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My uncle is getting married today.After work today I'm going to a wedding reception, my uncle is getting married. Hopefully there's some good food to eat while I'm there. Cocktail weenies would be awesome

Nothing much going on today, just got to karma level 7 which is cool. I'll be sure to repay the favor as soon as I get some more mod points. Everyone seems to like that Bow Chika Bow Wow game that I made on the forums, I saw some really funny ones on there so keep it up guys!

Bow Chika Chika Bow Wow Chika Chika Bow Wow Chika Chika Bow Wow!
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New pics coming in one weekMe and my friend Dan took some pictures of each other today, so that people can have updated pics of us. And that way people don't have to look at pics of me when I was 15 years old lmao anyway I'll be getting them on a CD in exactly one week, so anyone who wants to see what I look like "today" I'll have pics available next Wednesday.

BTW it's amazing how quickly my Karma level jumped over the past two days, just because I added a bunch of funny pics and some hot chick pics. Now I'm all of a sudden getting a bunch of friend requests and stuff lol what's also amazing is that since I signed up for the web site about a year ago, I've only made 3 topics lmao

I'm going to bed now but don't worry, I'll be back and ready to kick some butt, Neo-style!
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