rax.engin.umich.edu .
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American Journey 2.0 and AJtheFiestaHeading out on a drive from Ann Arbor to Maker Faire in California today!

This last semester, I took a class at Michigan called Cloud Computing in the Commute, a joint venture between a couple of professors here and some Ford engineers. The task was to build interesting social applications that can run on the prototyped computing system which will eventually make it's way into the production Ford Fiesta.

We built CaravanTrack, a way for people to road trip together. It shows the other cars in your group on the map, their fuel levels and speeds, lets you search for nearby food and gas stations and let others know where you plan to stop.

Our group won the class competition at the end, and the prize is taking the American Journey 2.0 with the Ford engineers we got to work with during the course. We're taking I-80 west through Ann Arbor MI, Chicago IL, Omaha NE, Boulder CO, Reno NV and ending in San Mateo CA.

The American Journey site has both the University of Michigan road trip site and the Ford road trip site. On our's, you can add points of interest you know of along our route, and they'll show up in our application as we're driving. On Ford's, you can put together a road rally for us to follow by adding interesting places to visit in one area.

The car the Ford engineers will be driving is a 2011 Fiesta nicknamed AJ. It has software loaded that will send tweets depending on the vehicles "mood". If you're driving quickly, winding around roads, and moving through traffic well, the car will be happy. If you're sitting still with the wipers on, that might call for a sad tweet.

American Journey 2.0
AJ's twitter page
AJ's facebook page

Crunchgear's article on the trip
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FinallyJack Thompson is going to ethics trials

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Best Song EverHere

Ze Frank is AMAZING
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Fail.Woman Caught "Faking" Slip-And-Fall At Florida Grocery Store

This lady is trying to fraud a grocery store out of money for her "slip and fall" accident, except the security cameras caught her dumping olive oil on the floor, leaving for a few minutes, then coming back and doing the fakest fall I've ever seen.

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