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kzuelch Cast & Crew
kzuelch Cast & Crew
Stuck in LebanonSo...one of our members is stuck in Lebanon with his family. They were at the airport yesterday morning to catch a flight back to the states with the runway was bombed right before their eyes.....his profile is Spartan911, so please stop by his profile and give him some prayers and good wishes.

With a little extra time on my hands lately I have watched the series "Band of Brothers" wow, if that doesn't make you get what war is I don't know what will. It was really hard to watch some of it for me, just knowing that we have our troops out there right now going through similar events. I'm not going to get all political....I just pray for all our troops. I wish there was more we could do for them, I wish I could do something to help....to bad war couldn't be played with video games...each country could have their best kids play and we could settle things with a joystick and big screen TV.....lol!

Well it is Friday and I hope you are all well...I'm heading off to the gym...going to try out my shoulder and see if I can make it though a workout! Then I think I'm going to go see Cars...haven't seen it yet....

Take care, Kathleen
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kzuelch Cast & Crew
Feeling A Bit Better....So, I did get some medicine yesterday for my shoulder...got a good night sleep and it feels a little better today! I did get up and take a hour long walk...just to get some cardio..but I'm not going to push the weights for a couple of days!

I wanted to let you guys know that I will be attending Comicon on Thursday and Friday only....so hopefully you will come by and say hello! I look forward to it, we had a great time last year!

The Anime Expo was fun, we had four days in Anaheim California and Gus, Joel, Yomary and I maned the booth! It was nice to meet some of our Southern California fans! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! And of course it was great to hang with the gang from RT! I finally had a chance to hang with Yomary, so of course we made fun of Joel most of the time...JK....we had a fun time!

From the messages I'm getting it sounds like you are all having a great summer....and for those of you who aren't....it will get better!

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Well I finally did it.....OUCH!Sometimes we do to much and well....as much as I love working out...my shoulder doesn't seem to feel the same way....I pushed it a little too hard and pulled it pretty badly...can't seem to get away from the pain and of course no doctor's are in at this time of the day...so...I'm hurting....I'm really kind of pissed that it hurts....I try to keep good form and stretch and all and this still happened....so, going to try to nurse it a little bit and get to a doc to see if there is something they can do! But....I did get a fantastic workout in before it started hurting!!!! I know Gus...I'm insane!!

Finished the first full draft of the childrens book today!! We are very excited...now it will get some character designs and then off to a storyboard artist to illistrate....It turned out pretty cute....I'm going to put a protype together at the end of the month to start reading to kids...you know, get some feedback and all! So wish me luck!!

Brought the car in to get looked at finally and I was right.....$1200 to fix it....cest la vie!! Money comes and Money goes!!! But at least I'll be able to drive myself to the poor house....lol!!

Still pretty hot here in LA! But getting to use the pool a lot more, so that's okay! I even got Pearl in to swim the other day...first time in 4 years....she never really liked the water, but was so jealous when I was swimming I brought her in! She did a mean doggy paddle!

It's a great Monday! Happy to be alive and kickin!

Til next time!

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Gone the past couple of days!!So...wanted to update you guys on Patricia....some of you have been asking how she is doing! I just spent the past two days with her....Her husband had to go out of town so I went and stayed at her house! She goes to PT everyday and so I took her to her appointments....she has a pretty aggressive schedule...she goes into an Oxygen tank for about 1 and 1/2 hours and then does PT for another 1 and 1/2 hours.....he is walking with a cane and she can move her left shoulder up and back....her speech is getting better everyday! We had a really good time together...we watched the first Pirates movie and now I'm really excited to go see the second one! So....she is hanging in there and really doing well!

It's friday and I'm off to the gym.....I'll be home this weekend so look forward to hearing from you all!

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The Birthday was a good one!So, it's July 1st...and still celebrating the birthday....the birthday dinner with the RT guys was great! We ate and drank some good wine, and laughed a lot! I have some pics that I"ll post...then actual day was good...I actually relaxed most of the day...my boyfriend came over and we had a nice dinner..bow chicka bow wow..just kidding....then yesterday we went and had a great workout..then my sister and brother in law took us out for another birthday dinner...it was very yummy....then we went out to Santa Monica and met up with Matt and Geoff for a drinky poo!

And now today...well, I'm off to the Anime Convention here in So Cal....should be an interesting time!

I just want to thank all of you for the amazing birthday wishes...you all made it really special and I just can't express my gratitude!! I saved all the artwork that you guys sent me! Thanks for being such a supportive crowd!

Okay, now I'm just getting to mushy...so! I'll let you know how this con is....and yes I'll take some pics..hope to see some of you there!

Smiles and hugs, Kathleen
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Dinner with the guys!Well it's Wednesday before the big day....my birhtday!! And I'm heading out to dinner with Geoff, Matt, Joel and my boyfriend...we are going to a restaurant that serves everything with a lot of garlic!! It's called the Stinkin Rose....love it and we will all smell really lovely when we leave!! So...should I go a second round with Joel in arm wrestling..lol!

This morning we did one legged squats again...this time I didn't hold onto any thing...it was hard! But feeling pretty good...even though it's like 100 degrees here..jumped into the pool today and the sun nearly instantly combusted me! OUCH

I'll bring a camera to dinner and take some pics of those cooky guys! Should be a good time! Of course it would be even better if their significant others were out here too!

Oh well, here's to garlic!


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Ouchie wow wow!What up dude and dudettes!

Just got back from the gym...today was back and shoulders...and abs. We did a technique called "drop down" which means you do as many reps as you can with a certain amount of weight, then drop down to the next increment of weight...again do as many reps then drop down to a lower amount of weight and do as many reps as you can....my arms were quivering...however...Ronnie says...this will tone us up in no time! That and cardio...but today I found out the valuable lesson of eating wrong...I didn't have any dinner last night and woke up to late to have my normal oatmeal before my workout....big mistake...I got tired sooner then I normally would have...it took all my strength to just get through 20 minutes on the treadmill at the end of the workout...well, learned that lesson...

Today officiallly starts the celebration of my BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!! Yes that's right, it's that time of year again....June 29th is the big day and I believe in celebrating at least for the entire week! lol.....I know that my boyfriend is taking me out for a dinner on Thursday...really looking forward to that...and I will probably have a dinner with friends...some of the RT guys are going to be out my way so of course they can't wait to shower me with gifts and dinner...lol....

I'm also going to get some work completed this week...getting closer to our second draft of the childrens book I'm working on with a couple of people...it's really cute! When it is perfected I will share with you all! Finished reading a script for a friend, so I can finally give him some feedback! Working on some sculpy projects that I hope to finish up this week...yes I'll take pics and show you guys. Need to take the car in and get the steering fixed...not sure what's wrong with it but I'm sure it will cost me one million dollars...it always does! I'm also going to go through all my correspondence from all the rvb conventions that I attended in the last year...I have a lot of scraps of paper with peoples profiles...and I need to befriend them....got a whole sheet of names up in canada and I still haven't gone through them yet...I'll do it this week!

Oh and finish putting together my web page...it's coming together....just need to work on some last minute things...but it's getting there!

So, busy week....but it's going to be a good one!!!!

Smiles, hugs and happy birthday to me!!

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Crao?????I'ts Gavino's way of spelling crap....ask him!

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