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Rental01 irgrammerwin
Rental01 irgrammerwin
I made a thing. Wanted to listen to my own stuff abroad and unable to do so. That said, I made a website. Still need to figure out that drop-down thingy for the set list. w/e <-- clicky if you want
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Rental01 irgrammerwin
Gotta say, Legend of Zelda, A Link Between Worlds was awesome. Jus' sayin'.

Now to play it in NIGHTMARE MODE!!11!1

Just kidding, it's time for Ocarina of Time 3D!
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Rental01 irgrammerwin
This is one of those times where being a little slow is a good thing. By seconds today we missed a massive pile up when a storm that wasn't supposed to be here until 4 showed up 12 hours early. The salt slurry wasn't put on the roads and they turned bad fast. I was able to navigate our skidding car through 4 mostly stopped cars and stopped just short of a car that barely missed getting t-boned at 50 mph. No pictures until after we started to leave. In the end, 1 person died and another 30 were hospitalized. Fire truck got there fast, police took about 5 minutes and the ambulances were stuck in the traffic jam behind and they took 30 minutes or so to arrive. We backed up about 1/4 of a mile to the last exit and left. Pray for those who were hospitalized.

For those who can see this image, if you look on the far right, that 1/2 car you see on the top? That's us as we backed out to leave. No damage at all and no idea who took this picture. Kim uploaded a few and I put 4 up but I only share those images with FB friends.

If you can see it, here's another image that Kim took of where we ended up. That bumper you see on the lower right is where the car smashed into the barrier at 50 mph.:

News story link
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Rental01 irgrammerwin
Watching Doctor Who for the first time. Just saw the 10th doctor die. *sad face* I really liked him. Well, on to the new guy.
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Rental01 irgrammerwin
So, I went to take my shower and, after hopping in, I realized that I needed soap. No big deal, grab my awesome black and gray towel, dry myself off a touch, throw it on the floor to use as a walking platform to the cabinet. Pop off, get the soap, walk back and toss the towel on the hook. That's when I notice something that looks like a huge piece of lint drop off me into the shower. Look closer. Then clooooooser.. NOPE! NOT LINT! A GINORMOUS SPIDER! It had been on the towel and I didn't see it because it blended in. This is the first spider we've found here. We've had LOTS, but this is the first Navy SEAL spider who has taken it upon himself to try to attack me when I'm most vulnerable. That said, today we get white towels! Well, not white. I don't like white. Definitely something, you know, less "spider hidey".

Stupid spiders.
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Rental01 irgrammerwin
Please quit calling me a "cracker"

The correct term is "Saltine-American"

Thank you
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Rental01 irgrammerwin
Soooo.... An update of sorts.

Job: I'm still doing computery stuff. I've worked for a bunch of companies in the last few years. Revlon, a bank in NC, a medical company here in CO, and now Pepsi. No, I don't get free pop. Yes, that would be awesome. But, it's that job that will likely take us to TX.

I also was a web guy for my friend's company for a while. I did a lot of graphic design, did some web modification stuff (made ugly things pretty), did some photography stuff (linky). All of which I've basically abandoned because taxes are a killer. This year alone I'm likely to owe $30,000. Whee. I want to be homeless so Obama can pay for everything for me. Too bad this pesky sense of right and wrong keeps me from doing that.

Hobbies: Musics, games, and guns. That's mostly it. I started mixing again for giggles. Most of my recent stuff can be found here if you like the dancy stuff.

02142013 mix
DFW to MCO mix
07212013 mix

We're also HUGE Disney freaks, even sporting a Disney Vacation Club membership. Last year we spent 24 days at Disney World in 3 trips. It was epic.

Family: I've been married (in a few short weeks) for 16 years. My daughter (Kylie) is turning 18 this year and my son (Caleb) will be 15. This has been an epic journey whereby God has molded and shaped our lives to reach others and to support one another. Kim was diagnosed with a whole mess of things, and they finally settled on a simple "really bad" diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. How bad? On a scale of 1-100 (yes, this is a real thing), she scored 1,010. They tested it twice. At Duke University Hospital. The meds she was on were about $5,000 a month and then I lost my job and the insurance it gave us. Since then we've been on essential oils and homeopathic remedies. That said, while I smell like a hippie, I rarely need meds for anything anymore. While it helps with her RA it runs out of its ability to really help in the winter so that's why we're looking to move to TX. There are a lot of my style of techy jobs in the Plano area and with our friends living there it seemed like a good fit. The hope is to be there before the end of the year. Deus vult.

Religion: I've grown a lot and as a result I'm no longer in that "caged calvinist" phase. I am however very well read and much more established in my views. It has been a long journey and I know I'm not there yet. What I will say is that many of my friends are pastors (with M.Div's and all), and that I have enough knowledge that it makes it hard for me to spend too much time in a lot of churches. I am no longer a hard core legalist and that helps but it's scary out here on my own sometimes. If this makes any sense to you, I'm pretty sure that neither John MacArthur nor Mark Driscoll would welcome me into their congregations. At the end of the day, God is sovereign in all that he does and I trust in that beyond everything else. All that to say, I'm a hard core 5 point, 5 solas, carefully continuationalist, Jesus loving, Christian. Before any questions float in that area, yes I have gay friends. No I don't judge them. That's not my role. My place is to love ppl and to tell them the truth. What they do with it is up to them.

Yup, that's about it.
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Rental01 irgrammerwin
Lol. So I re-sponsored (because I'm a sucker for the star), and I look at my stats:

Every 2.37 days you add a new journal, usually on Tuesday nights, as with 281 (19.35%) of your journals.

So, even though I've been gone for like 3 years, one blissful day back on the site, and then 2 before that, I still have so many journal posts that it counts as if I've been posting 2.37 posts per day this whole time. Wow. Go team awesome!
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