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Help a brother out!Sign Up For The Linkin Park Underground! (referred by user hypersaxon@linkinpark.com)

Linkin Park started with an underground following of dedicated fans across the world that supported the LP style of music. These fans stayed true to the band, promoting their music on the street level even before their first full-length album "Hybrid Theory" was released. Now that Linkin Park's music has been revealed to the rest of the world, Linkin Park continues to stay true to their fans, and wants to offer them a way to stay intimately connected with the band. The LP Underground is that connection. It is a way for fans to still be able to stay in touch with the band and form a unique community with other fans across the world that share the love for LP's music. Every year Linkin Park will design special merchandise and release exclusive music to the LP Underground as part of their annual membership.

Since the formation of the LP Underground five years ago, thousands of fans have joined and been able to enjoy the many benefits of being a member. The LPU has provided many fans with the opportunity to interact with Linkin Park, whether it's meeting them at an exclusive LP Underground meet & greet signing held at almost every Linkin Park show, or chatting with them online in the LP Underground chatroom.

Now embarking upon year five, the LPU looks to continue to provide that same type of connection between the band and their fans. Benefits members enjoy include access to the members-only website, opportunities to participate in contests and LP events, and of course, a brand new package of exclusive LP Underground items. Many of the ideas for these items came directly from the members themselves.

- NEW LP Underground 5 CD with exclusive Linkin Park tracks
- NEW exclusive LP Underground 5 t-shirt design (S-XXL sizes available)
- LP Underground sticker sheet
- LP Underground keychain
- LP Underground cell phone sticker
- LP Underground pin
- LP Underground guitar pick
- Personal membership card
- Letter from Linkin Park
- Annual LP Underground newsletter

- Access to members only website www.LPunderground.com
- Your own Linkin Park e-mail address [name@linkinpark.com]
- Rare audio and video clips
- Access to participate in the unique LPU community of Linkin Park fans on the messageboard and chatrooms
- Immediate access to a 15% off discount on most Linkin Park merchandise online
- Access to LPU exclusive merchandise
- Priority access and/or chances to meet the band at Linkin Park and LPU events (when available)

As with the past five years, we do our best to keep the fee low for all LP Underground members. We feel that members get a lot for their money here at the LPU, not only with a valuable package, but with all of the additional benefits and perks as well.

Because it costs a lot more to ship overseas, International memberships are slightly more expensive than domestic memberships. In addition to the LP Underground 5 Pass, we also offer the ONLINE PASS as a less expensive alternative for those who are really interested in LP but cannot afford the full membership at this time. Please note that ONLINE PASS members can easily UPGRADE their account to a full membership at any time.

The pricing structure is as follows:
LP UNDERGROUND 5 PASS (package + online)

LP Underground 5 Memberships are $20US + Shipping and Handling

US, Canada, and Mexico Shipping & Handling = $5 additional All other countries Shipping & Handling = $12 additional

ONLINE ONLY PASS = $12US for EVERYONE and NO Shipping & Handling fee

Membership Policies
- No refunds will be offered

- Memberships cannot be sold. If an LPunderground member is found selling their membership their membership will be discontinued and they will not be refunded

- All LP Underground members ages 12 and under must receive parental consent to use the online portion of the club via phone or mail in consent form.

Minimum Requirements:
200 MHz processor speed, 64 MB RAM, Windows 95 (or MacOS 8 or higher), Internet Explorer v5.0 or higher, Netscape v6.0 or higher, or Safari Public Beta 1 or higher (Some features of the club may not work such as chat).

Recommended Requirements:
400 MHz processor speed, 64 MB RAM, Windows 98 or higher (or MacOS 9 or higher), Internet Explorer v6.0 or higher or Netscape v6.0 or higher, or Safari Public Beta 1 or higher. Java Virtual Machine v1.1 or higher and Macromedia Flash Plug-in v6.0 or higher are required to access chat and photo viewing features.

REMEMBER - in the box where it says "Enter LinkinPark.com
e-mail of who referred you" put in "hypersaxon" aight!
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God I'm bored...Other than today being my birthday, which isn't that big of a deal, today's been really hectic and boring. I was hoping on working on my story today, but now I'm getting stuck into running all these errands to get my car fixed and other birthday madness.

I miss the good ole' days when I used to go to Chuck E. Cheese and all my friends would come and play games with me and stuff, and we'd eat pizza and shit. They used to have The Simpsons arcade game there, ultimate way to waste all your tokens. They don't have it anymore though, they got rid of it and replaced it and a lot of the other games with new games that aren't even as fun. Boo.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello to everyone, sorry for not writing in my journal that much, just busy working on stuff like YTMNDs (yes I now make YTMNDs ) here's the links:

Sonic gives Fort Minor advice!
Brokeback Mountain 3: Not Gonna Get Us
Mario raps High Voltage
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I found the gaming equivalent to crack..It's called Final Fantasy XI. OMFG I can't stop playing this game, it's insane. I've got a Level 7 Hume Warrior, just got a shiny new sword, and I've got lots of cash thanks to fishing. Who ever thought you could make a profit from collecting rusty buckets from the ocean floor?

I'd better force myself to get some sleep so I can cram in some more hours tomorrow, nite!
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Another Brad Bites The DustThis is my new catchphrase that I use after pwning anyone who uses Brad Wong on Dead Or Alive 4. OMFG I'm a Brad Wong slaughterer. Using either Hitomi or Ein, I can whoop the snot out of anyone using Brad Wong. Yesterday I went undefeated against all Brad Wong users. GWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Unfortunately, this has lead to people turning to new cheap characters to try and win. Now it seems that Jann Lee is the new "bitch" character online, as well as Christie who's become more popular since my Brad Wong extermination began. Ryu Hayabusa isn't as bad since his cheezy teleport tricks can be countered pretty easily by characters with a backflip kick. But sometimes they can catch you off guard with that shit though.

So my quest to destroy cheezy n00bs on DOA4 continues, wish me luck!
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Whoa.Okay, I just got back from Chuck E. Cheese and boy do I have a story for you guys.

First of all, it's my baby sister Charity's 5th birthday. We show up and a bunch of relatives are there. So anyway I go to play a few games with some tokens, and since I don't really need a bunch of stupid crappy toys, I gave my tickets to Charity.

Well, my brother and his girlfriend decided that, instead of helping Charity get a nice gift, they'd use all their tickets on themselves. Come on, what in God's name do they need a bunch of stupid toys for? They could have helped Charity get something really cool, but I guess they didn't really care.

Then, all of the other families ordered food for each other. And then my dad's like, "Aren't you going to order a pizza or something?" Um, our family is fucking broke! We don't even have food at home to eat, we spent all our extra money on presents. He's living with this other guy in another house, probably has plenty of money to spare. All he bought was a soda and some mozzarella sticks... for HIMSELF. I only had like 20 bucks in the bank, but I went and bought a small pizza and shared with Charity.

On our way home, my mom and my brother got into a huge argument. Apparently, he doesn't give a shit about anything my mom's done for him. The first 2 years we lived in this house, he paid ZERO RENT. His excuse was, he had police fines to pay off, but he always found a way to come home with new clothes and shoes every few weeks. Then he got arrested for vandalizing a bridge, and WE had to pay for a lawyer for him. Then he went to jail again for having sex with an underage girl, and WE paid for a lawyer for that. He would have probably went to jail for like 40 years otherwise. And he has the nerve to say to my mom, "Oh well, that's your bad." WTF?!

And all winter, his stupid bitch girlfriend's been eating all our fucking food, turning up the heat super high (the energy bill is in MY name btw) and using all our toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc. And they've been secretly saving money in the bank so they can move out into a three bedroom apartment with a fucking hot tub.

Other than that, the real reason I'm pissed is because the bitch broke my fucking bed with her fat ass. So now I'm sleeping on two small little matresses on the floor. Thanks a lot.
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New Gamertag!Since you can now edit your Gamertag from your Xbox 360 account menu (requires a fee of 800 Microsoft points) I decided to change my Gamertag to Hyper Saxon. It's been a long time in coming, I just put Saxon69 for my first one because I couldn't think of anything else. Then I created my Hyper Saxon nickname afterwards and always wanted that for my Gamertag. So now I'm Hyper Saxon!

Fortunately, if you change your account, it doesn't mess up your friends list so that's all good. Anyway, that's all for today. Peace!
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A N00b's first experience with Yahoo!Okay, my brother's girlfriend wanted to use my computer so she could send an email to her friend. But she didn't have an email, so I had to get her on Yahoo! so she could sign up for that. She starts filling in the boxes, and then she gets to making her username. Wanna know what the first one she tried was?


Not surprisingly, it was taken. After a few hours of trying to find a name that wasn't taken, she asked me to make one. So I made it splorkenplorken@yahoo.com or something like that. So then she finally gets to her email box and her friend is sending her messages but she isn't seeing them. So I log her into YIM and well, her friend was sending her IMs instead of emails! So then they start chatting and then the other girl starts using smilies and all that, and she's all like "How do you do that?!"

Meanwhile, I'm trying to fight the final boss for Dead Or Alive 4, and if there's one thing that's worse than attempting to defeat this demoness made of Listerine, it's trying to defeat her while stopping every five seconds to explain how to use YIM to a n00b. But I managed to beat the boss and get a silver medal in Time Attack

Well that's all for tonight. Happy New Year everyone!
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High Voltage (Tidal Tempest Remix)Hey everyone, here's a remix of the song H! VLTG3 from Reanimation, featuring Mike Shinoda, Pharoahe Monch, and the X-Ecutioners!


Credits go to:

-www.chestersings.com for the acapella of H! VLTG3 and the scratch acapella for It's Goin' Down
-Sega and Sonic Team for the Tidal Tempest music from Sonic CD that's in the background
-Mixed by Saxon Lee Vega
-Created with Adobe Audition 1.5
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