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I may be back sometime...but life, work and everything else is taking priority at this moment.

It's been great these past two years. getting to know alot of you, and being part of some great threads. I will be back. there is no doubt, but do not expect much more of me until the future. for now i will clear all watchlist stuff. when i come back you may link anything of significance to me.

Until then, have fun, it's a great site, i just dont have time. Anyone who wishes to, please tell me if you watch me so next time i come back i have something to read!

until then, goodbye

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sorry i been away...Sorry i haven't been on that much guys....It's been pretty hectic here, as you probably know i went on holiday a couple of weeks ago, after which i went camping, followed by parties, and my school prom so ive been finding it hard to get on RT...especially after losing my sponsorship.

Anyways, over the weeks all of your alerts, comments, and stuff have piled up into a huge mound that despairs me to look at.

also, Harry potter.

talk to me, and ill get back to you people! sorry ive been gone, and ill try to be more active!
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I R RETURNwith some srs stories.

bleh, you dont care.

anyways, i got 10 packs of fags at duty free and since i don't smoke...

anyone wanna buy 100 or 200 fags?


i r slightly sunburnt....it r k tho. i r go on sun bed later on!


fags = cigarettes.

i also found out about terrorists...damn them to hell
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SHIT!!I need a sponsership!! NOW !

it just ran out and i cant see the new things that i could pre-order...

i will reward you over time, pls pls pls pls!!!


i wil read al your journal entries and stuff when i get back from holiday as i don't have much time on here...

thanks in advance guys!!
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hahahai finded wireless network for laptop in apartment place. I R Rule t3h interwebz
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Holiday!I go today.

For 2 weeks.

To the sunshine!

I hate my watchlist right now. Something tells me ill hate it even more in two weeks

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Day 2of my half week drink-a-thon.

Students are cool.

So we were in the Halls bar at Bristol, and all the drinks are cheap as chips (For example a pint of fosters was 80p and falling throughout the night) the reasoning is that this is the last night the bar will be open until next september as all the students piss off home, all the beer and stock needs to be used up.

So yeah, it was good, and let me tell you those who are of a similar age.

uni girls are FIT! albeit slightly annoying.

night, more tomorrow...we watch all three die hards in one day...and i have at least 4 cans in the fridge! :D

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drink. blarg. ded.smirnoff + carlsberg = nice!

plus im soaking wet, but that didnt stop us.

DO NOT see the film, Vacancy. I predicted the entire film in the first 5 minutes. it is a cliche horror/thriller movie. srsly.

the camera techniques and eveerything were bad... just promise not to watch it. srsly

blarg .

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