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Backish!I added more cosplay pics in haha. And might be on more to catch up on all the shows I am behind.
Like RWBY !!!
And I am in the newest Frozen AOIO , you should check it out ;p its super cute.
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I can add more photosYay.. when did that happen. I leave for 6 months and everything changes. Lol
Sooo.. whats new?
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so um..hiI am still alive. You should go add me on fb since I am never on here ;p
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Photo shootSo its been awhile . Haha I am starting my 2nd term in 3D Animation. That being said I have a very busy life with that but loving every min of it.
I have done some photo shoots during that time and really enjoying being a model.. if only it could pay the bills right ;p
But thought I would throw some up here since images are maxed out.

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What is this, one more week and i am done year one of foundations. So insane! It went by so fast and gonna miss it. But 3 days after grad I will be jumping into another year of 3D animation sooooo wish me luck. Again! Can't wait.
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birthdayI am gonna be 24 tomorrow. Crazy.
Also hope to see a few of you at RT Canwest.
I am hoping for a better month. with cake !
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LaptopRemember this journal.
Well poor Lappy was taken! Along with sister Laptop and tablet, my ipod and her x-box. Thankfully I think the thief had to leave sooner because they left my x box and tablet behind. But they got away with jewelry more sentimental then value and moms camera. Now to try to get back to normal. Had a very bad week. On top of that my Boyfriend dumped me..online. It was not fun. And I need a new start..soon.
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FanExpo Was a lot of fun. Went both days. dressed up on only one.Spent way to much for me being poor lol but love it all. And cant wait for next year.
Just gonna throw some of my favs up there.

-Loved this outfit. Cute.
2 2 Evils.What cha think of Harley as a red head?

Who's that lucky man in the middel ;p
And I love this one.
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