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FaceBookI just made a facebook acount and its really weird...

anyway if you wanna add me go ahead =]

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In the Thicket...Of exams :(

ive now done half my exams and im STILL hating it with a passion

but i have spare money and i decided to get a new game, and the choices are

Dynasty Warriors gundam (1 or 2)
Mass Effect: bring down the sky DLC
Halo 3: Mythic maps DLC
Pre order Army of two: 40th day
Pre order Halo: ODST
or just save my money for driving lessons

any comments on your given choice would be nice :)

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Dragonball EvolutionOk i only just saw the trailer for it
(Which is here by the way)
and in my opinion its going to suck more than the DOA movie...
Tell me what you think

Also ive been watching a new anime which is instantly a favourite with me
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
I'd suggest watching it
Dubbed Trailer (Still quite funny)

thats all for now

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It's been a while...Indeed it has, long time since ive been on here properly, so i thought id update

(not that many people will be reading this by now but oh well)

Well school has finished fo good now, im a free man!!! :)
umm my 360 broke again :(
im 18 finally! that means legal drinking!!!
umm and thats about it

hows things with you people?

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For all the WoW players out there:Ok i used to be really cynical ad stereotypical about WoW, until i played it, now i realise why its so popular

This poll is for the WoW players out there
just wanna see how many people like each faction

i know for a fact that my server (Nagrand) is 60% Horde and 40% Alliance

For the record, im Alliance, but i have never played horde and probably wont until i get my characters to a good level

I'll probably make another poll later on about the favorite race and class just to see.

cya around

Alliance or Horde?
A) For the Alliance!
B) Horde ftw!

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Worst multiplayer ever?Im not sure whether this is correct or not but it seems like it:

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja must have THE worst multiplayer ever, not because of the way the game handles, or the graphics etc.

but because of 1 key factor:

The people that play it

These people just cant play for their lives! 98% of the time, they will Spam the dash attack or kunai, and then if you still manage to get them to low health, they quit! i mean WHAT THE FUCK!?!?! if your gonna play like a noob, have the decency to lose properly.

But the is one game factor that completely destroys multiplayer fun though.. Gaara, hes so overpowered and 80% of people play as him! so unless your REALLY good, you wont win =[

Thats my rant for today
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Things about Me1.Real name – Marcus A.E. Springle
2. like it – kinda
3. single or taken – not sure atm :s
4. zodiac sign - taurus
5. male or female - Male
6. elementary - Ysgol y Ddywlan
8. middle school – Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn
9. college - none, i want to go to uni lol
10. hair color – Brown
11. eye color - Many colours
12. hair length - Base of my neck (too long)
13. current worry - Is the girl i want not interested in me anymore?
14. Heritage - not sure
15. are you a health freak - kinda
16. height – 5'8"
17. do you have a crush on someone – yes
18. do you like yourself - Kinda
19. piercings – none
20. tattoos - Soon
21. righty or lefty - ambidextrous

22. first surgery - on my head
23. first piercings – none
24. first best friend – Christopher Collins and Brecon-Lee Kitsune Gaskell
25. first award – Swimming award
26. first sport - Swimming
27. first pet - dog
28. first vacation - Devon
29. first teacher - Mrs Jones
30. first crush - Amy

31. orange or apple juice – Dont mind either
32. rock or rap - Rock
33. country or screamo – screamo
35. britney spears or christina aguliera - At a push christina aguliera
36. night or day - Night
37. sun or moon - moon
34. n'sync or backsteet boys - NEITHER
38. tv or internet - Internet
39. playstation or xbox - Cant decide
40. kiss or hug - Kiss
41. iguana or turtle - Iguana
42. spider or bee? - Bee
43. fall or spring - Fall
44. Limewire or iTunes - Limewire
45. chocolate or vanilla - Chocolate
46. soccer or baseball - Dont mind
47. love or money – Love

48. eating - Nothing
49. thinking – This week is gonna suck...
50. drinking - Nothing
51. im about to - Play on the xbox and maybe upload some pics
52. hating - Not knowing how my love life is
53. singing - nothing

55. want kids - no
56. when - Never
57. want to get married - No way
58. when - Hell freezes over
59. where do you want to live - Somewhere really snowy
61. anyones names on the mind – Celestia and Leanne
62. what did you want to be when you were little – A power ranger ><
63. what do you think you'll really be doing - Dead
64. mellow future or wild - Wild
65.college degree or not - Yes
66. something you would never try - not sure
67. when do you wanna die - Anytime really

68. lips or eyes - Eyes
69. hugging or kissing - Kissing
70. shorter or taller - Shorter or same height
71. tan skinned or light – Fair complexion
72. romantic or spontaneous - Both
73. dark or light hair - Doesn't matter but i do prefer darker hair
74. muscular or regular - either
75. hook-up or relationship - Relationship
76. similar to you or different - A little bit of both

77. gotten arrested – Many times
78. kissed a stranger - yeah
79. finished a game of monopoly - no
80. broken a bone - nope
81. climbed up a tree - Yes
82. broken someones heart – Yeah (i think)
83. turned someone down – yes (and i regret it)
84. had your heart broken - yeah
85. liked a friend as more than a friend - Yes

86. yourself - depends on what the situation is
87. miracles - no
88. love at first sight - yes
89. santa clause - hell no
90. kiss on first date - yes
91. angels - angels, but they break your heart

92. is there one or more people you want to be with right now – two people
93. like someone – Yes

94. thing you ate - Pringles
95. text message – Celestia
97. call made - Grandad
98. message on myspace – Forgot i even had myspace lol
99. missed call – not sure ><
100. last person you hungout with – Brecon and Chris

Repost this, it's kinda fun
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Touch and goWell after all of the panic about the world coming to an end today due to the big bang experiment, nothing happened.

im mostly glad it didnt happen, but some parts of me wish it did create a black hole that would destroy earth, for many reasons...

well nothing new to update really

cya around
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