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im back :)hey everyone!
I stumbled across this page and realized its been ahwile! i miss bein on here! I got to meet more people who like halo and rvb. this is sure as hell the place to look! im still the conservative son of a bitch i always was so dont think that made me stop gettin on here, i just started getting involved with high school and lost time, sorry
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For Pete Sakes!Something has really started to bug me. Liberals are now whineing that the terrorist attacks on 9/11 was actually an inside job! or even more outragous some are saying that the bush admin. planned it so the the US could start a war and become an empire! that just gets me pissed
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WorkingSorry I have not been online. Ive been working. I probaly wont be back for the rest of the summer. well Ill try to get on once in a while but dont count on it.
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Iam baaaaack!Like it or not Iam Back in Black fellas. i was gone 10 days camping in a tent. so now I am back, refresed and ready to piss off some Liberals agian.

ANYWAY, while I was camping something intersesting happend a group called the "Rainbow people" came to the area I was camping in 20,000 of them to be exact. If you are not really firmiliar of these people, they are just modern Hippies. THEY ARE BACK!!!!! Well I thought Id give them a welcome party... something to do with 5 M80's he he.
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Gone Camping!!I am going to go do the one thing that I look forward to every year, our boy cousin camping trip, I will be gone from the 15-22. My Grampa is amazing, he is 72 years old and has had vein surgery, and still finds the energy to take us wild kids camping for a week. We usally go to Colombine Colorado which is just north of Steamboat Springs Colorado. We do lots of things, like paintballing, jumping our ATV's like motocross, setting ourselves on fire, scaring away other campers, and fishing, Its a blast! I love it.
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UGGG!Okay I am officialy not arguing with Communists or any one who hates America anymore! they are so stubborn and mule-headed. They will not listen to reason at all! These people like mass murders and evil dictators. AND THEY WONT ACCEPT IT! Oh they make me soooo mad! They are heartless people. I didnot even start on telling them the truth of their horrid politics where hard workers never get rewarded, wait they do get rewarded, they get to LIVE. and workers who do a medioker job DIE. I have foolishly wasted all of my mood points flaimbaiting Suppercommie's Soviet picture so any one who wants to kick some communist butt, here are some of the users.CodeRed001 kommissar Killer_Gear Supercommie. dont say anything, its not worth it. just neg mood them. CodeRed001should not be mad at me. his karma probaly increased greatly since the argument.
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3It has been unofficialy anounced many times. But Bungie got off of their secret and officaly anounced the realease date and first trailer of Halo 3
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Wyoming Motocross!Here are some pics I was four feet in the air and the jump was 10 feet long

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