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kzuelch Cast & Crew
Crao?????I'ts Gavino's way of spelling crap....ask him!

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kzuelch Cast & Crew
Questions...Happy Thursday!! What a day...actually what a's been a good one! Yesterday I had my workout with Ronnie and he had me do Martial Arts Strength training...needless to say...I'm sore today! So, there have been some questions that keep popping up from you guys so I thought I would answer them...some have been answered before but hey...let me just go over them again....

Okay first how do you get my award....well...did you ever see the movie "Pay it Forward"? I just ask that you go out and do something nice for someone without having to be asked (by someone other then me) and then come back and just let me know what you did! Being nice is good...and I don't count being nice on the something that actually takes an effort!

How did I get into Machinima....well, Matt (Sarge) and I worked together on a couple of movies and while we were working on Clifford's Really Big Movie, he and Burnie were creating RedvsBlue. Matt asked me to watch a couple of episodes and I thought they were pretty funny...just missing a tough Matt talked to Burnie and they decided to make Tex a female character and let me do the voice! Shazam...the rest is history!

Do I think this can last for ever.....No, of course not...Redvsblue is a series and all good things come to an end....but it's allowed us to do other things, so you haven't heard the last of us...well actually you haven't heard the last of us yet as far as RedvsBlue goes...but you get the picture!

Will I pass along your machinima to Burnie and Matt....NO.
Will I ask Burnie and Matt to look at your picture, machinima, art, girlfriend.....all will be NO.
Will I ask Burnie and Matt to go to your wedding.....NO.
Will I ask Joel to be your friend....NO.
Do I know how to get any of the other staff awards.....NO.
Am I the coolest staff member.....YES.
Can I make you a MOD....NO.
Can I beat Joel at armwrestling.....YES., tomorrow I'm off to San Diego for a big Paddling competition...should be a great time! Bought a new bikini and everything!!

I hope that Summer is treating you all well and that you are happy as clams in high tide!!! You know why they are happy don't you???? Cause they are in high tide and there is a lot of food.....I'm a dork!

Smiles, Kathleen
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WORKING OUT!Realized I haven't kept you updated on the's been almost 3 months since I started working out and I'm going strong...usually hitting the gym 4 to 5 times a week. I feel great...and strong...but need to get goal is to beat Geoff at armwrestling...that will be a little harder then Joel...sorry Joel! Wondering how you are all doing with the nutrition and working out...have you kept it up? I have started running too...I'm hoping to do a 5k or even maybe a 10k in August...we'll see how it steps! I broke my back when I was 19 years old in a car accident...and after that they said I wouldn't be able to do a lot of things...but I have proven them wrong through the of the things they said was to stop running...I was in track..I was a sprinter....but now that I have been working out I think that my muscles are getting really strong...and I'm trying a little jogging out to see how my back far so good...not doing too much too soon! Anyways...hope your days are good! I'm trying not to nap today because I'm hoping to get a better night sleep tonight!!! We'll see...I may be online at 3am again..haha!

Cheers! Kathleen
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Can't Sleep!Well it's about 4am and I have been up for about 1 hour...just can't sleep...ya ever have one of those nights? So, I decided to come here and catch up a bit! I'm so glad you guys like Ep. 1 of "Out of Mind"! It's a pretty cool series!

It's kind of hot here in So California...went swimming today and just enjoyed not being hot and sticky..haha! Now if I could only get some sleep....well..I think I'm going to give it another shot! Good night!

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So if you haven't heard there is a mini series featuring TEX on XBox place! I was so excited and I really wanted to tell you guys earlier..but of course you understand why I couldn't! I was in Austin a couple of weeks back to work with Burnie and Matt on the recording of the 6 episodes! We had sooo much fun, and I think the guys have really outdone themselves in writing as well as production! Please check it out and let me know what cha think!

Also...just back from Akon in Dallas and I had such a great time meeting everyone! We had 3 days of just visiting with fans and the great parents of fans! I have some great stories...but one of my favorite is beating Joel at arm wrestling at dinner Saturday night...I think he was kind of surprised how strong I was...Gavino was there to witness the whole just ask him! As always it was great to see Geoff and Griffin and Gus! The 3 G's...and the cutest of all Millie! I don't have a lot of pic' battery died the first day...but just great memories! Thanks Spikey for the hospitality! And thank you Mel for the wonderful cookies!!! Red and Blue of them!

Well...I'm off to make steak and mash potatoes for some friends!!

Happy Weekend!

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NO Pain NO yesterday I worked out with Ronnie...the trainer, and he has me do one legged squats...4 sets of 5....can I just say ......."They hurt like hell"....and then we did calf exercises...again...a new one we hadn't tried to me waking up around 3am to go to the bathroom and lo and legs just don't want to work....they were soooo stiff...but...I still got up this morning and worked out with Ronnie at 7am...we worked on upper body...arms and back....but I hit him in the arm for the pain...LOL....I still did my run/walk on the treadmill...not sure where I got the strength to do it! It was funny cause I worked out with two other ladies today...they are somewhere in their early 50's....jokingly they were like "why isn't Kathy sweating" then they asked me "well how long have you been working out?" and Ronnie says..."She started the same time you guys did" and they were like..."we really didn't want to hear that" was pretty funny...but I have to ego was feeling pretty good...cause I really saw how my strength has built....okay..enough about me....blah, blah, blah

Got to visit with a good friend of mine from growing up last know who you are....she made me laugh cause she said..."oh I keep up with you by reading you journal" and her daughter, Haylie(spelling wrong), are Anime fans and like RvB as well! But it's always nice to hang with people you have known pretty much your whole life!!

So...I need to head out to get Pearl some food and doggie pads. My neighbor will be watching her while I'm in Dallas....that way I don't have to worry...I sure wish I could bring here to the Con...wouldn't that be a hoot!

Okay Dallas...ya ready for us!!!

See you guys soon! and pray for my!

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Hawaii PicsWell, well, well.....just getting around to posting some pics from Hawaii....which means that sometime in the near future I'll get to my Australia and Canada pics...and post them too!
The pictures that I just posted were taken on the Big Island as well as can usually pick me out from the crowd...cause I was the whitest one in the crowd..LOL...but I'm working on that tan...well just a little bit!

Had a great workout today...worked on my arms and abs....but now I'm doing a different cardio exercise...on the treadmill I set my time for 25 minutes and I do 2 minute intervals of running and walking...I really notice a difference in my endurance! Getting some work done well as getting ready to head to Dallas on Thursday!

I little overcast here in Los Angeles..but it helps keep me inside doing what needs to get done!!!

I watched Mr. and Mrs. Aniston never had a chance! I didn't really like the movie, but I liked the chemistry between Brad and Angelina!

Well...until next time!

Hugs, Kathleen
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Up Early.....And I'm Off!!!So I was up at 4:20am today...heading out for a outrigging race at the's suppose to be a fantastic very good friend "Thegreyteam" is having a 16th birthday stop by and wish him well!!!

Met with Tom and Patricia yesterday...she was up and walking with a walker on her own....she is doing great! Thanks for the continued support. Tom and I are putting together a childrens book and at some point a video's been hard getting work done with all my travels...I think tomorrow will be a working will be perfect..a nice quiet Sunday to stay home and WORK!!

2006 has really been a great year so far...and I really think it's just going to get better. So, is everyone on summer vacation? I sure hope so....any travels for you guys? to go! Have a great June 3rd!

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