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Wolf Manwait how does love save him?
a Gypsy says that towards the beginning and it never becomes a solution or issue even?
and another thing, even a wolfman is not capable of killing so many in a crowd left and right, many would be merely injured, but since more werewolves would complicate the story, everyone his shoulder bumps into on the street will just spontaneously combust end of story.

but hey, I liked it and so might you. pacing could have been better here or there but there are some great jump in the air scares and the wolfman suit is very impressive.

Moviebob's review is funny and dead on so enjoy that.

todays sketch
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Never mind but...I do have something to offer.
I'm still going to comic con but I never stay for saturday or sunday. so I'm only booking a room 99$ a night lucky me. I found it on hotels.com when I searched for hotels near the San Diego convention center. I think it's still available because it's a single and well, people want to mass a room so the price gets lowered. you know? like what I was gonna do? So I'm booking wednesday and thursday night, I'll be checking out friday and going to the con for a few hours before leaving for home.
like always, I love preview night, so I got the 4 day pass but it's useless to me by mid Friday. does anyone want to go to comic-con friday, saturday, or sunday?
does anyone want to be Adam Brannon for a few wonderful moments?
If so I'll gladly meet someone Friday and give them the remainder of my 4 day pass for free.
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betrayed and abandonedAll my friends and even my own flesh and blood have dropped out of Comic-con this year. and here I am with my 4 day pass already in hand!

I don't suppose anyone on my watch list needs someone to pitch in on hotel cost for comic-con san Diego 2010?
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get back to where you once belongI think it's been 2 years since I have even touched a 3d animation program................I want to again, but what?

so I guess I'm calling out for advise, what program for a Mac would be good for character animation?
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Half life 2since I never played Half life 1 I guess I don't get why every character has a huge stiffy and scream and shout when they see Gordan freeman.
alright, I bought the orange box the day it came out for one reason. Portal! I saw some test footage of the game and I thought it looked like the most clever simple game I had laid eyes on. so of course I thought to myself, what is team fortress and what is half life? I ignored them. I ignored them for this! Long! Actually I'm still ignoring team fortress because I'm rushing the painting of some Christmas presents for friends and family. My brother says it's fun and I'm sure it is. but recently I wanted to play a game but I didn't feel like playing any of my favorite titles, not even King Kong. So I said to myself, lets see what half life is all about.
holy crap this game has such a great story! and great characters too. I love Alyx and Dog! After some hard work tomorrow with painting I plan on eating through Episode 2.
I wonder when Episode 3 will hit the stores.

well anyway, I'm a firm believer in the great Confucius philosophy "better late than never."
sketch of the day
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sketches finishedI'm tired and lazy. plus I gott rest up.

I've got a Date tomorrow!!!

anyway if you want to see the sketches
go here to my gallery and click on gallery
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free sketchthe first 3 people that post here get a free sketch of what ever they want, anything goes.

double posts not allowed

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Going CampingAnnual church campout, BBQ's fellowship, games, and me sitting at a table drawing in my sketchbook.

My Job as a locksmith has been in such high demand that I have not been "Drawing every day" it'll be nice to get back into the proper swing of things.

be back Sunday!
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