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Rental01 irgrammerwin
Rental01 irgrammerwin
1st new mix this yearJust finished another mix. Normally I'd clean it up a little in Ableton but my session got screwed up so this stays as a live mix, no post-processing magic. Not sure if I'll have time to make another one this year - things look really busy for me in the coming months.

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Rental01 irgrammerwin
So this happened

A little scared
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Rental01 irgrammerwin
Hardline for the NSAFinally got an XBone. I bought the Titanfall version because you can't say "no" to a free game. All in all I like the overall functionality of the device and how well it functions with the TV. I know it's tracking all of my data, heart rate, and monitoring my TV watching patterns, then sending it real time to the NSA so that their huge data centers can break it down, catalog it, and then form a file on me and my family. But they're already doing that through my email acct, phone, and internet browsers, so nowhere on the internet is safe. It's hard to convince a guy about a laughable subject like "internet privacy" when he knows how it all works. Whatever.

Back on subject, so I bought it. We like it. I'm not sure how to control my DirecTV Genie DVR with the Xbox yet but I'm sure there are instructions somewhere. Plants vs Zombies is good, but buggy. My wife and I played some survival level for 27 rounds before dying because the zombies couldn't leave their spawn points. When playing online with other ppl, whole sections of the map had floating surfaces that stopped me from walking and locked up my character. I had to jump out of those areas to survive. Other areas had environmental elements (tables, chairs, etc) floating about 6' off the ground. I had to walk around where they were but it was still very weird.

Then, in Wolfenstein (very pretty so far but the cut scenes seem right out of CSI), we had some weird artifacts - shell casings floating in mid air, weapons stuck in the wall, that kind of thing.

Are these things normal or should I talk to the ppl at the Windows store?

Also,Titanfall - wth? Maybe I'm not following along with the idea (remember, I had no intention of buying an XBone so I didn't even research Titanfall, but since all of us (outside of Kylie) have Windows phones, I wanted us all to share in the full Windows experience) and as probably the only person on this site who isn't really a fan of online shooters via console, I didn't know that "campaign" meant "online multiplayer shooter experience". I like co-op in Halo because there is a cohesive story behind it all, but is that the case at all with Titanfall? I'm, what I assume is, 2 missions in, maybe 3, and I'm totally confused by the game. This has nothing to do with me coming in nearly dead last every time (I get that there is a learning curve here), but is more of a concern about the overall story. Is there one? If so, are my actions (or, rather, failures) affecting the story as a whole? Or, are these "victories" and "defeats" merely scripted events that we have to work our way through and we still get to see the story fold itself out like the campaigns of all the other shooters I've experienced. I ask, because if this is a "choose-your-own-adventure" type of story, I usually die in the first 7 pages or so by falling down a trash chute or getting eaten by a dragon. And dragons in this game are huge robots.

Thought? Anyone?
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Rental01 irgrammerwin
I made a thing. Wanted to listen to my own stuff abroad and unable to do so. That said, I made a website. Still need to figure out that drop-down thingy for the set list. w/e

music.ianshepard.com <-- clicky if you want
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Rental01 irgrammerwin
Gotta say, Legend of Zelda, A Link Between Worlds was awesome. Jus' sayin'.

Now to play it in NIGHTMARE MODE!!11!1

Just kidding, it's time for Ocarina of Time 3D!
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Rental01 irgrammerwin
This is one of those times where being a little slow is a good thing. By seconds today we missed a massive pile up when a storm that wasn't supposed to be here until 4 showed up 12 hours early. The salt slurry wasn't put on the roads and they turned bad fast. I was able to navigate our skidding car through 4 mostly stopped cars and stopped just short of a car that barely missed getting t-boned at 50 mph. No pictures until after we started to leave. In the end, 1 person died and another 30 were hospitalized. Fire truck got there fast, police took about 5 minutes and the ambulances were stuck in the traffic jam behind and they took 30 minutes or so to arrive. We backed up about 1/4 of a mile to the last exit and left. Pray for those who were hospitalized.

For those who can see this image, if you look on the far right, that 1/2 car you see on the top? That's us as we backed out to leave. No damage at all and no idea who took this picture. Kim uploaded a few and I put 4 up but I only share those images with FB friends.

If you can see it, here's another image that Kim took of where we ended up. That bumper you see on the lower right is where the car smashed into the barrier at 50 mph.:

News story link
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Rental01 irgrammerwin
Watching Doctor Who for the first time. Just saw the 10th doctor die. *sad face* I really liked him. Well, on to the new guy.
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Rental01 irgrammerwin
So, I went to take my shower and, after hopping in, I realized that I needed soap. No big deal, grab my awesome black and gray towel, dry myself off a touch, throw it on the floor to use as a walking platform to the cabinet. Pop off, get the soap, walk back and toss the towel on the hook. That's when I notice something that looks like a huge piece of lint drop off me into the shower. Look closer. Then clooooooser.. NOPE! NOT LINT! A GINORMOUS SPIDER! It had been on the towel and I didn't see it because it blended in. This is the first spider we've found here. We've had LOTS, but this is the first Navy SEAL spider who has taken it upon himself to try to attack me when I'm most vulnerable. That said, today we get white towels! Well, not white. I don't like white. Definitely something, you know, less "spider hidey".

Stupid spiders.
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