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Eugenics I was watching Nat. Geo. (the new "hip" way to say National Geographic or something) yesterday and they had a show about dog Eugenics. They talked about how man has manipulated dogs so much that they not only are starting to develop diseases like humans such as Epilepsy and OCD but are also so varied beyond any other species.

For instance:
This is a cow

This is also a cow

Okay not the best pictures but the point is, there are no cows with short stubby legs, or cows that require you to clean between the folds of its skin. Unlike dogs where there are numerous amounts of variations. It is true that there are different types of cows, not disputing that. But the extent to which there are different amount of dogs is unmatched.

This is a dog

This is also a dog

And this is also a dog

Man has manipulated the genes of animals to what they want. Not saying its a bad thing, if we do have domain over the earth we can essentially do as we please. Some of the breeds serve important purposes and have greatly benefited...us. Well all of them have benefited us, that's why we did it. Whether it be for a working dog, or a dog for luxury purposes.

But i think the problems associated with dog Eugenics can spill into human Eugenics. Lots of talk about growing babies, stem cell crap, having parts on hand in case you need a new one. Mainly so people live longer and less people die. I think people need to realize that we aren't dogs. We may have domain over the earth and its creatures but i think ultimately some one/thing has domain over us besides ourselves. People need to realize that we die for a reason. Human beings are supposed to die. Diseases are here for a reason. If you get rid of one there is going to be another one to take it's place.

I usually hear the argument that goes something like this, "What if your mother is diagnosed with <insert most terrible thing they could come up with at the moment> and it could be cured through science!!!!!?!111" I'd say, "Of course i would be sad at the loss of my mother but if that is what was supposed to happen, then i'd deal with it. Just like everyone else. That is what was supposed to happen. Who am i to try and change that?" All good things must come to an end. "And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up." -Thomas Wayne.

What happened to people finding things out for themselves, or going through hardships. I hear stories from my Uncle about when he was young and about the stuff he did and the same thing keep getting said. "See when i was young there weren't all these rules or laws." You learn from experience. If people don't ever experience things how are they supposed to learn and adapt?
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New T.V.So i got the 360 for 100 dollars couple weeks ago. Last week my dad sported me some money so i could get a new T.V. I decided on the Sharp Aquos LC32GP1U. When i bought it from amazon.com it was 867.95 with free shipping. So i got the normally at least 1200+ television for 867 and free shipping.

For my room the 32'' is perfect. So far i've just used it as a monitor and played 360 games on it and its beautiful. I'm going from like a '96 27'' CRT television to a 32" 1080p LCD so anything would have looked better. If i had a camera i would take pics but i think that's my next gadget to buy.
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My experience with Marijuana in collegeBefore starting this story let me say, i am not under the influence of anything while writing this and i don't expect anyone to read all of it. Needed to get that out of the way. Next, I didn't not drink any alcohol or do any illegal drugs until i was out of high school, about 18 or 19 years old. My father has only drank beer after getting off of work and used Copenhagen my entire life. He eventually stopped drinking alcoholic beer and switched to NA beer around when i was in 8th grade or so. My older brother by two years...i've only ever seen him drink beer, wine, or rum nothing besides that.

So, as many people know there have been many different studies about the effects of Marijuana on the human body. I don't care about those. Some people may think people who smoke weed are depressed, or are harmless, or are terrible and are going to hell. Again i'm not arguing one way or another. I have always been an average student. I didn't care about my GPA in High School because in all honesty i wasn't planning on going to college. I've usually just winged things and did things i wanted to do instead of things that will apparently benefit me later on.

Through out my 4 years so far at college i got really really drunk every weekend at local parties my freshman year. My sophomore year i didn't really go out except to clubs on Wed./ Thurs. nights about every other week. Junior year I did about the same thing sophomore year except probably less. The summer between my junior year and senior year i moved off campus and did summer school. All the other summer i worked for Duke Temporary Services doing various shitty jobs.

The school i go to...well the school is the city. So there are little people here when school is in session then when summer hits there are even less. So i did 3 classes for the first summer session and also worked at the library. I also started to run. Would try to run 3 miles about twice a week. Then towards the end of summer session 2 i met a guy who sells weed.

I don't know what many people's impressions of drug dealers are but this is your average white, brown hair, 21 year-old boy. He plays video games, goes to school, spends time with his family (i think at least). I found that most people who sell drugs have to have a salesman's personality for obvious reason. They like to talk, mainly about themselves and what they have been doing. And if you haven't seen them in a while they usually say something to the effect of, "Shit man where you been!? I haven't seen you in forever!!" And will then go on to tell you about this crazy party you missed.

So i dominated all my summer classes getting B's or A's mainly because i was taking either 2 or 3 classes at one time. Then the fall sessions started and i kept smoking. I usually say, and i'm not the only one, "all things in moderation." I eventually got up to smoking once a day. After i was done with my work/classes/homework. That equals not a lot of smoking for those not in the know. 20 bucks worth of bricked weed would last me like almost 3 weeks. 20 bucks of good stuff would last a week and a half at least. So any implication that i was throwing away money ruthlessly on an illegal drug is just out of the question. I ended the fall semester with all B's and one C. Better than average for me.

That Christmas break i went to Wisconsin and didn't smoke any. I of course missed the feeling of being high, but i could quit. I had just smoked it for almost 5 months and i could stop. When i came back for the spring semester it took me weeks before i bought more. I just didn't feel the NEED to have it. I kept running and i kept going to class. I ended this semester with C's, B's, and one D( i really deserved an F in that class but the teacher felt pity on me for some reason). Again pretty average for me schoolwise.

I think i have noticed some trouble remembering things but i can't really remember (sorry, had to). But for real i think the only thing i have really noticed is i've always twitched sometimes, but not every once in a while i get a twitch that like is (my normal twitch) x 3. Oh and running in really hot weather is almost impossible for me. So either i need to cut my 3 mile run down or just stop smoking entirely. I have also kept it secret from almost all my friends. So that has kinda created some stress for me.

But i have met many new people. You would be surprised how many people enjoy smoking weed. You look at some people and go, "I had no idea...they really don't look like they would do that." And not everyone who smokes is black and has AK-47. Or eventually go on to do heroin and see dead babies crawl on the ceiling as they are in detox.

So in conclusion...i can see myself eventually growing out of it when i'm like 40 and have kids. But right now...i would rather smoke then get drunk. I just enjoy that feeling more than being drunk personally. Don't get me wrong i LOVE my Newcastle Brown Ale but i feel like i can control how much i smoke and the after effects much better than if i drink too much beer. But right now while i don't have the responsibility of having other people dependent on me like a wife or kids i think i'll keep my habit and feel i can drop it if need be.
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TV ShowsFirst things first. I dont' watch Primetime TV. I don't like 24, i don't like House, i don't like shows like that that. There is one exception. So here is a list of TV shows i have been watching lately and think other people should check out.

100 Höjdare- A swedish...variety show? Honestly i don't know if it fits in a genre. It airs on swedish tv. They originally went around Sweden and found...unique people. In season 6 they headed to the U.S.A. I really love how they find these people that most people would call "freaks, weirdos, fucked up" yet they don't present any judgment in talking with them. They want to find out what makes these people tick, and present them to the audience. Plus they turned me on to this song.

Heroes- Don't really need any introduction here. I thought it was shit till i was browsing the instant movies/shows on Netflix and took a chance on it. Japanese guy is awesome.

This American Life- Ira Glass is awesome. Its based off of the NPR radio show i heard. They also present people in their natural environments. They have a theme each show and tell how people's lives fit in those themes. Really makes you think.
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360So instead of the MGS4 PS3 i got an Xbox 360. Not just that. I got a 360, 2 controllers, Halo 3, DDR Universe, a DDR mat, Oblivion, Tiger Woods, GTA3, and 320 MS points for 100 dollars. I couldn't pass it up. So looks like MGS4 will just have to wait. Only problem i'm having is adding microsoft points. I want to buy the points with my credit card but i can't do it through Xbox live on my 360 or through the xbox.com website. I am trying to give MS money and they won't take it. Oh well, i bet walmart will...
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IdeaSo this idea all started with my lust for the Metal Gear Solid 4 Playstation 3 located here. I want it. Plain and simple. I don't have any "next-gen" system like the Wii or anything so i figure, i love MGS, i still play some PS2 games, i could use a Blu-Ray player now that that format won, and i think i could have fun with it.

So last week my roomate had some friends over and with beer and a hookah for some reason it inevitably leads to music. So we busted out the guitars and one of his friends was recording me playing on his camera. We watched it the next day and it is actually decent quality for the camera. I then started to lust after the MGS PS3. But i lack money because i am in college and my mother doesn't have that money, and i'm not gonna ask my dad for it even though i think he would give me the money. I don't like to ask him for things that i don't NEED. So i decide i need to get the money myself.
I currently do have a job, i work at the library at my school. Except i only get like 2k a semester and it goes to housing/food/gas. So i came up with the bright idea to give guitar lessons. I was just laying in bed hashing out some details when i started to get some questions.
1. If i ever do get a customer, should i go to them, have them come to me, or have some type of neutral zone? Having them come to me doesn't seem like a good idea seen as to me and my roomate have a lot of money in our place and should anything happen to our stuff i would be really pissed and feel really bad. Going to them could be weird if they're one of those people who have like 303 cats and never cleans up after them. A neutral site could work, except i would have to find one.
2. I was thinking of making some...i guess demo videos so that if they want to know if i can actually play i can tell them to "go to youtube type in <insert username> and watch them." Problem is, i have a youtube account (chopperdav3) but say i'm on the phone "just go to youtube, type in, chopper-dave, the e is a 3 at the end. No chopper, yes two "p"s, dave, and the "e" is a "3"." See? It could get complicated. So i need an easy name to say over the phone that is semi-business appropriate. Everything i've come up with is taken. I don't really like numbers.
I've tried Zombiebrains, zeroskill, chopperdave, chupacabra, cabraschupa, anyonecanplayguitar(the radiohead song, i don't really believe that), thisisabsolution, silverburst, zwitter....
So far i've gotten my name which i'm not disclosing, drunkshipoflaterns, and penguinscannotfly. It seems every freaking person who goes to youtube has to register an account for some reason.
EDIT I decided on zombieshavebrains. Easy to say, funny, and untrue.
3. Pricing. I have no fucking clue what i would price my services at. Or at what increments. 10 bucks ever half hour? 10 bucks per hour?

I am not a virtuoso at guitar, i can barely sweep pick, but i know my stuff and i can play well enough to pass knowledge onto other people who wish to learn or even want to tinker around with it. And i want a MGS 4 PS3 in the process. So any suggestions or experiences anyone has had would be much appreciated.
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Barack ObamaOkay i have never seen Obama speak at any of the debates on anything to be honest. But from comments i've heard, he has really good character. And that he is a really good person. And that is why you should vote for him. No. NO!. Just...no.
Are people that idiotic? You want people to vote for a person who has good character? Well good luck with that. I want to vote for an elected official because they know what the fuck to do and what is going on. Not because they call their grandma at least once a month. I think i would rather have a complete asshole as a leader so long as they point the people under them in the correct direction and make the right decisions.
So if he wins both the Democratic nomination and the presidential election have fun with your government health care, socialist leader, and your warm fuzzy feelings. Its just too bad that with democracy and a high concentration of idiots, anyone can get elected.
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Ron PaulAs many of you know one of the Republican candidates for the GOP nomination this year is a Congressman from Texas named Ron Paul. He has previously run for the Presidential Election under the Libertarian ticket...and as every other 3rd party did terrible.
Some of you may, some may not, that Ron Paul has a "huge" internet following. Users of sites like Digg.com cream their pants anytime he says something on the television and make sure to "digg" something about him as quickly as they can reach for another can of Mountain Dew. Ron Paul has raised a considerable amount of money, setting "the largest documented one-day online fundraising record in political history" with 4.3 million dollars. With campaign signs saying "google Ron Paul" or "Ron Paul the r3volution"(the '3' is the closest i could get to a backwards 'e' without looking up some annoying ASCII number, why they do that is beyond me) he has generated some attention both online and offline.

Now here are some reasons why he will not win and people supporting him are wasting their time:
1. Too many people stand to loose money if he becomes president. Ron Paul is a known Income Tax enemy. No income tax means less government spending, no IRS, no silly phrase "the only things that are certain in life are death and taxes". Ron Paul is a known enemy of the Federal Reserve. With out the Federal Reserve how can bankers inflate our money anymore?
2. He is not aggressive enough. Watching the Iowa and New Hampshire debates he is rather complacent behind the microphone. As opposed to Mitt Romney and Rudy Guiliani who just won't shut the fuck up.
3. Democrats have a Black man running
4. Democrats have a Woman running.
5. People don't understand how important a monetary policy is. Ron Paul knows what he's talking about when it comes to economcis but seriously, do you think the average American first of all knows what he is talking about and secondly cares what he is talking about? So long as other candidates mention things about how awesome they are/were who really cares?
6. A large internet following doesn't translate into votes at the polls. Consider the marginal benefit of going to a website with a poll about the candidates, clicking for Ron Paul, and then submitting a story to digg.com about how awesome he is to the marginal cost. Now consider the marginal benefit of registering Republican, taking time out of your day to go vote, getting some McDonald's, trying to get other people to vote for someone they've never heard of and ultimately seeing what a failure Ron Paul was to the marginal cost.
7. He looks like Mister Magoo

With this all said in done, Ron Paul is probably the only person i would vote for running. I'm all for less government regulation/intervention, more federalism, more constitutionality, and a sound economic plan. But with the way American Democracy works it looks like i'll have to move to New Zealand or some shit...

*typed but not read by Chopperdave
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